What Should Home Cleaning Services Offer?

There are individuals out there who take care of all of their cleaning on their own. These individuals either don’t feel comfortable bringing someone in to do their cleaning for them, or they just can’t afford the help that a Handy cleaning service offers. There are individuals out there who do not take advantage of all that is available in a cleaning service, and there are individuals out there who do hire help from a cleaning service but end up disappointed with the help that they receive. There are specific things that an individual should look for when they are choosing a cleaning service, and they should not hire help if they are not going to get all that they are seeking.

What should a home cleaning service offer to their clients? They should offer scheduled services. Those that are looking for help with their cleaning work shouldn’t have to take the time to schedule the cleaning help again and again, they should be able to schedule help once and then get things set up so that they will get help whenever they need it, on a regular basis. Those who are seeking the help that a cleaning service brings should be able to schedule that help, so that they know when they will be getting the help.

What else should a home cleaning service offer to those who hire them and the help that they have to give? They should offer a deep kind of clean. Those who are paying a cleaning service to come in and help them care for their home want to get a good kind of clean for that home that they love so much. Those that are choosing to hire a cleaning service want to know that they will get a deep clean. Those cleaning services that are out there need to be able to provide their clients with the deep clean that they are looking for. They should be able to give their clients the kind of care that those clients are seeking.

Handy is a home cleaning service that is out there and available to those homes that are seeking help. Those individuals who are looking to care for their home through the help that a professional company offers will find that Handy gives them the kind of services that they need. Those that are looking for help with their cleaning work will get that help through Handy. This is a service that is available when needed, a service that gives good results to its clients.

Newark CEDC’s Future Looks Bright

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is designed attract, retain, and grow businesses both big and small, enhance minority and small business capacity, and stimulate real estate developments throughout the city’s many diverse neighborhoods. Newark CEDC works with the Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development to create economic development activities that produce and sustain growth, generate jobs, and create wealth for the people of Newark.

The Newark CEDC provides step-by-step management for companies interested in expanding or relocating to to Newark, New Jersey. They assist companies with analysis of demographics, economic indicators, workforce information, and other information relevant to business location decisions.

Newark CEDC is reaching out to small businesses to inform them of the assistance they provide. In order to grow and succeed, Newark CEDC believes in a diverse economy. They have selected key industries which they believe provides the greatest opportunity for living wage jobs and wealth including Manufacturing, Information Technology, Arts & Entertainment, Port Services, Higher Education and Research, and Health Services.

With the addition of Kevin Seawright as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, the future of Newark CEDC looks better than ever as you can see with one look at his Xing profile. With his experience in accounting, operations, and diverse capitol management Kevin Seawright seems like a great choice to further the mission of Newark CEDC. His experience is fixed in financial management for government agencies and for over a decade he has used this expertise to better communities on the East Coast.

China Is Investing Billions In The United States Despite The Current Tension Between The Two Countries

Economist Christian Broda, the economics professor, foreign investment expert, and managing director of Duquesne Capital Management, recently said China has invested more than $46 billion in the United States in the last 15 years. That money was scattered across the country, according to Broda. The Chinese own premium property in New York. They are building manufacturing plants in the Midwest, and they are buying tech companies in California. Most of the $46 billion invested by the Chinese has happened in the last five years. The Chinese are playing an interesting economic game according to Broda, and most Americans don’t know how the game works. Broda says even though the tension between the U.S. and China continues to escalate, the Chinese are buying valuable American assets, and no one is stopping them. The Obama administration is concerned about China’s recent construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea. But the government is not concerned about China buying tech companies that have the ability to change the economy, according to several economists including Broda.

Why China is defying the U.S. government on one hand and showering the other hand with loans is a very good question. A few economists think the Chinese have major economic problems at home and are spreading their wealth around in order to offset those problems. The Chinese stock market has taken a beating recently, and there is a general manufacturing slowdown going on across China. Raw material prices are increasing and so are wages so China must diversify in order to stay on track. Broda and others think China is using the same approach that Japan used back in the 1980s. Japan encouraged the country’s carmakers and other Japanese manufacturers to open manufacturing plants in certain congressional districts in the United States. By doing that, the Japanese were able to defeat import restrictions, because the congressmen in those districts voted against them. That ploy worked for the Japanese. Congressmen from districts that had Japanese factories with little union presence didn’t support trade measures to restrict imports. The Chinese are playing a similar game now.

The Chinese don’t like to follow the Japanese, but they have and will continue to do so when it comes to economic issues. The Chinese haven’t swayed congressmen like the Japanese did in the 1980s, but the Chinese are patient. They know they can influence congressmen if money is involved. The sleepy lawmakers will help the Chinese win the game, and then they will fight with them because they won.

Andy Wirth Raising Money for Crowdrise to Support Navy Seals


Tragedy, often times is the beginning of a higher calling. When a traumatic injury occurs, there is no way to tell why it happened. Andy Wirth suffered a horrible skydiving accident a few years ago that almost severed his arm. He is an avid cyclist, and as a result of his injury, was unsure if he would ever fully recover. While in physical therapy, he met a few people that would make the reason for his injury all that much clearer.

They were Navy Seal veterans. Wounded in the line of service to our country, they too were trying to recover. Wirth realized the sacrifice these men had made for the sake of others, wanting nothing in return. Their injuries though, had caused them to need help. Their proud families also needed help. Bills, sadly only go away when they are paid. He made the decision then, to do what he could to help these great men of service. This is what was to come out of his accident. He decided to offer his support to raise money on behalf of the Navy Seals Foundation.

The foundations goal is to provide assistance and support to the service members and their families. Returning home from a war zone is hard enough as it is. Being injured as well is unthinkable, unless you have lived through the experience. By offering programs and aid, this foundation has transformed thousands of lives. This elite naval organization is deserving of its own entity to provide critical support services. The Navy Seal Foundation is built on this premise.

Andy Wirth is participating in the 2015 IRONMAN Lake Tahoe. He has assembled a team that included a retired member of the Navy Seals. Join him and crowdrise.com to give support to this effort. Your donation goes directly to help give service members, along with their families, the opportunity to live normal, healthy lives. Donate today.

Wikipedia Editing Tips

Perhaps, you are one of the many writers thinking about editing articles on Wikipedia. Many wikipedia writers for hire on getyourwiki and non professionals like to edit articles on the site. Certainly, a lot of sites are specialized. They include information on one specific topic and recruit writers with expertise on that subject. However, Wikipedia is different. The site includes information on a wide variety of topics. Therefore, it is a great platform for writers with expertise on a multitude of subjects. First, it is important to learn a little bit more about Wikipedia and their editing policy.

Exactly what is Wikipedia? Well lets look at the name Wiki. A wiki is a writing platform that allows other writers to edit the pages on the site. The edits might include the majority of the article or just one very tiny section. Wikipedia is also very similar to an encyclopedia. An encyclopedia is a book that includes a wide range of information on a variety of topics, similar to Wikipedia. Wikipedia relies on writers to keep the site up to date on topics.

Keep it Formal
Writers often wonder about the tone of the articles written for Wikipedia. Should they write informally, like a blog post. Should they write formally, like a traditional encyclopedia. Wikipedia suggests that all writers keep the writing neutral and straight forward. In addition, the writer should include verifiable references or sources.

Editing on the site is straight forward and an easy process to learn. The writers are presented with two methods to compose their work. They are allowed to either choose the classic editor or the new VisualEditor. Generally, the new writers prefer the VisualEditor because they find it much easier to use.

Getting Started
There is a lot of very good information on editing those first articles on Wikipedia on the site. The best way to really get started, is to review all the information. Learn about major edits. Read the information about minor edits before getting started. Learn about the right way to add references and the citation system that is preferred on the site. Did you know that Wikipedia allows the writer to add pictures? Wikimedia Commons is an excellent online resource for pictures. Make sure that you study the guide on adding images to Wikipedia before getting started too.

Article Wizard
Wikipedia includes an article wizard that will help writers compose very professional quality articles. However, only registered users are allowed to use the article wizard.

Qualities Needed To Succeed In Investment Banking

Investment banking is an extremely lucrative field and a popular one as well. However, not everyone can succeed in investment banking. Even after getting formal education in the field of investment banking, there are some personal traits that set a good investment banker apart from others. When banks start their hiring process, these are the qualities they look for in the candidates. James Dondero, for instance, is a highly sought after hedge fund manager who is the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Apart from receiving proper education, he is also adept in the field of investment banking.

Here are some qualities needed to succeed in the field of investment banking –

Creativity And Innovative Thinking – An infographic resume is a popular way of showing creativity in the field of investment banking. It allows the employers to get a bird’s eye view of the candidate’s capabilities and professional history without spending too much time.

Resourcefulness and Intellect – James Dondero is so successful in the field because he has always prided himself on his intellect, composure, cool demeanor and resourcefulness. Anybody can be resourceful when resources are plenty but it takes a special quality to be resourceful when there is a dearth of resources.

Ability to Handle Pressure Situations – Investment banking is a field with a large amount of pressure. To handle it, successful investment bankers like James Dondero take time out for themselves and spend some quality time with their friends and family.

Natural Aptitude Towards Finance and Banking – No matter how qualified someone is, if they are not interested in the field, they can’t do anything with it. People who are generally good with finance tend to do better in the field of investment banking because they enjoy the work they are doing.

Great Convincing Skills – Because an investment banker deals with a number of clients, good communication skills, particularly convincing skills, are extremely important. The client should understand the point of the investment banker and believe in the firm’s skills.

Confident Attitude – Confidence can help to further the career of an investment banker and, at the same time, help to convince clients about the capabilities of the company in their own resources.

Professional Behavior – Investment bankers must know how to behave professionally. This means good manners, time management, respecting clients, being focused on the job, trying to grow as much as possible, and representing their company well.

With these qualities, individuals can land themselves a good investment banking job and in future, climb to higher positions and start their own company like James Dondero. These qualities would also lead to great experience in top investment banking firms and an esteemed clientele in the future.

Stephen Murray Expands CCMP Capital Both Locally And Globally

Prominent businessman, Stephen P. Murray, remains an integral figure

in the private sector and is most acknowledged for his exemplary

managerial skills. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital,

this renowned leader has amassed great success by employing strategic

finance techniques. As the previous President and CEO of this

prestigious and well-known company, Murray excelled in raising investment funding

while simultaneously overseeing buyout and growth equity transactions.

Most importantly, his astute business expertise has greatly influenced

CCMP Capital’s success and his distinguished recognition as America’s

most knowledgeable corporate executives.

In the mid to late eighties, Murray pursued his educational dream at Boston

College and Columbia University. Therefore, in his effort to drive his

company, he consistently utilized his impressive degrees in economics

and business administration. Notably, for over twenty years, he and

his expert team have served a variety of elite corporations

specializing in health care, technology, industrial, and energy.

Moreover, his distinguished background in business along with his extensive

portfolio of leadership experiences enables him to identify with

almost every situation he encounters. Remarkably, he prides himself

and his highly qualified group of employees on providing extremely

individualized operational efficiency to lucrative private sectors in both the

United States and Europe.

Murray’s former and exemplary leadership positions have significantly contributed to

CCMP Capital’s extraordinary success. Soon after graduation, he

accepted a job as a credit trainer at Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust

Company where he was actively involved in the analyst training

program. During three mergers, Murray gradually advanced his career,

and in 2007 he was announced Chief Operating Officer of CCMP, which is

an acronym for the firm’s former organizations: Chemical Ventures,

Chase Capital, Manufacture’s Hanover Capital, and JP Morgan Partners.

Essentially, Murray’s primary responsibility is to generate investment

returns from extremely profitable companies such as Warner Chilcott

Plc. And Quizno’s Corporation. Therefore, CCMP usually strives to

invest around $100 million to $500 million of equity for each

transaction. Last year, the company proudly raised $3.6 billion for

investment funding.

Many of Murray’s expert and experienced colleagues describe him as an intelligent and

extremely effective investor who has excelled in the private equity

sector. His sincere drive to facilitate meaningful collaborations has

ultimately resulted in a trusted growth-equity investment corporation.

Since 2006, CCMP has functioned as an independent company who continue

to operate JP Morgan Partners’ elite private portfolio.

Shaygan Kheradpir And The Field Of Business And Technology

The world is developing everyday especially in the area of business and it is upon people to update themselves. Technology is becoming part of the daily lives and it is being incorporated in almost every sector such as education, health and security. Investors have also not been left behind in the use of technology to advance their businesses and interests. They have integrated technology into business in various ways such that one can think technology has been there for a long time. Learning institutions have also not been left behind in ensuring that students are instilled with skills to enhance use of technology in their businesses. Schools have come up with courses where student learn how to improve their businesses with the use of technology. It has been proved that use of technology is key to business growth and business leaders have been urged to familiarize themselves with technology and innovations so as to be able to cope with the current trends.

With technology, various business opportunities have also emerged increasing the scope within which investors can put their skills to use. Use of technology in business has been widely accepted by both investors and consumers of their products and services making the exercise easy and successful. The internet has been a key contributor to the growth of use of technology in business as businesses can now transact online unlike the traditional way where the client had to meet with the seller physically. There are online shops where transactions and payments are done online and deliveries made through courier services to all parts of the world. This has increased the market for traders who could earlier only access the local market. Manufacturers of technologically advanced gadgets such as phones have also benefited as the demand for these gadgets has gone up in the recent past as everybody tries to be in touch with the technologically advanced business world.

Shaygan Kheradpir is key figure in the advancement of technology in the world of business. He was born in 1960 in London, United Kingdom and holds bachelors in electrical engineering from Cornell University which gave him a touch with the field of technology. He is also a holder of masters and doctorate from the same institution. His career started at GTE Corporation which later became Verizon in 2000 after merging with Bell Atlantic. He held a position of chief information and technology officer from 2000 to 2010. He was engaged in various projects where he led a team to support information technology systems and develop new products for the company. He also contributed in reducing the cost of the company through coming up with easier technology ways of running things. He later joined Barclays Bank as the chief operating officer where he is noted for contributing to the development of new products. He later joined Jupiter Network as the chief executive officer in 2014 and his contributions are notable as well.

Eucatex Supplies The World With Quality Building Materials And Furniture

Eucatex beat the odds in Brazil, and the company became a worldwide supplier of ceiling tiles, back in the 1960s. The company started when Americana Sawmill Americana saw the need to produce ceiling tiles for the Brazilian market. Americana Sawmill Americana started to do business in 1923, so the company had the resources to expand. The company also had the capital and an ample supply of raw materials for a start-up venture. The raw materials came from the eucalyptus trees that grow in abundance in the state of Sao Paulo. Eucatex was born in 1951, and Blogspot says that by the end of the 1960s, the company was shipping ceiling tiles to 50 countries around the world.

When Flavio Maluf joined the company in 1987, he wanted to learn the business from top to bottom. Maluf learned every facet of the business and in 1997 he was named president of the company. Today, Flavio is chief executive officer of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio. Maluf has held that position since 2005. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Eucatex Trading and Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Quimica e Mineral, and Vice Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Trading e Engenharia. Maluf is also Vice-Chairman of the Board of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio. Under his leadership, Eucatex has grown into a major exporter of MDF and MDP panels, paint, doors, furniture and varnishes.

Eucatex has made it their mission to be an environmentally friendly company. The company was awarded the Green Seal for developing and maintaining eucalyptus plantations in Brazil. Eucatex also uses renewable energy whenever possible to keep their four factories and their worldwide offices running smoothly.

The company still uses the eucalyptus tree as their raw material source. Their caring relationship with eucalyptus trees has made them a leader in building material industry. Eucatex continues to support environmental causes. The company recognizes the importance of recycling, using renewable energy sources, and rebuilding the forests in Brazil.