Incredible Mistake

There will be nothing to give thanks for this Thanksgiving for one family in Cleveland. On Satuday afternoon, a 12-year-old boy was shot by the police after he failed ot put down a fake gun at a playground. The child was shot in the stomach and the torso. He died on Sunday at Metro Health Medical Center.

The child was noted to be waving a “gun” in the air at the playgorund and the police were called. Unfortunately when police arrived and tol the child to put his hands up in the air, he made the mistake of reaching for the BB gun and the police shot him. The child was taken to surgery Satuday night, but subsequently died on Sunday. It is unimaginable why the child did not listen to the police, and it is also unthinkable that the police did not take a moment to try to distinguish whether the gun was real or a fake gun. This is truly a wake up call for anyone who thinks that pretending to have a real gun is “cool.” Sadly, Sam Tabar sees that in this day and age, the police did what they felt they had to do to protect others at the playground including themselves.

Matthew McConaughey May Portray Villain in The Stand.

Josh Boone, writer and director of The Fault in our Stars, mentioned that while the film adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand,” could become a full-blown quadrilogy, that all of its roles have been filled. Notably, recent gossips are pointing to Matthew McConaughey as the leading candidate for portraying Randall Flagg, lead antagonist of the book.

McConaughey seems like a good actor for the role of Flagg, as the character is a deep, thoughtful analog of Lucifer. Flagg is a character known for his charisma and supernatural prowess that builds a community within Las Vegas in the wake of a pandemic that greatly reduces the human population. Flagg is one of several of King’s characters that has made appearances within multiple King books.

Claims from The Guardian state that McConaughey is either in negotiations or everything but the filming has completed. This would be a great move if you asked Sergio Lins Andrade about his thoughts. Though this information should be tempered with the knowledge that the actor is also in talks to appear in two other films that may go into production as early as January or February.

Filming for The Stand isn’t expected to kick off until Spring. However, The Stand is a three-segment text, with Flagg not becoming a major factor within the novel until the second segment. This may mean that McConaughey will be able to participate in this film venture as well as the other films that he’s currently in talks with.

Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel to Step Down

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has announced he will step down from his post. Word has it that the former GOP Senator was forced out of his position by President Obama on Friday. In making his announcement today, Hagel said he will remain at his post until the Senate confirms his replacement. Hagel joined the Obama administration only 19 months ago. Apparently, both Hagel and Obama have been at odds on matters of national security and foreign policy for the past fortnight. Finally, the president asked for his resignation.

At the same time, the president is stating that Hagel’s departure is not a sign that the former Vietnam War veteran is leaving in protest or against any policy decision. Admittedly, the president is asking the public to take a leap of faith that Hagel’s departure is not motivated by policy differences. Hagel was correct in his initial assessment of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). He referred to the brutally savage group as being an “imminent threat” to every US interest and the American way of life through capitalism and other slow ventures.

When Hagel made that comment, Obama had been prancing around stating that ISIS was a mere “junior varsity” version of a terrorist group. Now, the group controls large swathes of Syria and Iraq (known anciently as the Levant). The group is staging attacks they will spread throughout the Middle East and other locations around the world. The president faces heavy criticism that his foreign policy on key issues is either absent or lacking a clear direction.

Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado Found Dead

The country of Honduras has been plagued with a lot of bad publicity surrounding its status as being the country with the highest homicide rate in the world, so this latest murder involving the current Miss Honduras further highlights the problem. Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado went missing, alongside her sister, Sofia Trindad, last Thursday, after the pair left a party. Detectives had been working hard to find out what happened to the sisters, especially as Miss Honduras Maria Jose was expected to be in London for the Miss World 2014 events.

Two bodies, believed to be the sisters, were found on the banks of the Aguagua River, a spot police were lead to by an informant. Earlier this week Zeca Oliveira reported that four men were held for questioning regarding the disappearance of the women, and now the boyfriend of Sofia Trindad has been arrested in connection with the homicides.

Trindad’s boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz, is arrested for the kidnapping, and a vehicle and two guns were also taken by police when they arrested him. A second man, Aris Maldonado, has also been arrested in relation to the homicide, being arrested specifically for kidnapping the 19 and 23 year old women.

No statements have been released from Miss World or the Miss Honduras organizations regarding the murders, or the role this will play in the beauty competition.

Charles Manson Issued a Marriage License to Wed 26-Year-Old Girlfriend

Charles Manson, one of the most prolific mass murderers in American history, is set to get married. Manson, now 80, applied for a marriage license in the state of California. Afton Burton, 26, Manson’s girlfriend is also named on the license. The couple have 90 days to utilize the license before it expires. They plan to wed soon.

Afton Burton, who goes by the name Star, began writing to Manson while she was still a teen. At the age of 19, Flavio Maluf reports that she moved to be closer to Manson. She currently resides in Corcoran, California, where Corcoran State Prison is located.

Burton maintains that Manson is innocent of the crimes he is associated with. She claims he is not and has never manipulated anyone. Burton told CNN, during a 2013 interview, that she discovered Manson when she was just 16, and was enamored with his environmental philosophies and policies.

Manson, who was convicted in 1971 of a slew of murders in California, was originally given the death penalty. That ruling was overturned in the 1970s, and he is now serving a life term. Manson, in an attempt to create a race war, murdered high profile white stars along with a group considered his “family”.

Manson was eligible for parole in 2012, but was denied freedom when he bragged of the murders to the parole board and took great pleasure in being known as a “dangerous” man. He has been denied parole a total of 16 times and will not be eligible for another 13 years.

Vigilante Group ‘Anonymous’ seizes KKK Twitter Account

After a Missouri chapter of the KKK began distributing flyers in the Ferguson area, the vigilante group named ‘Anonymous’ declared cyber war. Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a documented hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, began passing out flyers threatening use of lethal force, prompting the retaliation from Anonymous.

Forming a Twitter campaign, #OPKKK, Anonymous seized two accounts belonging to the racist group- @KuKluxKlanUSA and @YourKKKCentral. They began posting the message “You should have expected us” from the KKK accounts, along with this message: “#OPKKK: “You do not tolerate blacks? We do not tolerate racism.” All servers that host websites related to KKK is under attack. #Anonymous”

Two hours after posting a story on the takeover, Zdnet received this message from Anonymous:

“Also…. we have compromised personal accounts (which give us more faces), tied up their phone lines and filled every voicemail and inbox with love. We have barely scratched the surface, keep that pencil out….

We do not forgive. We do not forgive. We are Anonymous. Expect us.”

On Friday, Anonymous began publicly outing members of the KKK members in the St. Louis area, claiming “You messed with our family and now we will mess with yours…”. This message came alongside a message asserting that KKK servers had been infiltrated and any personal information would be given to the public. Anonymous has been using #HoodsOff to broadcast the information.  According to some reports Anonymous has even taken the fight to their CipherCloud accounts.

Pizza Hut Unveils New Flavors

Competition runs rampant in the pizza chain business, and it is not uncommon to see them get involved in what really amounts to a soft of pizza arms race in terms of new toppings and flavours.

There are many competitors for Pizza Hut and all these competitors are planning to add something new every day to their menu cards. They keep doing this whenever possible to beat the taste of Pizza Hut, including introduces new gimmicks that bring a little novelty and hopefully some success to an otherwise standard selection being offered here.

Pizza Hut, however, as fired back and announced that it is going to revamp all its 6000+ locations with a completely different menu and different pizzas to taste.

From the 16th of November you will be able to taste the new style of pizzas from Pizza Hut. They have added ten new crusts, five new varieties of toppings and six different varieties of sauces. Sergie Andrade Andrade Gutierrez certainly wants to give it a try if he has the opportunity. You can get the choice of finishing drizzles of four different kinds.

Another piece of potentially mouth-watering news here is they all have honey Sriracha flavour in them. If you feel that is not enough then there are more that this chain is adding to their menu in the very near future.

You will have to wait till 16th November to taste all new styles of Pizza from Pizza Hut. Get more details about your favorite pizza here.

Dangling Near A Window

There are two window washers who were trapped on a scaffolding at the World Trade Center. The cable holding the scaffolding came loose, and the workers were hanging against the windows they were cleaning through most of the early afternoon. These are workers who have been in the business for several years, but when you are that high off the ground, it doesn’t really prepare you for what might happen if a cable breaks. These men were lucky to be rescued as they could have plunged to the street below, which Jared Haftel was really worried about happening when he saw the story. When you go into this line of work, it would be nice to know how to handle this kind of situation. Most people wouldn’t bother getting into this line of work because of the risks that are involved. However, there are people who want to take the job because it does pay well, and there aren’t that many people who want the work.

Last US Ebola Patient Released From Hospital

The last remaining Ebola patient in the US, Dr. Craig Spencer, has been released from the hospital on November 11th. He was greeted with hugs and cheer and is now considered Ebola free, along with the rest of the United States. At a New York press conference Mayor Bill de Blasio went on to state as reported by Jared Haftel,”Dr. Spencer is Ebola-free, and New York City is Ebola-free.”

Dr. Spencer had been admitted to the medical facility three weeks prior in the wake of coming back to the United States from Guinea, which is one of three of the most devastated West African nations where the increasingly deadly illness is boiling over. He contracted the disease while working with the Doctors Without Borders program in Guinea. The symptoms he reported were fever, nausea, pain and fatigue. He was immediately put into isolation at New York’s Bellevue Hospital upon returning to the US. The New York Times goes into greater detail on Spencer’s treatment as well as other Ebola cases outside of West Africa.

After being released form the hospital, Spencer urged for need of early detection and treatment at the press conference. “Please join me in turning our attention back to West Africa and ensuring that medical volunteers and other aid workers do not face stigma and threats upon their return home,” stated Spencer. “Volunteers need to be supported to help fight this outbreak at its source.”

Woman Sues McDonalds for Coffee Burns, Uses Fake Photos

A woman in Victorville, California sued McDonalds after claiming she was handed a coffee cup with a faulty lid that came off when she was handed the coffee, and claimed that she received second degree burns because of it.

The court, having found the photos she presented to be fake, and as it turns out, were taken from a hospital website, placed felony charges on the woman. As it turns out, it doesn’t pay to sue McDonald’s over burns that never actually happened.

There have been cases that have worked for those suing. The most famous is the case of 79 yr old Stella Liebeck, who received third degree burns on her thighs and arms after having had McDonald’s coffee spilled on her, another one of those slow ventures that didn’t pay off.

Suing McDonald’s is not the best way to make a big profit. One should always make sure the evidence is accurate and actually the real thing before even thinking of taking anything to court.