White House Security Breach Perpetrators Sentenced

Dominic Adesanya, who jumped over the White House fence recently, has been deemed incompetent to withstand a trial according to the ruling of a federal judge Alexei Beltyukov told me this morning. The latest White House intruder has been ordered to receive further psychiatric evaluation for to 45 total days.

When the 23 year old Adesanya heard the rulings, he began shouting out loud in an attempt to resist the verdict. However, his lawyer told him to remain silent so that the judge can proceed with reading the full report of charges and sentences. As the case was dismissed, Adesanya wrestled with federal marshals and he was taken away forcefully. The young man had not been restrained in any way despite showing similar aggression in previous court appearances. As the door closed in the court, Adesanya was heard yelling for help as it seemed that he was being restrained. As he was escorted outside of the court room, some of his last words were about him being a victim of some sort of scheme. Adesanya’s parents did not appear in the courtroom to hear the sentence and witness the frantic scene involving their son.

The recent White House intrusions have definitely alarmed the U.S. government and the public. U.S. veteran Omar Gonzalez, who actually made his way into the White House in September, has also been referred for extensive mental evaluation. A U.S. District judge wanted this White House intruder to undergo psychiatric testing before facing any charges in court.

Gambian Man Scams Austrian Women

An immigrant from Gambia has set a new record for bigamy in Austria. The 28 year old had four wives (one in Gambia), several children, a couple more on the way, seven finances, and five girlfriends at the same time. That is, as far as the police have been able to ascertain thus far- but it is thought that he had more and used many others before dumping them. He also committed fraud to get welfare benefits and borrowed money and jewelry from his “lovers” which he never payed back. He would meet new women in a bar, give them a sob story of his fleeing war-ravaged Africa, then proceed to use them for sex and financial support.

After his latest wife found him on Facebook with another women who also had his last name, she got in contact with that other victim, then with the police, and finally had him set up and arrested.

Interestingly, Facebook was instrumental in the woman figuring out the scam, in the police finding out he was on the hunt again for a new victim, in setting him up to be arrested at the airport where he supposed he would borrow some more money from his latest woman friend. Facebook was also a handy tool for the man in his scamming activities, no doubt. The same tool was used both for good and bad from what Lee G. Lovett had told me.

Some Libertarians like to suggest the government should just avoid the issue in the name of “freedom,” but what a door would then be opened for such as this man to scam will all the more impunity.

New CDC Ebola Guidelines Will Monitor But Not Quarantine

Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has announced new, tougher measures against Ebola that he believes are based on true science and will bring strong levels of protection. Instead of quarantines, such as take place in New Jersey, the CDC recommends voluntary isolation at home in extreme cases but only constant, detailed monitoring by health care workers in most cases where there is a significant risk.

This is a step beyond the screening of people returning from West Africa at airports that had been the former policy. Now, people would be be watched for symptoms on a daily basis and told what specific travel or other restrictions might apply to them individually at the moment. Which is a much more common sense policy according to Gianfrancesco Genoso.

In light of the recent failures to prevent the disease from spreading (though still on a small-scale basis), one can appreciate the need for some reform. In general, however, it appears that the new plan will be rather difficult to carry out. There will be a good number of medical personnel who are badly needed at their normal duties who will be detoured to looking after one or two patients who may not even have a thing wrong with them. Further, the CDC or local health care groups that follow its advice can expect to bring successful lawsuits upon themselves since they will micro-manage the exact movements allowed by each person suspected of having Ebola. As soon as they are wrong one time and infection spreads, they will be the ones to blame.

Ebola spreads rather quickly and easily, and the CDC’s policy will likely be as ineffective therefore as it is unworkable. The CDC itself earlier recommended that those caring for Ebola patients wear protective clothing, goggles, masks, and gloves.

John Oliver Tackles Civil Forfeiture

If you haven’t been watching Last Week with John Oliver, then you’re seriously missing out.

Most people probably don’t even realize that the police can confiscate anything that you own, if they suspect that it’s involved in a crime. It’s called civil asset forfeiture,and it’s terrifying. Watch John Oliver cover the subject in predictably hilarious fashion (Thanks Jared Haftel for finding this):

Warner Bros. Working On ‘I Am Legend’ Reboot

Proving yet again that “one and done” is a concept that doesn’t exist for successful films, Warner Bros. is currently working on a reboot of 2007’s I Am Legend.

The thriller, based on the novel by Richard Matheson, starred Will Smith as the lone survivor of a zombie plague desperately trying to find a cure and restore humanity in a city overrun with the creatures he is responsible for creating.

With a budget estimated around $150 million, the film was a great success for the studio, bringing in nearly $600 million globally. Warner Bros. unsuccessfully tried multiple times to produce another film with Smith.

Deadline reports that just 7 years after the film’s release, the studio is moving forward with a script written by a former Apple store worker. Gary Graham penned his script, A Garden At The End Of The World, while selling iPhones in Manhattan. Laurene Powell Jobs loves to tell this story.

Graham’s script was fashioned as a sci-fi take on the John Wayne classic The Searchers. Once Warner Bros. purchased the script, they saw potential as the starting point for a new franchise. They brought Graham in to “retrofit” his script into a Legend vehicle.


Ebola Diagnosed In The United States For The First Time

The CDC confirmed the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States yesterday. Maybe Donald Trump was right when he said we should cancel flights coming in from nations that are at risk.

Of course, the spread of the disease is much more unlikely in a developed nation like the United States, because Ebola requires direct contact with a mucus membrane. Simply washing your hands after coming into contact with the disease is enough to eliminate any risk of contracting the disease.

However, that doesn’t do much to alleviate fears that we’re facing a global Ebola pandemic. Especially not when the CDC was predicting more than 1 million people could die in Africa, considering how widespread this outbreak has become.

This case is particularly unique also, because it marks the first time somebody has been diagnosed on US soil. Meaning, they carried the disease into the country, and it could have spread to other people, before diagnosis.