A Financial Professional With Drive And Vision

Brad Reifler is an extremely well-known and successful entrepreneur and financial professional. Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital LLC. Brad is a true entrepreneur when he was young he founded Reifler trading company. Reifler trading Company was a firm that managed discretionary accounts. The firm was able to manage millions of dollars and it became one of the largest trading companies in America. Later on in 2000 Reifler trading company was sold to our REFCO Incorporated. REFCO Inc. is known as the world’s largest futures company.

Forefront capital LLC and Reifler trading companies are both companies that did very well, later Reifler decided that he wanted to continue his professional and financial career and he decided to found Pali Capital. Pali Capital was a company that focused only on equity markets. Reifler was able to work in expanding hedge funds and he used his unique strategy to gain much success in the trading market. Rifler worked as CEO of poly capital for 13 years and the company made more than $1 billion in commissions and income. The company was able to employee more than 300 individuals and their offices were all over the world.

Brad Reifler is currently the CEO of Forefront capital LLC which has many different break off companies such as Forefront partners and Forefront advisory. This group was started in 2009 and Reifler works with some of the biggest investment bakers and investment advisers in the country. Within the board of members of of his company are many Fortune 500 companies. Within its members is an individual that was able to be a recipient of the Nobel Prize. In reality Brad Riefler is an individual that has done much when it comes to his the financial district and also he has expanded as an individual entrepreneur. Many people can learn a lot from Brad’s drive and his vision, because he has been able to help set up some of the most successful financial companies around.

Notre Dame Lacrosse: Past And Present

matt landis notre dame lacrosse
Lacrosse at the prestigious Notre Dame university is steeped in history, and it continues to thrive today. In men’s college lacrosse, Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish men’s team currently represents the school in division one of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The Fighting Irish lacrosse team plays its home games in the Arlotta Stadium or inside at the Loftus Sports Center on location in Notre Dame, Indiana, and it plays and holds membership in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

matt landis notre dame lacrosse
Lacrosse at Notre dame wasn’t always a varsity sport. It use to be played strictly as a club sport until it reached the varsity level in 1981. The current athletic director at Notre Dame, Jack Swarbrick, use to play as a midfielder on the club team while he was still an undergraduate from 1972 to 1976. When it finally became a varsity sport in 1981, Notre Dame lacrosse was part of the Midwest Lacrosse Association until 1993. Later, the team began playing for the Great Western Lacrosse League from 1994 to 2009.

matt landis notre dame lacrosse
The Fighting Irish has a nationally famous lacrosse team. When it went varsity in 1981 the head coach at the time was Rich O’Leary, and following 1988, Kevin Corrigan took over as head of the program. After ten years as a varsity sport, Notre Dame made an appearance at the NCAA tournaments, and it has regularly competed there since that time. Notre Dame added another notch to its belt in 2010 when it became a member of the men’s lacrosse Big East.

matt landis notre dame lacrosse
Recently, Notre Dame lacrosse has made it to the championship tournaments every year for nine years straight. 2009 was a banner year for the lacrosse team, and it went undefeated in the regular season, and it ended up finishing with five All American players and a record of 15 and 1. The most recent All Americans are Matt Landis who received the honor for 2012 and 2013. Matt Landis is known for his success both on and off the field. Winning both the ACC Defensive Player of the Year award and the Epoch/Lax Mag Player of the Week title, he was a standout star in 2015.

Get Quality Beauty Products From Lime Crime

Women want to have beauty products that are made from high quality ingredients and will not cause a problem with their skin. The right kind of beauty products can help users have skin that is smoother and looks better. They can also use products in order to help them have hair that has more body, lips that are fuller and nails that look good when paired with any outfit the user has in mind. The right kind of beauty products, products that are made from high quality ingredients, are products that will help the user of the products look good and feel even better.

High quality beauty items are frequently made from the best possible ingredients including subtances that have other properties as well. Many companies offer products that can serve as sunscreen as well as lipstick or blush that containes vitamin E in order to help fight and add moisture to the user’s skin. People often like to have products in their house that are easy to use and also help them get other benefits as well. The person who is buying the items will often be happy to have items on hand that are able to help them have look that is healthy as well as subtle and elegant.

A company that fully understands the needs to have such items on hand is Lime Crime. Lime Crime offers products that have been specially formulated in order to help their customers always have access to high quality beauty products on hand at all times. The user who knows that they want to have such items on hand is one who will benefit from this company the best. They can purchase items that can be used for many purposes as well as providing them with other kinds of benefits as well asuch as healthy skin and firmer lips that look more appealing.

Quality beauty products are also those that are made from the finest possible ingredients. Many purveyors of such products often have products that are harvested from sustainable items in a factory that is carefully supervised and watched at every step in order for the customer to make sure that any items she purchases have been crafted from in accodance with all international standards for safety. Lime Crime also knows that their customers want items that are ethically made and do not use ingredients that are cruel in some way or made from ingredients that are not natural.

The result is that buying her products is a great way to have items that can be used all during the day to help the user create a look that is high quality and elegant as well as made to serve her needs and her sense of ethics all at the same time. Buying such products from this company means that she gets them delivered right to her door at a time that is ideal for her needs and allows her to be assured of having the right items she needs

Women Taking the Business Word by a Storm

Women are making worldwide marks in the business world. They have become a threat to their male counterparts who for decades have ruled this lucrative yet competitive field. The twenty-first century has seen women rise to top positions in large organizations. Some of these women making hallmarks as CEOs of large Corporations include, Sheryl Sandberg, she has been with Facebook as its COO for four years, she become the first woman to sit on the Board of Directors of this Social Network. Sheryl Sandberg is also an activist and an accomplished author. Prior to joining facebook she worked in numerous organizations including Global online sales, where she worked as the vice president, she also had the privilege to serve as the chief of staff for the United States Secretary of the Treasury. Sheryl Sandberg is worth a whopping US$1 billion due to her affiliations with Facebook and other companies.

Another successful businesswoman worth mentioning is Susan McGalla, an executive consultant hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Susan McGalla on bizjournals best known as the former president of American eagle Outfitters Inc joined the organization in 1994 after a successful career at the Joseph Horne Company. Susan McGalla left American Eagle Outfitters Inc in January becoming a private consultant for the retail and financial investment industries and would later succeed Ed Thomas as the Chief Executive Officer at Wet Seal Inc in 2011. She departed from the company a year later to form her own P3 Executive Consulting. She serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Marissa Mayer, the current president and CEO of Yahoo! Since 2012. She was born in Wausau Wisconsin. Prior to joining Yahoo, she offered her services at Google acting as its spokesman and usability leader. She boasts of being in the Fortune’s 40 under 40 and the 16th most powerful businesswoman worldwide. Meyer serves on the boards of different organizations such as Yahoo and non-profits like National Design Museum, San Francisco Ballet, Cooper–Hewitt, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Another notable businesswoman is Virginia Rometty; she boasts of being the first woman to head IBM, she is a business executive and currently serves as the CEO, Chairman and President of IBM. She has served in different positions at IBM prior to becoming its president. Fortune Magazine named her ‘50 most powerful women in business.’ She scooped the first position in 2012-2014. Virginia joined IBM in 1981 as a system engineer. Prior to joining IBM, she worked for General Motors Institute immediately after her graduation from the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University.

Woman are undoubtedly taking a place in the business world, to all the young aspiring business women out there it is time to take your place and play your part. These successful women serve as examples and inspiration to you, follow their footsteps.

Brian Mulligan: A Creative Visionary With An Unmatched Work Ethic

Brian Mulligan has been a very busy man. For over 30 years this bright, articulate, uber-talented individual has worked to finance, produce, and distribute some of the best known music and movies in the entertainment industry. Yet he has still found time to raise nearly $100 million for charity and social services organizations. With the training he got while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from USC, an MBA from UCLA, and his CPA, Mulligan has been able to have an impact on several of the world’s largest entertainment and financial services companies.

The list of skills he has is a mile long and his creativity, vision, and work ethic are unmatched. Brian Mulligan is a truly unique individual. The list of companies for which he has worked in senior management with and helped to succeed is incredible. They include PwC, MCA INC., the Sci-Fi Channel, Cineplex Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company, USA Networks, Seagram Universal, Universal Pictures, Universal Television, Universal Cinema International, Universal Orlando, and Universal Studio Japan. He also helped found Universal Partners and Focus Features. His titles with those companies were CEO, COO, CFO, Executive Vice President, and Chairman.

But that’s just his work in the entertainment industry. The list of financial services companies for which Mulligan has worked is nearly as impressive. He has worked with The Boston Consulting Group as a senior advisor, Cerberus Capital Management as Senior Executive Advisor, Vice President of Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., Money Center Bank’s Vice Chairman, and Brooknol Advisors’ CEO. Plus Mulligan was on the board of directors of Ascent Capital Group, Liberty Livewire, Napster, PortAventura, Roxio, and Spyglass Partners, LLC. He was also an investor in Vobile. Mulligan’s work sometimes had him traveling a million miles a year globally.

The work of Brian Mulligan hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s received numerous awards and accolades. Some of his honors include Premiere Magazine naming him “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood”, being voted “One of the Ten Most Prominent Bankers in Hollywood” by the Los Angeles Business Journal, and TMT Quarterly/Law 360 calling him “One of the Leading Investment Bankers on Emerging Business Models”. To Brian Mulligan the accolades, awards, and high-powered jobs are nice, but there are things that are more important to him. Some of those things are human rights, social action, economic empowerment, the health and education of children, the environment, and animal welfare.

Brad Reifler Targets Retail Investors with the Forefront Income Trust

Brad Reifler is well known in the financial circles because of his lengthy and successful career. He made a name for himself as a trader for Refco, before going on to found Pali Capital. Now, he’s the CEO of Forefront Capital. For almost all of his career, Reifler has worked exclusively for high net worth clients. That’s changing a bit with the introduction of the Forefront Income Trust hedge fund. This fund is the brainchild of Reifler and is aimed directly at the retail investor instead of accredited investors. Reifler has gone on the record saying that middle-income investors should have the same types of investment opportunities as high net worth individuals.

Reifler is an expert in commodities trading and serves in an advisory capacity to companies about those very volatile products. The Forefront Income Trust invests in income opportunities that are backed by collateral. Reifler is a big fan of collateral and principle safety. The way the fund works is investors get the first 8% return before any fees are taken. This aligns the interest of the fund managers with those of the investors. The fund managers have to make a return before they get paid. With a small minimum deposit, an investment into Forefront Income Trust can provide income for retail investors who would not qualify to invest in the average hedge fund.

Reifler has stated that income opportunity hedge funds are often built on relationships. Considering the many years of experience that the executives of Forefront Capita have, it’s likely that many excellent deals will be brought to them on the strength of those long-term relationships they’ve nurtured. Retail investors will get a chance to get their share of that pie by investing in the fund. Brad Reifler has spent thirty years in the financial industry gaining the experience needed to succeed.

The Changing Face of Human Rights Activism

The subject of human rights has been a major part of public thought lately. However, this is hardly news. Ever since the first major civilizations emerged in the deserts of the African continent, the violation of human rights have occurred. In fact it would seem that these atrocities are as much a part of civilization as the invention of fire. Yet, the dark corners of the human condition do hold brightness. Because as long as there have been violations of human rights, there have been people who fought to protect them. From Jesus to John Lennon, this list is impressively long.

Yet there have been some surprising trends emerging in recent decades. For one it seems that these human rights champions have increasingly attainted celebrity status. This is mainly due to the prevalence of the internet in our culture. The digital portfolio of these activists have become the main tool in their arsenals. Twitter and Facebook, to name a few, have increased the reach these individuals have. This helps them to spread their message further and with better results. In fact there are several human rights activists that would not have been heard from if it were not for the internet.

The massive increase in connectivity has also led to a more diverse group of human rights activists. This is particularly true when it comes to the increase of female activists. A perfect example of this is the recent popularity of Pakistani teen, Malala Yousafzai. This dynamic figure in the global struggle for women’s education has achieved much in her 18 years. She won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize and was list on as one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People in the World”. However, she originally started her work through a blog that she wrote.

Another activist in this vein is Yeonmi Park on youtube. This brave young girl started her life as a member of one of North Korea’s elite. Following the imprisonment of her father, she and her family defected to China. Her journey to freedom was wrought with danger and trauma. However, this mighty young girl became stronger from the experience. Yeonmi Park now speaks publicly about the rampant human rights violations that occur in her home country, and around the world. However, her rise to international recognition would not have been possible without massive media coverage. This includes her many interviews and lecture.

Human rights will never cease to be important to humanity. It unites the world under the assumption that there certain thing all people are entitled too. Despite all the cultural, language, and physical barriers placed between us, there is a code of dignity and respect that is universal. Unfortunately, it seems that the existence of human rights abuses are just as sure to exist as the desire to eliminate them. As long as that is the case, there will be people like Yeonmi Park and Malala Yousafzai. Strong and brave young women that aren’t afraid to stand for the rights of all.

John Textor Is Friendly with Virtual Celebrities

Pulse Evolution Beyond Special FX

Pulse.co says many of the best visual special effects (VFX) in modern movies, such as seen in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and also in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, were invented and produced by John Textor. At Pulse Evolution, his VFX company, where he remains the Executive Chairman, he has become one of the most successful movie VFX producers in history. Before this he was the CEO of Digital Domain. Mr. Textor has overseen the innovative VFX implemented in over 80 major feature films through these two companies. These are mostly feature films, such as The Transformers, Tron: Legacy, and Real Steel. His company gained a CLIO award and an Academy Award for the VFX in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, where they created a completely photo-realistic and synthetic virtual human actor.

The Unreal Becomes Real

When completely impossible imagery is shown in live actions scenes of a movie, this ultimate VFX results from many hours of effects creators’ labor to produce an unreality that seems completely real. None of what is seen in the VFX was actually present with the real human actors on set during the scene. The VFX footage is composited onto the digital video of live action from computer generated (CG) synthesized video sequences. Either the action or image is impossible In Real Live (IRL) to produce, or would be far too expensive to build and operate to fit into the movie’s FX budget limitations. There is always this trade-off that directors and producers must deal with, because VFX can also be quite expensive, depending on the amount of labor for the VFX team and the amount of hardware and software required. This is one of the reasons so many film studios choose to outsource the production of VFX to companies like Pulse Evolution. The other reason is the very special expertise required to produce truly realistic VFX as Internet Movie Database users show on several occasions.

Frank Guerra and the Syngeta Corn Litigation

In a recent court decision Judge Thomas M. Sipkins appointed Frank Guerra to be the one of the lead counsel in the Re: Syngenta Litigation case. Mr Guerra will also act as a member of the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee. Guerra and his team has of recently executed a formal Joint Agreement with the MDL team. Guerra was put into this leadership position that involves Syngenta’s gentically enhanced corn and how it has effective the overall cost of corn in America. Mr. Guerra’s company named Watts Guerra LLP, represents a number of claims that have come up against Syngenta. More specifically this company represents more than 90% of this claims being made.

Attorney Mikal Watts began as a briefing attorney for the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Texas. He then went onto become a partner at David L. Perry & Associates located in Corpus Cristi, Texas. About five years after being named partner, Mr. Watts would go onto creating his very own firm. The Watts & Heard, L.L.P. was established in 2001 and has since then expanded it to over 20 lawyers. In 2009, Mikal Watt and Frank Guerra joined forces to create the Watts Guerra firm. This firm handles cases ranging from personal injuries to commercial litigation.

During the proceedings, Mr. Guerra went onto to explain how it important it was to him to help the farmers of America. Mr. Guerra stated that he was raised working on his family’s farm and understood the importance of farmers for this country. Watts Guerra LLP is focused upon ensuring that justice is brought against Syngenta. The Watts Guerra team has more than 40 years experience between the two and has led many national litigation. Mike Watts led his team against federal Pradaxa injury, that result in over 650 million dollars awarded to all parties.

What Kind of Genius is Brian Mulligan

When a man reaches the peak level of his performance he knows a few things about his field. This is statement is definitely true in the case of Brian Mulligan. There is a certain savvy and vision in the worldview of Brian Mulligan. A person need only read some of the articles the man writes on market trends in the field of the sports entertainment industry to see Brian’s smarts. Like all businessmen, Brian’s mind is on the bottom line, especially where the world of sports media and entertainment are concerned.

Brian Mulligan has many different takes on the the trends that happen in sport media and entertainment. One of these takes, which advises that companies keep an eye on market indicators, comes from classic wisdom and technique. The point is to watch how trends, such as the rise in popularity of internet viewing, influence other markets. In the case of increased internet viewing, cable companies see a “cutting of the cord” or drop in service. In situations like this, companies like Brooknol Advisors where Brian is CEO help other businesses plan their next move accordingly. This type of guidance spots negative trends before they happen or can highlight revenue generating trends on the horizon.

Brian Mulligan and Brooknol Advisors are good at spotting and avoiding problems on the horizon. But that is not all they do. They also come up with ways of seeing new solutions to age-old problems such programing pricing. In some situations, an a la carte approach as opposed to exclusive programming rights proves more cost effective. It is all in a days work for Brian and the professionals at Brooknol to advise the people they work with of these situations. The expertise is all about knowing what is going on behind the trends such as low viewership due to dashed fan morale.

Pointing out market trends and innovative solutions becomes second nature when a person holds numerous CEO, COO and CFO positions. Perhaps once being a co-chairman of Universal Pictures and CEO of Universal Television brings a unique perspective to the insights a person provides. Having that particular skillset comes in handy when overseeing billions in transactions over the decades like Brian Mulligan does.

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