Joe Arpaio’s Rule at the Maricopa County, Arizona

One of history’s most ridiculous presidential pardons is when president Trump pardoned self-proclaimed America’s toughest sheriff. Joe Arpaio, who served the Maricopa County as a sheriff for 24 years was first elected in office in 1992 and re-elected six times back as a sheriff.

His tenure in the office was marked by hypocritical & corrupt leadership that saw two innocent journalists wrongly jailed. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were two prominent journalists from the Village Voice Media who continuously exposed the evil deeds of Arpaio.

About Arpaio’s Pathetic Leadership

Joe Arpaio had grown frustrated because of the regular coverage of the news about his rule where it was Lacey and Larkin’s publication that mainly highlighted his abuse of office. Some of the areas that the media covered included the violation of the rights of women and inmates at Tent City.

The Arpaio administration also promoted racial prejudices against the immigrants where he targeted specific groups such as the Latinos. In fact, Joe Arpaio was on several occasions summoned on the issues that were legally admissible by Judge Murray Snow. Nonetheless, his administration was defiant on the subject and went on with their business of harassing the immigrants.

The Fall of Arpaio’s Rule

After ruling the Maricopa County for 24 miserable years, the sheriff was convicted in July 2017 for criminal contempt. Nevertheless, the sad twist to the story of Arpaio finally paying for his evil deeds never happened as he was granted freedom after receiving the presidential pardon. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

This was seen as a move to return a favor for his support for president Trump’s campaign where Arpaio was loud during the “birther movements” when former president Obama was being accused of not being born in America.

Moreover, Arpaio not only violated the rights of Latinos and Hispanics but also attacked those who opposed and criticized his rule including the media.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

The two gentlemen were university students who dropped out from the Arizona State University in the 1970s to commit themselves fully as journalists at a local newspaper. They were involved in the publishing of the Inaugural Issue of the local media newspaper under the Phoenix New Times. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Larkin: and

Further, the two founded the New Times Publication where Jim Larking became the head of advertising while Lacey was the executive editor. Their publication grew fast to appoint that it acquired Westword Weekly Issue in 1983 and eventually joining a conglomerate worth millions of dollars of 17 other newspapers.

Furthermore, the paper was a weekly media issue that focused on the prominent political and social topics that were ongoing in the surroundings. New Times Publication continued to publish on the local news where it eventually reported on Joe Arpaio’s misconduct as a sheriff.

This would later result to Lacey and Larkin’s arrest on October 18, 2007, after publishing about the grand jury subpoenas that were targeting the entire media in the Phoenix New Times.

However, the two were released following a public outcry and later awarded $ 3.75 million by the Maricopa County for the unwarranted arrest by Arpaio. Also, Larkin and Lacey decided to use the money in the creation of the Frontera Fund for helping in settlement of the Latin –American people who reside in Arizona.

The Long Awaited Mega Join Of Heather Russell To TransUnion

She has been an inspiration for many upcoming women due to her persistence and resilient in her studies and professional pursuits. Heather Russell Koenig has served various organizations in her career life leaving outstanding marks and this could be the reason why TransUnion has decided to bring her on board as an EVP and Chief Legal Officer.

Heather Russel was serving a well-established law firm known as Buckley Sandler, LLP. She was serving in both offices in Washington and New York. She was serving as the Head of FIRST practice which was dealing with various financial institutions, Fintech, and banks in relation to the regulatory problems these institutions face. Her new organization is one of the top credit reporting firms in the US serving more than 30 countries globally.

Her rich knowledge on legal matters has made Transunion have her on board as their new Chief Legal Officer taking the place of John Blenke who is out for his retirement. Heather Russell has also gained her experience in firms like Fifth Third Bank which is one of the largest banks in the US where she served as CLO, EVP, and the Corporate Secretary. She has served as the Global Chief Regulatory Counsel and Head of Regulatory Affairs at the Bank of New York. Besides, she has served Bank of America as the Senior Vice President and as an Associate General Counsel.

In the legal field, she has served in various law firms like Arps, Meagher & Flom LLP, Skadden, and Slate. This inspiration studied at “William & Mary College” for BA in Biology and English and later joined American University for her Law studies. Due to her outstanding character and service, she was awarded the Most Outstanding Graduate honor.

According to the President of TransUnion, Heather Russell will give them the service that the outgoing John Blenke has been offering since 2003. They have confidence in her qualifications and past experience.

Check out Heather’s FB account to know more about her:

The Successful Empire of Hussain Sajwani

DAMAC Properties was founded by Dubai businessman Hussain Sajwani who is the current chairman of the organization. Hussain Sajwani is a graduate from the University of Washington where he acquired his degree and later started work as a Contracts Manager in GASCO which was part of the Abu Dhabi National Oil company and after some time he ventured into his own business where he started a Catering agency. He also participated as one of the pioneer individuals who came up with market expansion in Dubai.

He managed to build several hotels which housed business people who came to the Emirates. He identified a gap in the market and the year 2002 he started his own company DAMAC Properties which has further developed becoming one of the major leading organisations in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, had skills in fields such as sales, administration and finance and this are some of the factors which contribute to his success today. The company has managed to secure opportunities in cities such as Doha, Amman, London and Dubai making it lead the market. DAMAC Properties has managed to secure employment for over 2000 people who work in the property development field.

Due to his skills in business, Hussain Sajwani has many investments, and this has enabled him to hold investment portfolios in many regional and also global markets. Hussain Sajwani has also managed to work with high profile organisations such as The Trump Organization which is owned by Donald Trump, and he is hoping to tighten his business links with Trump. The two business partners celebrated New Year’s Eve together, and Trump didn’t forget to mention the renowned businessman in his speech.

DAMAC Properties is mostly identified with building excellent properties where every buyer of a luxury apartment is gifted with a Bentley. DAMAC Organization still has a part which deals with the food industry as a reminder to Hussain Sajwani as to where he started. DAMAC has faced much crisis during its development but the active management was able to put the company from the crisis, and it managed to rise back to the top of the industry. Mr Sajwani has had thoughts about further expansion of his multi-billion company to places such as Turkey although the plans are still underway and it will be aired out later. He has managed to create a very successful empire so far. For more facts, follow Sajwani on LinkedIn today.

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21st Century Foodservices & Innovation

The 21st century is in full-effect and advanced technology is leading the way. If it wasn’t for the advancements in technology, then we would still be living in the stone age to some degree. Technology spans across multiple boarders and the food service field of work is no exception. This industry is full of innovation and there’s a food service provider that demonstrates this notion perfectly. OSI Group just so happens to be the company in question, and it has risen to be the premier food service provider in the world. The company has been ranked by Forbes on many occasions, it’s one of the largest privately held companies in America, and it’s worth billions of dollars.

How did OSI get its start? Well, this particular company is American made, but its founder was actually from Germany. After immigrating to America in the early 1900s, Otto Kolschowski decided to open a butcher shop. This butcher shop offered all types of fresh meat products, and it was family-owned. As the years passed, the company would build an impressive resume of clients. One of the major setbacks for any meat market type of business is the logistics. Meat products will only stay fresh for a certain period of time. The advancement of cryogenics has helped to open up a new world because liquid-nitrogen freezing could extend the products’ lifespan. Once cryogenics hit the scene, this small town meat market would begin to expand its services.

Kolschoskis’ company, Otto & Sons, was at the pinnacle of it game. The company started working with bigtime names such as Pizza Hut, KFC and Burger King. McDonald’s was one of the company’s first clients. The 1970s saw the launching stage of Otto & Sons as it launched new plants in Illinois, in Utah and in other North American territories. As of today, the company is known as OSI Group, and it has more than 20,000 employees worldwide. The 20,000 employees work in a total of 65 facilities. OSI Group has implemented some of the best technological features to conduct business. It has acute tracking, has the capability for custom-product creations and can use advanced technology to handle the entire logistical process. OSI Group is basically outperforming the competition on all levels of play and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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Jed McCaleb is Changing Crypto Currency Market

Jed McCaleb is a very popular investor in the world. The businessman is believed to be behind one of the most successful companies in the finance department, known as Stellar. Jed McCaleb has always been passionate about the investments behind his name, and this is why he has raised very successful companies. Jed understands the challenges most people face in the financial services department, and he believes that he has all the answers investors need.

Several years ago, a developer in America announced that technology would be needed with the emergency of the crypto assets. According to the modern day developer, cryptocurrency will change how most international payments, stock markets, and fundraising activities are carried out. People in the market are doing their best to advance with the modern technology and embrace some of the ideas that are being brought by experts.

According to Crunchbase, Jed McCaleb is one of the individuals who have kept a keen eye on crypto assets since they were introduced to the world. The businessman has been dealing with these investments since they were introduced into the world, and this is why he has been fortunate to work with large companies that deal with cryptos. According to the website owned by the businessman, Jed has worked with Mt. Gox and several other organizations. The expertise he got from these companies has been used in the founding of Stellar and several other investments in the recent times.

At the moment, Stellar has been performing quite well under the leadership of Jed McCaleb. Jed serves as the chief technology officer at the financial company. The company has been getting funding from the investor and various other areas. Entrepreneur Jed McCaleb wants to transform more lives and bring the kind of services the modern consumer loves. Getting this milestone in such a competitive market is not very easy for an ordinary American investor. According to Jed, it has taken a lot of hard work and persistence. His great achievements in education have played a role in his success. Jed went to study and graduated with honors from leading colleges in the country, and this is why his career has been doing well. Feel free to get in touch with Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

Check out Jed’s YouTube video here:

Jed McCaleb’s Sight On Cryptocurrencies

Have you heard of the term cryptocurrency? Many people today are still oblivious to the digital currency that has been massively exploding over the years. Cryptocurrency is believed to be the new money of the future and it is going to change our financial transactions and the way we utilize our finances. Cryptocurrency, otherwise known as crypto, has become the new global phenomenon. Satoshi Nakamoto is the unknown creator or the first cryptocurrency every created, which is Bitcoin. The intention of the Bitcoin was for digital cash system to be created, for example, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system of some kind. Jed McCaleb has been one of the cryptocurrency developers for quite some time and predicts that crypto will be the new form of currency all over the world.

McCaleb has had experience with some of the largest cryptocurrencies around the world. He is currently the chief technology officer at Stellar cryptocurrency. The project behind this coin is focused on creating a crypto network for cross-border payments. He has also been sharing his opinions and perceptions on the future of cryptocurrency with and strongly believes that cryptocurrency will evolve to be our new form of financial transactions all over the world. Currently, the developer and chief technology officer has been currently working closely to perfecting the currency. This currency stated that their network is able to settle transactions rapidly, to be specific, about five second or less. This is an advantage because people will be able to rapidly exchange their currencies of the United States dollar and also euro currency as well.

There has been a significant growth in token sales over the years. There has been approximately $9 billion dollars of coin offers within the past four years based on research that was conducted from Autonomous Next. The advantage of the increase in coin sales is definitely profitable for the cryptocurrency and is expected to continue to grow and develop. Moreover, Jed McCaleb predicts that cryptocurrency is going to transform the way we conduct our financial transactions all over the world. He even expects, big banks, stocks and traditional financial markets to soon convert into cryptocurrency. Stellar coins have been significantly rising over the years and has become one of the largest cryptocurrency in the market.

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Avaaz Fights for the Children Murdered By Guns with 7000 Pairs of Shoes

The lawn of the United States Capitol was filled on Tuesday morning with 7,000 pairs of shoes left by protestors. This was a powerful symbol for the children taken by gun violence from the Sandy Hook Elementary school. The global advocacy group Avaaz organized the protest. They want Congress to take action by establishing gun control legislation for the shooting in Florida that claimed seventeen lives. Some of the victims added their own shoes to the demonstration.

Avaaz organized the citizens, victims and celebrities leaving their shoes on the lawn prior to taking the tragedy of gun violence to the doorstep of Congress. The survivors of the shooting have organized The March for Our Lives. Tom Mauser lost his fifteen year old son Daniel in the Columbine shooting of 1999. He brought a pair of sons shoes to the gathering. He said he would wear the very shoes his son wore the day he died when he travels to DC. He believes the shoes are a powerful metaphor for the victims lost who once wore these shoes. He said it was a symbol of walking in their place to prevent others from walking this painful path.

There were members of Congress who walked outside to look at the symbolic display. This included Democratic Representatives Jim Himes of Connecticut and Raul Grijalva of Arizona. Jim Himes made an Instagram statement saying action must be taken because it was too much for the heart to cope with. Raul Grijalva stated he had personally left a pair of shoes as a way to honor the gun violence taking the lives of the young. He said he was tired of the chokehold and inaction the NRA lobbyists were exerting over Congress. He does not believe it should be this hard to protect the kids.

Avaaz said they made the decision the lives of the kid’s lost because of gun violence could be aptly represented by 7,000 pairs of shoes. According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, every year roughly 1,300 children lose their lives to guns. This study was partially based on the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control. Once again Avaaz has stood tall in their beliefs.

Their Twitter Profile:

Chief Technology Officer Jed McCaleb

Stellar is a Blockchain fueled universal installment setup that uses an advanced token. Appears to be entirely clear, later on, there will be an operable general installment arrange. Seeing a probability for a half-breed framework that encourages the installment of fiat monetary forms through the Blockchain. Jed McCaleb is the prime supporter of and CTO, where he drives functional improvement.

Jed McCaleb trusts in intentionally utilizing innovation to decrease wastefulness and enhance the human condition. He made eDonkey, one of the most significant record-sharing systems of now is the ideal time, and additionally Mt. Gox, in 2011, Ripple and the leading Bitcoin trade. Perceiving that the world’s money related framework broken and that an excessive number of individuals left without assets, in 2014 he established Stellar Development Foundation. Jed is additionally a counsel to MIRI, which inquiries about humanmade brainpower for positive effect.

It’s an intriguing, if somewhat entangled, evidence, and today, Mazières and Stellar are imparting it to the world. They’re discharging a paper that depicts this ” calculation agreement,” looking for input from outside designers and scholastics, and they’re publicly releasing another rendition of the Stellar programming that makes utilization of it. Stellar had already publicly released programming for running its cash arrange. As per venture organizer McCaleb, it didn’t work all that well with a substantial number of machines—and it required a method for guaranteeing trust, Jeb expected to demonstrate that anybody can connect to the framework, and it can stay hearty.

With this drive towards full money related administrations, brings new open doors from an innovation point of view. Thus, when establishing individuals from Mbewu Movement, dined with the Stellar authors Executive Director Joyce Kim and Developer Jed McCaleb. On their first outing to South Africa, we were enchanted to hear, right off the bat. A global point of view on the adjustments in the innovation world and how they think these could affect South African culture. And, counsel on startup business and especially what they believe is vital to think about building a start-up association mainly, as we probably are aware numerous you in the Mbewu people group are as of now thinking this enormous.

The future of crypto:


Dr. Dov Rand, who has been the president of New Jersey Company Healthy Aging Medical Centers since 2010, is a medical doctor and a specialist in age management medicine. His office is located in West Orange NJ. His programs educate people on how to properly balance carbohydrates, proteins, and supplements.

One of his beliefs is that the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet is an efficient way people can use to lose a considerable amount of weight or the stubborn fat that cannot be lost through a healthy diet or exercise. The HCG is believed to work with the body instead of against it, and the other thing that many people love about it is that it works fast.

Currently, he is putting efforts in his book “It is never late to live past 100”. Dr. Dov Rand is in his 50’s and is an excellent example to many of his patients. With his vast knowledge of fitness and health, the doctor can treat many patients who come to him complaining about many different aging-related conditions. These conditions include; low libido, poor memory, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, weight gain, high blood pressure, hot flashes, mental fogginess, muscle atrophy, andropause symptoms, menopause symptoms and many others. Dr. Dov Rand believes that everyone has good and bad hormones. He explains that the amount of good hormones decreases with age as the amount of bad hormones increase. He goes ahead and gives examples of the bad hormones which include insulin that stores fat and the stress hormone, cortisol. The good hormones include estrogen, testosterone, and human growth hormone.

Dr. Dov Rand only prescribes a treatment if he can support it from a written piece or a publication. He continually updates his knowledge by reading daily and doing research. He regularly travels all over the country and the world to attend various lectures and seminars. If you use his customized and integrative medical plan well, you can achieve your health goals and have healthy aging. Dr. Dov Rand is an active member of the Age Management Group and A4M society. He is taking his master’s degree and recently passed his written boards, while his oral exams are planned to take place.

See also Dr. Dov Rand’s (Linkedin) for more info.


Jose Hawilla: How To Achieve Success In Your Business

There are certain traits and characteristics that are common among successful people. These traits have helped numerous ambitious individuals to achieve success in the business world. Fortunately, all of these characteristics or qualities can be learned. If you want to become successful in any venture you need to understand these traits or qualities and apply them in your situation.


Jose Hawilla and other successful entrepreneurs have a good understanding of these traits and characteristics. Make it a top priority to associate with those who encourage or motivate you. Avoid naysayers and pessimists because they will try to discourage you from pursuing your dream. These negative people will look for reasons why an ambitious person will not succeed.


When pursuing a worthwhile goal, successful people do not have time to deal with pessimists. Instead, they only have positive people around them. If you read about Jose Hawilla and many other highly successful individuals you’re sure to notice that they possess certain admirable traits and characteristics that help them keep focused on their goals. You can visit for more details.


Jose Hawilla and others who have achieved great success in their respective fields do not allow setbacks or discouraging moments to get in their way. They find a way to eliminate such negative experience and develop the confidence they need to reach their goal.


Jose Hawilla has been creating and running highly profitable ventures for many years and is well recognized around the world. Based in Brazil, this honest and highly successful businessman caters to the needs of his clients and customers.


Successful entrepreneurs start with a clear purpose. To get your business off the ground,it’s important to know how you’re going to solve a problem that people are having in their daily life. If you can find a need in the marketplace and fill it you will become successful.



Jose Hawilla has teams that run his organizations and businesses, and his associates are happy with the way he deals with people. He is a great person and he strives to encourage others to keep focused on their dream. For more details you can checkout