FreedomPop: From Free Cell Phone Service to Free Wifi

FreedomPop got their start from positive reviews and by offering their customers free cellular phone service on the Sprint network. They now wish to branch out and reach out to more possible customers by extending their services into WI-FI. In January, they turned on ten million hot spots, from fast food chains (Burger King and McDonald’s, coffee shops (Starbucks), and retail store (Best Buy) and it is projected that it will go up to twenty-five million by the end of the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 (also known as the end of March 2015). They will at first focus on metro areas. Their customers also get unlimited telephone calls and texts while they are connected to the WI-FI. This WI-FI service will at first be only available to a certain type of phone.

The WI-FI service will only be available to Android devices in the beginning, due to the fact that they are issues with automatic WI-FI sign-in on Apple’s platform. FreedomPop’s IOS application should be updated by now. The company cannot say who is partnering with them in this endeavor and the reason for this appears to be that they are limited by the regulations of a contract. With Starbucks possibly being one of their WI-FI hotspots and getting people to pay five dollars a month for something that they can get for free in many places, FreedomPop does have some challenges ahead of them.

If they offer service at Starbucks, FreedomPop would have to partner with AT&T or Google. Talking people into paying five dollars a month also appears to not be an easy task, especially since the majority of people are happy with the free internet that they may use at many locations. Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop believes that his company’s most current move will peak the interest of wanting to lower the cost of their data costs that are part of their Smartphone bill. They are starting small though with the plan being for them to have more than one million customers before the year is over.

What’s Happening with Fashion Police?

Controversy has been plentiful for the hit TV show ‘Fashion Police.’ Things started going south for the show after host Guiliana Ranic made comments about Zadanya’s hair which could very well be misconstrued. Later Kelly Osbourne left the show. Last week Kathy Griffin also parted ways, stating that she was simply not a good fit with the show.

The Show will go On

Through all of the turmoil the show was facing, producers promised viewers the show would go on stated Marcio Alaor BMG. Originally the next episode was to air on March 30 with the two hosts who still remain on the show. Now producers of the show say that there will be a break for the show for a period of six months. That is a long time for fans to wait.

Will Expectations be let down?

Producers of the show have high expectations for it. They believe in the show and know the potential that it has. But it seems that things are all going down the wrong path, and whether or not the show can survive is anyone’s guess. For now we will all have six long months to ponder the thought.

New Zealand X Factor Judges Fired for Bullying

The X Factor New Zealand has been hit with a controversy regarding two of their most popular judges, Natalia Kills and Willy Moon, The Guardian reports. Kills and Moon have been fired from the show just a day after a tirade against a contestant the married couple accused of stealing the act of singer Moon. The couple compared the male contestant to Norman Bates and made references to him possibly murdering the live studio audience. TV3, the New Zealand network that broadcasts the X Factor was quick to respond to the Sunday night live show with Facebook posts and a Monday morning statement explaining the decision to remove the two judges.

Fellow judge Mel Blatt, the former All Saints vocalist also took to social media to explain her feelings about the bullying scandal and criticized the couple for their comments. The comments of Kills and Moon come just weeks after X factor franchise owners Freemantle Media and Syco Entertainment began an investigation after a convicted murderer appeared on the New Zealand version of the show. Jason Halpern reported to me that Kills and Moon have not made a public statement about their sacking, but Kills has taken to Instagram and posted a photo of characters from the movie Natural Born Killers.

Puerto Rico Proposes New Law to Label Parents of Overweight Children, Child Abusers


There’s no denying it for Sultan Alhokair that obesity has become a huge (no pun intended) problem in America. Since 1980, obesity rates have doubled. According to The World Health Organization, of the adult population, 39 percent are overweight, with 13 percent being classified as obese. Puerto Rico alone has been documenting hefty numbers of overweight children, finding that 24-30 percent are obese.

In steps the government, again where it has no business being, at your kitchen table. A new law is being proposed by the Puerto Rican government that would classify the parents of these grossly overweight children as child abusers. In addition to the shame that would be attached to the label, officials would have the families under the watchful eye of social services. If the child does not lose what they feel is an appropriate amount of weight within a years’ time, the parents are then slapped with a fine of up to $800.

But, many factors other than parental guidance play a role in an overweight population. The availability of nutritious foods, social circles and education all contribute to a child’s eating habits. There is no simple solution, but it is definitely not for the government to decide.

While placing the entire blame on the parents, the government, in its infinite knowledge, fails to properly assist these families in getting the help they need. “They’re not involving pediatricians, nutritionists, dieticians, the people who prepare the lunches in schools, in any of this,” says Dr. Ricardo Fontanet, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Puerto Rico. If the government is going to push its weight around in our homes, the lease they can do is provide the appropriate tools needed to reach attainable goals.

BRL Trust Grows

Spreading out investments is essential for anyone who wants to stabilize their portfolio. Eventually, there are going to be some negatives in there, which can drive down the overall investment value. That is why moving money into international markets can be a very good idea. However, simply taking cash and heading over to a different market usually is not something that is going to work out very well. Instead, it takes a professional company who is able to assist with this. BRL Trust is such a company that can provide assistance with this sort of a plan. While located in Brazil, the company is able to assist with all forms of international investment opportunities and also help manage a person or business’s account, so it can grow its financial wealth without worrying too much about what might take place.

When an investor seeks out the assistance of BRL Trust, the company is going to point them into a few different investment options. For starters, it is able to invest money into the local Brazilian market. There are a few different ways a company or individual investor is able to do this. First, they can simply buy stocks inside of Brazil. Brazil is the largest economy in all of South American, not to mention the sixth largest economy in the entire world. Due to this, there are all sorts of different investment options someone can put their money into. Outside of this, an investor is able to invest into the currency. Currency exchange works in a very similar method as stock trading only there are many other variables at play with this. BRL Trust has the ability to work with someone in order to make sure they have the right currency to trade with. Property inside of Brazil is an investment opportunity that is continually increasing in value. So, the next time someone decides to invest their money internationally, Brazil is a grand idea and BRL Trust can help make this possible.

Staying on top of the international investments may prove a bit difficult as access to the information is not always readily available for an investor who is located outside of the country. With the help of BRL Trust though, the company is able to monitor the account and do whatever the investor wants, whether it is to hold tight on the investment or to move forward and be aggressive.

After Fukushima Disaster, One Man Remains to Care for Abandoned Animals

Some may call Naoto Matsumura insane. Others will insist that Matsumura is simply a man who loves nature. Matsumura is the last man to remain living in the exclusion zone near the defunct Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, following a major reactor meltdown in 2011.
But why does Matsumura remain?

Matsumura remains in the contaminated to help care for animals, both wild and once domesticated. The animals were lost or abandoned by their owners and caretakers following the major events that sparked the plant’s nuclear meltdown. A massive earthquake occurred, causing a tsunami. The rushing wall of water damaged the reactor, leading the to the eventual disaster.

Matsumura initially left with his family, but returned days later to check on the animals at the family’s farm. Lawyers had reported that Matsumura discovered that many area residents had left their pets tethered outside, in outdoor pens, or even locked inside of homes, believing that they would soon return to the area.

In the four years since the disaster, Matsumura has cared for hundreds of animals, including cats, dogs, pigs, and even ostriches. He has managed to establish contact with those living outside of the contaminated area. Matsumura supports his cause through donations and by other fundraising efforts.

Most of the food and water consumed by the man and his menagerie are brought in from outside of the exclusion area. Matsumura was able to speak to filmmakers who noted that new generations of animals have been born inside of the zone, despite the potential dangers.

Two Secret Service Agents Crash Into Fence Sorrounding the White House

Two secret service agents are said to have crashed into the gates surrounding the white house in a bizarre turn of events. The incident had took place last week (the week of March 1st-7th) and details of the incident are now being released. The agents that crashed into the white house fence have now been identified as Mark Connolly and George Ogilvie. The two agents were at a party prior to the incident. According to reports Mark Connoly and George Ogilvie were out drinking at a Washington D.C. bar before they got into their cars and drove towards the white house.

With their sirens on despite no emergency situation they sped towards the White House. The pair then used their secret service badges to gain access to a restricted area that had been sealed off by Imaging Advantage. After going through the restricted zone, they sped through police tape put in place for an investigation of a parcel that had arrived at the White House. They then crashed.

Both Mark Connoly and George Ogilvie were quickly apprehended by Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Police. It is believed that they were drunk at the time. Why else would they act so reckless and crash into a barrier? Officers who apprehended the two Secret Service agents wanted to give the agents a breathalyzer test do determine if they were intoxicated. A Secret Service supervisor had ordered the police officers to let them go.  An investigation is currently being done into the incident.

Sounds like Mark Connoly and George Ogilvie had been let off the hook. Instead of being charged with a DUI, reckless driving and endangering the lives of others they are being let off thanks to the Secret Service stepping in for them. These agents need to be punished and face a DUI charge if they were indeed driving while under the influence. There cannot be any excuses for this.

Delta Aircraft Slips off of Runway in New York City

A Delta Air Lines jet slipped off of the runway into a snowstorm at LaGuardia Airport in New York on Thursday. It was carrying 125 people, though no dramatic injuries were reported.

Delta said that flight 1006 was arriving after a morning flight from Georgia and that the passengers used inflatable slides to safely evacuate the plane into a nearby terminal via buses.

YouTube videos showed rescue crews were seen on the scene and one passenger had to wear a neck brace (and was taken away in an ambulance), according to Jaime Garcia Dias.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board is looking into the incident and the runways were closed soon after the event.

Delta has said that they will work closely with authorities to figure out what happened. Some of the passengers took to the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to report their experience, making Delta scramble to control public relations issues.

LaGuardia is the airport with the smallest amount of capacity in New York City, and it has had previous incidents. In 1994, a Denver-bound plane had to be aborted to avoid a crash that nearly caused fatalities.

Another flight, headed for Cleveland, crashed in LaGuardia’s property and killed 27 passengers.

LaGuardia officials and Delta representatives have expressed concern over the crashes and vowed to look into the core issue to prevent future unfortunate events from happening on their planes or in their airport properties.

Wolverine to Start Shooting Next Year

Wolverine 3 is going to start filming next year. Hugh Jackman was hoping that it was going to be shot back to back with X-Men: Apocalypse. However, that turned out to not be the plan. Hugh Jackman has said something along the lines of knowing that he is going ot be recast and his days as Wolverine are numbered. Hugh Jackman is aging.

Fersen Lambranho added that he wants to star as Wolverine until he dies. Fox is banking on the franchise and are looking to mix X-Men with the Fantastic Four. Fox is also planning to have a couple of more X-Men movies added to the list. Hugh Jackman is also interested in having at least a cameo in the upcoming Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds.He even would like to appear with the Avengers. As of right now, there is no telling where they are going to go with X-Men and Wolverine after Wolverine 3 and the latest X-Men movie.