5 Most Famous Serial Killers of America


Serial killers have existed in every time period, and in modern times, are considered to be such a novelty that they quickly gain fame. Most of the famous serial killers, especially the ones on this list, became famous because of the brutality of what they did to their victims.


Charles Manson

Charles Manson was a cult leader in the 1960’s. He and his “family” believed that the Beatles’ song “Helter Skelter” was meant to foretell of a race war he was meant to begin. The Manson Family (the name of his cult/quasi-commune) killed over ten people, and Charles Manson is now serving life in prison.


Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins

Pee Wee Gaskins is the most famous serial killer in South Carolina history. Between 1969-1975, he killed an unknown amount of people. There are possibly hundreds of his victims that have not yet been found, because his initial murders were of hitchhikers. He would often sexually assault his victims before killing them and dropping their bodies off in various places. He would sometimes even befriend people, and later kill them when they upset him in some manner.

Pee Wee Gaskins was caught after the bodies of several of his victims were found, along with murder pictures. He was, at the time, the only death row inmate known to kill someone while on death row. He narrated the writing of his own book while in prison, Final Truth by Wilton Earl. He was executed by electrocution in 1991. The estimated count of the people he murdered was up to 200.


Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was known to have raped and killed at least 28 women while traveling through the states of Washington, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Florida, Idaho and Vermont during the years from 1973 to 1978. He was executed by electrocution in Florida in 1989 for the murders.


Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer murdered 17 men from 1987-1991, and included elements of rape, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism. He was convicted after an intended victim got away and notified the police. Dahmer was given a sentence of life in prison, where he was beaten to death by Christopher Scarver in 1994.


John Wayne Gacy

John Gacy sodomized and murdered 33 boys and men. Most of the bodies of his victims were found in the crawl space under his home in Chicago. He was known as “The Killer Clown” because he was known to dress up as a clown for kid’s parties. He was executed by lethal injection in Illinois in 1994.


The creepy part is thinking of how their mind had to have worked in order to concieve doing such horrible things to another person, and thinking that there are people out there just like them that haven’t been caught yet.

Todd Lubar Is An Expert In Real Estate

Todd Lubar lives in the Baltimore area where the real estate crisis seems to have got over. This is evident by the fact that the bank-arbitrated sales have dropped by around 7 percent when compared to the situation last year. These homes are going for much higher prices now.

In an article on Hackronym, this crisis in real estate has made Maryland change its regulations. Hence the real estate rules are focused on being consumer friendly. So the foreclosures are happening at a slower pace here, in this state in comparison to others.

The distressed housing market is showing progress leading to the rise of prices of the sale of median homes in Baltimore along with the surrounding counties.

Todd Lubar had started his career in real estate in 1995. He earned his degree in graduation from the Syracuse University in speech communication. Todd Lubar always knew that his real interest was in the real estate business. He had started his career by working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He was a loan originator here and learned a lot about mortgage banking. It was learning that would last him for the rest of his life.

Todd Lubar always wanted to learn a lot about real estate industry. Hence he started building relationships with people who were related to this field. This included insurance agents, and CPAs, along with financial planners besides real estate agents. These individuals are a part of his referrals today.

In 1999 Todd Lubar decided to accept an equity position with the Legacy Financial Group. This allowed him to expand his lending knowledge still more. This would facilitate Todd Lubar to broker series of loans to outside investors. It was possible to lend just like a direct mortgage bank.

After some time, Todd Lubar founded Legendary Properties, LLC that would be into residential development. It would focus on sales, purchase as well as rehabilitation and earning profits through all kinds of residences.

Todd Lubar had opened his own company, and he already had relationships with all those who were involved in building processes. This way he could produce in a timely manner. Besides, his products were of high quality too.

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What You Did Not Know About Kabbalah Center

 The Kabbalah Center International is situated in Los Angeles, California. It is a non-profit organization. It offers online courses on Kabbalistic and the Zohar teachings and via its city-based and regional centers including worldwide study groups. Kabbalah center was founded in 1965 in the US by Rav Philip Berg and RavYehundaTzviBradwein. It was initially known as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah Center. Philip Berge is the Director of Kabbalah. Philip alongside his wife Karen Berg developed the presentation of Kabbalah. The organization consists of a staff of teachers from different ethnics all over the world. They provide Kabbalistic guidance and study to its global student community.

Bradwein was the former dean of YeshivahKol Yehuda in Israel. It was started in 1922. Philip Berg together with his wife re-established the organization several years later following the death of Bradwein. The spiritual teachers and Directors of the Kabbalah Center are Michael and Karen. It has more than 50 branches globally. The non-profit organization has its principal offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London. The Kabbalah Center presents itself as a supplement and not an alternative to any specific religion. The organization believes that every globally held religious or spiritual belief system is just a particular branch of common wisdom. It has a resemblance to religions like Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The organization has published a series of the “Books of the Bible” that has Kabbalistic commentaries to every weekly portion of the Torah. An individual should be apprehensive with their relationship with God’s essence and not God himself since he is beyond comprehension. The Kabbalistic teachings refer to the essence of God as light. The organization teaches its students the Kabbalistic concept of Klippot. The Kabbalah Center firmly believes in astrology and emphasizes that astrology has been part of Judaism. Rav Berg is the Founder of the Kabbalah Center. Rav was able to write many books on the topic of astrology at the time of his career. The Kabbalah Tradition firmly believes that cosmic forces have the ability to affect everything and it is important to understand such forces as an aspiring Kabbalist.

How EOS Beat the Odds and Became Lip Balm Rockstars

Many business persons are afraid to do something that has been done already because they don’t feel confident about it. Advisers often advise against highly saturated Target markets. The creators of EOS lip balm may have been told not to try to compete with lip balm giants like Chapstick and Blistex, but they did it anyway. The result is a $250 million business that keeps delivering fresh new customers every day. EOS lip balm is so popular now that celebrities like Kim Kardashian use it.

The realm of lip balm was already an overly saturated field when EOS company decided to enter the market. Lip balm sales were hitting billions of dollars with many of those billions going to Chapstick and Blistex. EOS took a bold approach and decided that it would develop a lip balm item that was cutting edge and unheard of by industry predecessors. It used a clever strategy that involved making the application a fun and memorable process. EOS cared about making the experience pleasurable for the people who would be putting it on their lips. Therefore, they catered to what appealed to them the most.

The creators used a strategy that involved all of the consumer’s senses. They designed the container in such a way that the consumer’s hand would feel pleasure holding it. They made the product smell enticing so that the customer would feel anticipation just by looking at it online or in a commercial. Finally, they added the element of creating gorgeous colors and irresistible flavor mixtures. See: https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA

The multilayered plan that the company used made it rise to the top quickly. EOS is currently second to only Burt’s Bees, which proves that products can make it no matter how many other companies sell them. An entrepreneur should never listen to words of discouragement. Success can come to those who are patient.

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Expanding Artistic Talent And Working On Big Projects With Nine9

Nine9 is the agency that people expect when they first join an agency. Many people have that dream of signing up with a talent agency and then finding a lot of opportunities to start work. However, many people are disheartened to learn that their dreams are very different from the reality of the situation. However, Nine9 is the one talent agency that actually brings the reality back to the level of expectation. Many people join for different reasons, but they learn that Nine9 is very effective in bringing projects that they are suited for to them.

One example is that of a woman who just wanted to expand her talents as an artist. she has decided to join the company and has experienced a lot of success with the company. While she wasn’t immediately booked for an audition, she was still excited that she was getting tons of opportunities. Eventually, she was booked for a modeling show. It is common for people who sign up for Nine9 to already have a couple of shows that they are working on. Nine9 is always updating their clients with new opportunities. They are also contacting their clients on the opportunities that they have available for them.

One of the things that people are realizing is that there are a ton of changes being made to the industry. For one thing, the internet has made it so that people can find other ways to get involved in the activity of entertainment. Therefore, agencies are realizing that they are going to have to step up their game if they want to remain relevant. More people are realizing that they can get involved in video projects. Nine9 is willing to help people maintain their hope in gaining fame that will help them get the roles that they always want.

Taking a Deeper Look Into The Vegan Herbal Cleanse Offered at Dherbs.com

On a click on the above YouTube video, it was obvious from Sheryl Underwood’s laughter and hearty lively talk on Steve Harvey morning show that she embraced Dherbs.com as a potent remedy for her weight loss program. She started the cleanse detox regiment on Sunday in addition to her daily workout with her trainer, drinking water, and eating better she had lost 5lbs in a few days. Her testimony is one out of many who used the product.


According to Mr. A.D. Dolphin, the founder, and CEO of Dherbs.com it is a full body inside out cleanse for the blood, heart, liver, lungs, kidney and colon. It has 28 cleanse detox composites that consist of 7 formulas that cleanse the body. Mr. Dolphin prescribes taking Dherbs with vegetables and fruits only and guaranteed 20-day cleanse after Dherbs regiment to have desired results.  This is similar to what the Yoni cleanse offers, another popular and unique Dherbs.com offering.


Eating junk food, ice creams, working desk-bound jobs and lifestyles with less or no activity or exercises are common places in America that create prevalence of weight gains for so many people. Weight gain is the result of eating diets with meat loaded with antibiotics, fats, trans fat, chemical preservatives or additives and alternate sugar. For these reasons, it is an excellent choice to seek remedies by using all natural cleanse program such as Dherb.com aimed to assist one prepare for healthy, practical weight loss. By cleansing, the body eliminates waste and toxins to achieve optimal complete health. In this regard, Dherbs.com is recommended for anyone to use.

A Look at José Henrique Borghi Rise to the top of Brazilian Advertising

José Henrique Borghi has led his advertising agency, Mullen Lowe, into being the third largest advertising agency in Brazil. Borghi developed his interest in advertising at a young age; his sister had taken him to a local theater and he became transfixed by one of the advertisements. He knew then and there that advertising was what he wanted to pursue his lifelong dream and career.

In order to work in the field of advertising Borghi knew he needed further education. He went on to graduate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas with a degree in Marketing and Publicity. Upon graduating he found work in the industry right away and worked for a variety of companies including Leo Burnett, FCB, and Talent. He had always wanted to manage his own advertising agency and, through partnering with his colleague Erh Ray, founded the advertising agency BorghiErh.

José Henrique Borghi and Erh Ray had a great deal of success in the world of Brazilian advertising. Eventually, another advertising agency, Lowe, made a great offer to the pair and purchased BorghiErh in 2006. Ehr Ray allowed his share of the company to be sold and the company was renamed, Borghi Lowe. After further success this company was successfully merged with the Mullen Group and the resulting company is what it is called today, Mullen Lowe.

Outside of his career, José Henrique Borghi loves spending time with his children. He is also a dedicated athlete. As an example, every time he arrives home at the airport he changes into shorts and a t-shirt and jogs home. He has also participated in 12 Ironman events which is a grueling competition involving swimming for 2.4 miles, an 112-mile bike race, and followed by a 26.22-mile run. This competition has as a requirement no breaks being allowed.

Jose at Social Media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBZUAB2iP5o

Betsy DeVos Reaches New Heights In Her Professional Career

One of the most discussed topics in the area of public education over the past few decades has been the use of school vouchers. The topic of school vouchers has been discussed at the local level in many areas across the country. In addition, the topic of school vouchers has also been discussed at the state and federal government levels.

In a recent article regarding school vouchers and Betsy DeVos, the idea and use of school vouchers was discussed in some detail. The idea of the article was based on the thought of giving school vouchers a chance along with the feelings that Betsy DeVos has regarding the use of school vouchers. Well known in many circles, Betsy DeVos is a Philanthropist who has given millions of dollars to a wide range of causes and charities. Betsy DeVos has shown a rare caring for people that has made her contribution efforts well known in and outside the Philanthropy community.

Along with her husband Dick DeVos, the couple has shown a level of giving that is unique. The many contributions that have been made by Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos have helped numerous communities and lives. The couple has helped build hospitals, schools, improve city areas, and various other contributions that may go unnoticed in the public eye but have made a huge difference in the lives of many people.

While Betsy DeVos gives to help others through financial contributions, she also gives of her time and expertise. Betsy DeVos has been a vocal supporter of school vouchers for many years. She has spoke to many government officials on the local, state, and federal level regarding the use of school vouchers. She has a very good understanding of school vouchers and the public school system. With this understanding, she is able to express her thoughts on the subjects in a very effective manner.

Betsy DeVos is a generous giver of her time and money to worthwhile causes, but she also is a very successful businesswoman. Betsy DeVos has accomplished a lot in her professional career. She has been the chairman of the Windquest Group. Also, she has served on numerous boards. Betsy DeVos combines the ability to communicate very well with the ability to work well with others. This combination has helped her in many areas of her life. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Betsy DeVos was recently appointed as the new Secretary of Education, which is a position of high importance. The position is responsible for many aspects of education in the country. One of the aspects of education that Betsy DeVos has long been a supporter of is school vouchers, and as the new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos will be in a position to impact all decisions concerning the use of school vouchers. I feel that Betsy DeVos has made many significant contributions to society.

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Arthur Becker Shows Humility Creates Success

Believing that talent is the key to success, Arthur Becker recommends that flexibility, tenacity, and open ears all together are the keys to true success. Embodying this belief from a young age, Arthur Becker remembers his first job at a small town’s Parks Department fondly, not because it was easy or fun, but because it taught him the importance of working hard at work worth doing and taking every opportunity as a stepping stone towards where you want to be in life.

Though working hard is what keeps Becker on his toes, he is quick to mention that he too has flaws that he has to actively keep watch over so as to maintain his success. Admitting that he can sometimes let his passion for a project take flight past his logical thinking into a dreamland of opportunities and daydreams, Arthur Becker has to constantly remind himself to not let his ideas and dreams of grandeur take too much of a reign over his choices, always remembering to try his hardest to keep balanced with his logical mind so that he doesn’t fly too far into outer space.

Alongside this LA Times revelation, Becker also has come to appreciate that he cannot always succeed at everything and is in a sense proud of his failures in business because without them he would not have learned as much about how to succeed in his field. As some say, “There is no trial if there is no error,” Arthur Becker has had his fair share of both and now knows that one of the most important means of creating success is through properly developing managing talent. He also maintains that his best work is done when organizing and coordinating with those of whom he respects.

Taking substantial interest in biotechnology and hypothesizing about cancer treatments -though he is quick to clarify he has no medical background and simply finds himself enamored by the studies- Arthur Becker has found himself as a vital part of Madison Partners, LLC, as their Managing Member where he is able to assist with early-stage Bio-Tech ventures and real estate. For more info, view his fashionista.com bio.

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Natural Lightening Skincare

People of color are some of the most diverse group of people on the planet. These exotic skin tones comes in many different shades of brown from tan to dark chocolate. Unfortunately many people suffer from an abundance of blemishes on their faces and body. These blemishes come in the form of hyper pigmentation, age spots, discoloration, and premature aging. For the very best in clearing these depressing issues is by use of Makati products.

Makari de Suisse is by far the very best when it comes to brightening the skin’s complexion. These advanced products and their advanced formulas get the job done effectively and efficiently without the side effects. Strict testing is a must here as Makari products are manufactured in one of the most scrutinizing markets on earth being Switzerland. After testing the products are shipped worldwide for consumer sale.

Products such as Skin Lightening Cream,  Extreme Carrot/Agan Lotion, Beauty Milk Premium+, Whitening Exfoliating Soap, 24K Gold Night Treatment Cream, Discoloration Kits, Exclusive Toning Milk, and others have the ability of giving you smoother, more radiant skin tones. The brand has well over 60 different products to choose from as well so let Makari guide you into a more attractive look. For full product details, visit makari.com.