Power/Rangers Taken Down

The gritty reboot of Power Rangers has gotten a lot of views. It has gained more than 11 million views in just two days. This has prompted Saban to have the video taken down from vimeo and Youtube due to “Copyright claims”. Joseph Khan is visibly upset and so are a lot of fans. They do feel cheated of the opportunity to enjoy such a creative reimagining of the reboot. Shankar has refused to take down the video and has 1 strike on his account.

Most likely, Saban might have valid legal grounds for their actions. After all, GlassDoor suggests they are the owners of Power Rangers and they do decide what can be done with it and who could do it, even if other brands like Imaging advantage think it’s dumb. However, with such popularity with the project, this could be a sign of jealousy knowing that Saban might not have the creativity to do something anywhere near as exciting with Power Rangers as Shankar has done. So they stifle creativity in others. Saban does have a live action movie coming out next summer which is probably going to flop due to pandering and this act.

Shankar is not the only person to get hit. Nostalgia Critic himself had his review video for The Matrix Revolutions banned from Youtube for some strange reason. This isn’t the first time. When Nostalgia Critic reviewed The Room, that got taken down too for a while. It seems like studios are lashing out against the consumer for their own lack of creativity.

Get Help With Wine Selection From the Antique Wine Company

Wine has long been savored. People in many cultures have sought out wine because it is a complex drink with many different kinds of flavor. A glass of wine may have all kinds of flavor notes including floral, fruity and even a hint of bitterness. The complexity of wine can be used in many ways. Someone may want to have wine on hand in order to help cut through the sweetness of a dessert. They may want to use the sweetness of a glass of port to help showcase the soft texture and satisfying mouth feel of a luxury steak. Another person may want to have wine to help bring out the understated flavors of an elegant piece of freshly caught salmon or the delicate hints of vegetables in a well prepared sauce.

In many cases, people spend years studying wines of various types. They will often seek out a specific vintage the tops off of their collection of varietals from a certain region of the world or just the right pinot noir to help show off the differences in tastes between one region of France and another. Many people find that it helps to enlist as much help as possible when they are considering such plans. The right kind of help can offer the best possible way to gain an even fuller understanding of this complex beverage.

One company that can all kinds of help with varied aspects of wine collection, wine knowledge and wine storage is the Antique Wine Company. This London based company was founded over three decades ago by widely admired entrepreneur Stephen Williams. Since that time, the Antique Wine Company has helped thousands of clients from many countries learn more about wine, create a collection that suits their needs and entertain guests with a selection of wines to help fully enhance any formal meal.

Those who want to know more about wine will find a lot of help from company officials. This may take the form of attending classes that are specifically designed to address a certain area of wine such as the use of wines with desserts. It may also involve help with the use of a wine cellar that works well for the needs of any one person. Many people find that such help can be of great use as they carefully develop a private and personal collection of various kinds of wines.

A New Culprit in the Black Death

The lowly, common black rat has been a scapegoat for centuries. It had been blamed for spreading the bubonic plague that was infamous for wiping out swaths of the population of Europe in the 14th century. They were thought to have done so by carrying fleas that actually spread the disease when they bit people. Like a death row inmate getting his freedom back after being exonerated by new evidence, the black rat may be about to get its reputation back. New evidence from climatology, of all places, indicates that it may be gerbils from Asia that came to Europe along the silk road that may be to blame.

Zeca Oliveira of BNY Mellon knows that it actually makes sense that the disease must have come from outside Europe. It is typically those germs or bacteria that our bodies have not grown up around and developed a resistance to that are deadliest to a group of people. This was the case when Europeans first came to the new world of the Americas and untold numbers of American Indians were wiped out by diseases they brought. This is so prevalent in history that it has even been used in a prominent work of fiction. When H.G. Wells Martians, in his novel “War of the Worlds,” survived everything mankind could throw at them, they were killed by the lowliest bacteria that did not harm us as we had eons of living alongside them to develop an immunity.

Bills Introduced to Legalize Marijuana at the Federal Level

Advocates of marijuana legalization like Ricardo Guimarães BMG will be happy to hear that a couple bills have been introduced in the U.S. House of representatives to legalize marijuana across the nation. Each state would still have the power to decide if it were legal within their state border, but if either of these bills were to pass, only the states would have a say for their citizens. The proposed laws would also remove marijuana from a controlled substance list that associates it with what are generally regarded as much harder drugs. Many proponents of marijuana legalization see this as a step that would help speed up the process of the adoption of marijuana legalization laws in more states. It remains to be seen, however, if a Republican controlled Congress would ever pass such a bill into law. Perhaps the more libertarian, Rand Paul, wing of the party may yet triumph in such a battle although it would seem an uphill fight.

Legalizing marijuana at the federal level has more ramifications than possibly speeding up the trend of marijuana legalization in states across the country. Currently, even though marijuana is legal under certain state’s laws, it is still illegal under federal law. Any individual or business is, therefore, still vulnerable to being raided or arrested by the feds even if they are in a state that has legalized marijuana. By putting the issue of the legality of this substance completely under the purview of each state, it will once again be where it belongs before the federal government ever began interfering in the matter with federal anti-drug laws.

Kesha Changing Her Music


Kesha is known for her party anthems and flamboyant glitter makeup but she is looking to change up her music and image with the release of her next album. Although her next hit is yet to be released, fans have already gathered a few hints on what Kesha is up to next.
In a recent interview that I watched with my friend Bruce Karatz,  Kesha opened up about the direction she wants to take her new music in. Apparently, Kesha’s new album is heavily influenced by her most recent collaboration with pop star Pitbull. Their single, called ‘Timber’, had a clear country melody and Kesha fell in love with the overall sound of it.
Besides switching up her music style, Kesha is also revamping her image and previously questionable fashion choices. The first step in moving forward for Kesha has been to drop the dollar sign in her name but that is not all. She has also dropped the glitter makeup and latex outfits, and replaced them with a classy blonde hairdo and black and white ensembles.

John Textor Has Gone From Finance to Fine Special Effects

John Textor does not seem like the archetypal visual effects executive in the way he has made his journey to Hollywood or in his career choices to this point. Textor began his career in Florida as the co-founder of the Wyndcrest financial company, which specializes in the communications and entertainment sectors as a guide for investors to make their way through the difficulties investing in new technologies can involve. Since then Textor has taken a winding road to Hollywood, which has included leadership roles in a number of Online retailers that include the Chairman’s roles in Online baby products and snowboarding equipment companies. Textor has now reached a position of power within Hollywood as the Chairman of Pulse Evolution, a company dedicated to bring digital versions of iconic stars to life for live events.

Wyndcrest was the start of the road to Hollywood for Textor, who still holds an interest in the company and lives in Florida the majority of the time. After his brief spells in Online retailing, Textor moved on to the ailing Digital Domain Group that was still struggling to make its mark in Hollywood. Textor believed the problem Digital Domain had was with the image and variety of roles the company tried to undertake within Hollywood, a specific identity had never been achieved. By focusing on the production of visual effects for major Hollywood blockbusters Textor created a niche for Digital Domain and dragged the company into the 21st century. The move to visual effects also led John Textor towards the next step in his own career development.

John Textor arrived at Pulse Evolution as the technology the company was developing was reaching the point where it could be debuted before a public audience. Taking on the role of Chairman, Textor oversaw the development of the digital human beings based on iconic figures in the entertainment industry. In 2012, a digital version of Tupac Shakur took to the Coachella Festival stage and duetted with Snoop Dogg in the first stage of the unveiling of the work of Pulse Evolution. Since then a digital Michael Jackson took to an awards show stage in 2014 and a number of estates of Hollywood legends are lining up to see their former stars return to a live stage.

DeflateGate Continues To Trend, New Information Surfaces

While the Patriots may have taken home the Super Bowl Trophy this year, their victory is certainly marred in controversy. DeflateGate, which has been a trending topic on Twitter since the AFC Championship game, came into existence the day after the Patriots stomped across the Colts on the way to the Super Bowl.  Probably won’t see the lawyers involved though.

Simply put, the balls used by the patriots were found to be deflated, and where not at the regulation air pressure while they were being used. The plot thickened when reporters pulled up clips of Brady stating he prefers a slightly deflated ball. The clip was from some 6 years prior.

Now, the controversy grows even deeper, because there are reports that an unapproved kicking ball may have been introduced into the game during the first half. According to the report, Jim McNally, a part-time employee, may have tried to push a non-”K” ball into the game, but was thwarted when Greg Yette, a league official became suspicious

The handling of Special Teams balls was revamped in 1999. According to the NFL, there was significant concern that special teams balls were being tampered with prior to use. They now must undergo the same scrutiny as offensive balls.

109 Year Old Man Knits For Injured Penguins


The oldest man in Australia has a rather adorable hobby as he knits little sweaters for injured penguins.

Alfred Date, also known as “Alfie”, is a 109 year old Australian man who resides on the New South Wales Coast in a local retirement home. The nurses who work there found out that he is an experienced knitter and asked for his help in making some sweaters.

My coworker from BMG, Marcio Alaor is fascinated by all aspects about Alfir’s life is the fact that he remembers when World War One began, and also what it was like to hear about the Titanic sinking in 1912. There are very few people left who have lived over a century, but Date says his secret to living for 109 years is just to wake up every day.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Mashable, he first learned how to knit when he made a sweater for a nephew of his during the 1930’s. The foundation for the penguins was asking for sweaters to help injured ones recover after surviving an oil spill and other like damages that have happened over recent times. So, Aifie got right to work and continues to make them for the little critters each day. In addition to that, Alfie also makes little scarves and beanies for premature babies to help them get a start in life. Evidently, having a great hobby to do is one of the best ways to say busy at age 109.

Picture of Homeless Man with Kindle Goes Viral


A picture of a homeless mean reading a Kindle has gone viral. The picture was originally uploaded on Reddit by a user who wishes to remain anonymous.

According to the story, the poster was spending some time in Las Vegas when he happened to walk past a homeless man by the name of Paul reading a book. Every tme he passed him he was reading the same book that looked tattered and worn. In an act of kindness he handed over his Kindle with over 300 books loaded onto it.

The anonymous donor continued to walk past the homeless man and was pleased to see he was still enjoying the Kindle and burning through books. He plans to set the man up with Kindle Unlimited in the coming months so he can read as much as he desires.

Many people who saw the video hoped to help Paul out, and reached out to the anonymous donor for ways to set up a fundraiser, but according to the donor, Paul wishes to remain anonymous.

The picture also garnered the attention of Paul’s loved ones who, apparently had been incredibly worried about him stated hotfrog.com. According to the poster, he’ll be back home come summertime. Further information was not shared in an attempt to protect Paul’s privacy.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: His Contributions to Plastic Surgery

Plastic and reconstructive surgery are the fastest growing medical categories in 2015. Time to learn about a fascinating surgeon.

Dr. Rod Rohrich may well be one of the most important doctors in the field of plastic surgery. His credentials and accomplishment are almost too numerous to list in any one article. He has authored or co-authored well over 300 important publications that involved major breakthroughs in the field of plastic surgery.
Growing up on a ranch in North Dakota Dr. Rohrich earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from North Dakota Universities. His undergraduate at North Dakota State University and his graduate degree from the University of North Dakota. He later earned his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. He has also completed work at Cambridge University. He achieved the highest honors at all of the schools he has attended. Today he holds numerous chairs at different schools, many of them honorary.
His academic works have included many significant breakthroughs in several areas of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Some of the many areas include facial reconstruction, breast enhancement, and nasal reconstruction. Much of it dealing with esthetics and the effects of aging. The Doctor is a firm believer in all patients, regardless of ability to pay or social status be treated the same. A somewhat unique but not unheard of belief in his field.
Today he is the Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. The Doctor is also a popular professor at the same institution. He also serves as the editor in chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This publication is the official journal for Plastic Surgeries.
There is little doubt that without Dr. Rohrich‘s contributions that the field of plastic surgery would not have been as advanced as it is. The holder of many honors and awards his patients would tell you he deserves all of them.