Use Your Writing Skills Wisely

Here is the good news. You don’t need a Ph.D to become a writer. Just having the passion to write can get you there. Being informed, attentive and a little disciplined, in fact, will take you a long way as well. If you look at the life of Jaime Garcia Dias, you will realize that when it comes to this profession, it is all about passion. Blogger Jaime Garcia Dias who started out as a teacher at Carioca Literature Academy in Brazil went on to become one of the most popular writers in the country. Since a decade, he has contributed to various magazines across Brazil, including Jornal do Brazil.

Let us take a look at Elizabeth, who is also a writer for a major news magazine. She was an aspiring writer a few years ago. She had a fairly typical passion that most writers have, with one or two certifications in writing to prove her skills. She decided to bite the bullet after quitting her day job at a fast-food restaurant. Elizabeth is feeling very proud that she made the move. What Elizabeth also realizes is that not all of her time is spent on writing. She can balance her work and personal life with this career as well. For her, it is easy to make forward progress writing most of her articles from home. That flexibility is essentially what made her select this passion as her career. By the way, Elizabeth just paid off her mortgage with her writing salary.

The next thing that is worth of discussing here is to know the factors that avoid you from becoming a writer. These are the classic pitfalls:
1) Not having real passion for writing
2) Thinking writing is not something that is set in stone for you
3) Using excuses to pursue this career and so on.

Some aspiring writers like to stand on many boats at a given time. The problem with this is that first, with too many things to take care, you may end up spending little time for writing. Second, with so many writing assignments and not making quality contribution, you increase the odds of remaining an aspiring writer. Mediocre quality work will not only prevent you from climbing up this career ladder but hurt your reputation as well. Just like eating good food, when it comes to writing, quality is best. If you have too many writing orders, know that you are not alone. There are thousands of writers who are keen to handle too many writing assignments at once. But if you are able to finish each of them with a quality touch to it, you will reach your goal quickly like Jaime Garcia Dias.

Take A Moment

What You Can Learn
When we begin to get ready to learn one of the main lessons of life is that with hard work you can give yourself the life you deserve.With that fact coming into play lets learn about one man that took this lesson to heart with more then 30 years in the harsh world of business but still is working around the clock to get the job done that he has set himself out to do.So with that said lets begin to go over the fine details of this fine man who proved that with a strong work effort you can get the goal of our dream met.

Starting Out
The man I am talking about is no other then James Dondero.From of his early years of life James knew that nothing happen without work that was of the finest quality or overnight.Seeing that he would have to spend time making sure that he could rise to any challenge James began spending his time in the books to make the needs met without question.So what were some of he steps James took besides expanding his knowledge?Well for he more serious task James would enter the university of Virgina with the highest honors to show for his work.After showing his worth with his teachers James would later make the steps to make his bones by entering the service of American express.The only downside of this choice was timing due to the fact that America was going to lose some very high amounts of cash later in the year but for James this would be an experience he would never forget.

Post Scare
After seeing the cons of the business world up front an close James would take this lesson as a stepping stone to make the move so when this happens again he would be ready to fight it head on just has it did to him and his company.Seeing this as his chance to make it to the top James soon began to lay he foundation of what would later be known as Highland Capital Management.After spending several more years conducting prep work for this new company James would later succeed with the new title form James to James Dondero, the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management.

Now To Stay
With the dream turn into reality James would begin to grow this soon to be powerhouse from small with the right team to big with the means to rule the world.So when James is not feeding the machine he has created what does he do with his spare time if he has any.Well my friends he spends his spare time by taking care of the community he loves by funding massive projects and taking care of war vets so they are giving the respect that they have earned themselves just like James did when America could not even balance their own check book.As of now he lives in Houston Texas with what family he has.

Slyce Looking to Show Off Visual Search Features

Slyce has been one of the most prominent companies in the creation of visual search. In order to best show it off though, it is necessary for the company to partner up with large online services that have a very wide database of products. That is exactly why Slyce has recently signed on with in order to help individuals find products with the help of visual search. But when is this feature going to come more to the average customers and what all is it able to do? That is going to be hitting the forefront in just a matter of days.

As first reported by Yahoo Finance, Slyce is going to show off its brand new mobile service along with This way, customers can see exactly how it works, what they need to do to make sure it works and how it can help them find the right product they are looking for. It is a very helpful search service, but it ultimately comes down to understanding how to use and what all it is able to do for a customer.

With the visual search service, users are able to take a picture of a product they like with their phone. This might be a hat, t-shirt or most other pieces of clothing right now (it is starting out with clothing and then is going to expand outward from there). When the picture is taken and uploaded to the system, Slyce is able to compare it to all of the products saved on the database. There are currently hundreds of thousands of items saved on the service and that is growing daily. Some large companies with their products listed on the website include JCPenny, Home Depot, Tilly’s and Neiman Marcus. The mobile search feature is then able to scan over the product and, if there is a match, bring up the matching product or, even if there is not, bring up similar items. This way, customers are able to find something they like with the Slyce search service. Plus, this is just the beginning of the visual search offering.

Anthony Marsala: Madison Street Capital’s CEO and Leader

Recently, the National Association of Certifying Analysts and Valuators (NAVCA) recognized Madison Street Capital’s co-founder and CEO, Anthony Marsala as part of the 40 Under 40 2015 recognition program. This body searched for nominees under the age of forty who made significant advances in business assessment, litigation consulting, financial forensics mergers and acquisition, expert witness testimony, and related professions. These nominees were chosen by NAVCA’s executive staff and the CTI. The decision process to select the candidates was terrible as the judges put it. The NAVCA and the CTI (Consultants’ Training Institute) are founded on superior quality and excellence. The establishment of the nominees was through the ground-breaking spirit with and visionary front-runners through the range of financial and accounting consulting professionals regardless of their association with CTI and NAVCA. The 40 under 40 recognition program was intended to give opportunity and voice to the following generation of diligence eccentrics who recognize their contribution to their community, profession and their contributions to come. Those words came from the CEO and CTI Vice President Brien K. Jones. They simply want the best of the best from the subject matter leaders and experts.

The nominees were selected from more than 125 other candidates and were carefully and diligently chosen by the NAVCA and CTI staff as to have made extraordinary advances in major fields that include M&A. Their rising stars will be featured in press releases, value examiner, profiles, association news, media and other releases throughout 2015.

Anthony Marsala is the CEO and Co-founder of Madison Street Capital, LLC. He is an icon in managing and leading the company’s international presence in Africa, Europe, and Asia. He also supervises the company’s investigative and diligence teams that perform all the business valuation duties for the company’s M&A and corporate finance clients. Mr. Anthony Specializes in corporate finance, M&A, and business valuation. The has reviewed and performed a great number of transactional engagements and estimates over the past thirteen years in numerous industry sectors and company sizes that focus on early stage ventures and middle market companies. He has served for schedules in the energy sector food and agriculture, technology, staffing, wholesale and distribution, medical devices, pharmaceutical and biotech just to name a few.

Mr. Anthony Marsala is a graduate of the Loyale University in Chicago. He studied and majored in both Information systems and finance. He also studied Strategy in Masters Diploma From Said Business School at Oxford University. He is a member of the NAVCA and ASA (American Society of Appraisers).

Top Reasons to Choose Lime Crime For Makeup

Modern technology has made it easy for people on different levels to connect and to gain understanding of each other. This has not been the only way technology has made life better. Marketing and the access of information has also been made easier. Getting beauty products is now easier and takes only a click of the button. This has been made easy by the presence of websites that showcase these products for users to buy. Buying is also made easy online. However, it has not been possible for one to locate reliable shops for makeup products. This can be blamed on misleading marketing that has been happening online. Lime Crime is among sellers with a high reputation. The company has been offering exact information that is relevant with the kind of products they offer.

Since establishment, Lime Crime has worked on its reputation by ensuring customer satisfaction. All their products have been tailored to meet different needs they have been presented with. The company is also well structured to allow for easy execution of duties and to make it easier to manage duties. They have installed modern technology and CMS platforms that have allowed them to handle and respond to orders from customers. Lime Crime offers the best support team and has invested in training to allow their workers to keep in touch with emerging issues that are relevant to make business easy. It is one of the companies that have achieved big goals. They have served different high profile individuals and professionals.

Checking products to ensure they qualify for the required quality levels is a factor that Lime Crime has taken seriously. The company is always concerned about following the law to the letter and ensuring all the activities they engage in are lawful. Disclosing the contents of a products and offering tips of use is a requirement that Lime Crime has worked to achieve. They offer the right information to ensure no customer gets trouble while using their makeup products. Safety measures are also a must for companies that deal with products that are intended for human use. Lime Crime is verified and has been able to maintain health standards that are required for a company to deal with makeup products. They also offer keen measures towards the raw materials used in the manufacture of their products as this is often the main source of trouble.

Pricing is also vital when searching for makeup products. It is surprising to note that Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime website offers discounted rates for all their customers. They have always maintained the need to ensure different categories of buyers are catered for. This does not mean they will have to offer low quality good to satisfy the needs of the market. Their resolve has been to see a smile on the face of every of their customers. The stability that Lime Crime has achieved for the many years they have worked is traced back to their able management. They have among the best professionals, who are dedicated to ensuring the best products are released for sale.

Crucial Lessons Upcoming Investors Should Learn

Ken Griffin is a leading investor and a professional who has impacted the financial world. His efforts have been great to ensuring he achieves the desired results in all the projects he has handled. He has been identified in different projects that have been directed towards offering a better system for the management of business. Kenneth Griffin is also well educated and his experience in the investment sector spans more than ten years. He has been able to get in touch with different issues that affect the stability of businesses, thereby coming up with practical solutions that have revolutionized how business is done.

During his early years, Griffin of was able to display much attention to coming up with new ideas and managing affairs in a unique way. His attention to detail and zeal to achieve his dreams have been factors that have helped Kenneth Griffin to grow to the level he maintains at the moment. He is one patient professional, who is not repulsed by failure, but takes it as a great lesson and chance to start all over again in a better way. This is something that has allowed him to make solid investments despite criticism from others who thought his ideas could not work.

For university education, Kenneth Griffin joined the Harvard University, where he would pursue a degree in economics. His dedication and ability to learn was a factor that allowed him to gain much within a short period of time. He began his culture of investing while still at the freshman level in the University. During his second year in Harvard, Kenneth Griffin launched a hedge fund. Lack of capital was not a hindrance to him as he managed to encourage different of his friends to invest with him through shares. This offered Kenneth Griffin an opportunity to exercise his management skills and to explore the world of business. Surprisingly, his plans worked out and he managed to garner massive benefits within a period less than six months. His business grew at a good rate and this offered him the motivation to launch a bigger firm.

In 1989, Kenneth Griffin graduated from the Harvard University and was able to get a chance to now explore business at a better angle. He approached prominent business person, Frank Meyer, who offered him a starting capital of $1 million on agreement he would get a share of the returns. It is in 1990 that Kenneth Griffin resolved to launch Citadel, which would turn out the biggest hedge fund provider. The firm maintained a culture of success, which is attributed to the great management Kenneth Griffins offered to ensure every activity within the firm was implemented in the best manner possible. As of 1998, Citadel holds over $1 billion in capital from investments, and they were running a team of more than 300 professionals. This had grown into a premier hedge fund provider and was able to scoop different awards. Kenneth Griffin has also been crowned for supporting humanitarian activities and philanthropy towards improving lives.

A Brief look at Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright acts as the VP and the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. For over a decade, Kevin has used his expertise on financial matters to better the communities on East Coast. The Enterprise Radio had recently interviewed him on various matters.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) was founded in the year 2007 and was later renamed in 2014. It was previously known as the Brick City Development Corporation. It now serves as the primary catalyst in economic development of Newark. It has been well organized to retain, attract and boost businesses, improve the capacity of small and minority business, and spur the development of real estate through the diverse neighborhoods of the city. As a development company that solely relies on Newark city, it collaborates with Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development to come up with and implement economic developments aimed at producing and sustaining economic growth, generating jobs and creating wealth for local residents.

Seawright is both a financial and administrative operations leader. He is well known for his broad strategic vision and his capability of achieving business targets and command new opportunities. Kevin has philanthropic trends and for over 13 years he has been using his expertise in finance to better the communities in the East Coast region. He has presented a unique mix of team inclusion, business acumen, outcome efficiency and financial private sector and government operations.

Currently, Kevin acts as the VP and CFO of Newark. Through his career, Kevin has been able to formulate business strategies that are capable of building responsive finance/accounting divisions that are consistently delivering great results by aligning up-to-date technological initiatives that are capable of achieving organizational and economic goals. Through his tireless efforts, Kevin has also being able to transform the process of corporate revenue planning that works effectively across the board for sub-contractors and general contractors throughout the whole of the mid-Atlantic region. The career accomplishments of Kevin include improvement of revenues that have aided in forecasting of the annual returns rise by 25 percent with services and goods rendered. To add on, he has also solidified the Human Capital Divisions by improving staff retention, collective bargaining, negotiations, enhancing recruitment efforts, compensation adjustments and change management. Standardization, enhanced company performance and service delivery to the consumers have all been improved by these processes.

The previous endeavors of Kevin include 13 years in the level of executive, capital operation management and human resources. He has also been responsible for an over $400 million in state, city, federal, capital and bond funds in his career.

Contributions of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive in business and technology. Currently, he acts as the CEO of the Coriant. He is a holder of bachelors, masters as well as a doctorate degree in the field of Electrical Engineering from the Cornell University. He has actively contributed to the deployment of the Pingit mobile money service, FiOS at Verizon and an IOP while serving as CEO at the Jupiter Networks.

Kheradpir began his career at the GTE Corporation, a company that merged with the Bell Atlantic to form the Verizon in the year 2000. Kheradpir also served as CTO/CIO at Verizon for about eleven years. He headed a team of about 7,000 individuals who supported IT systems. With them, he was able to develop some new products like the lobi and Verizon One. He also reduced the technology of the company by spending a roughly 30% through negotiations with vendors, improving utilization of the IT assets and outsourcing to India. Kheradpir worked at Barclays as from 2011 to 2013, before later on in November 2014 taking the position of CEO at the Jupiter Networks.

Shaygan kheradpir was born in the city of London and raised up in Iran. He attended the Aiglon College in Switzerland. His father worked as an ENT doctor. Kheradpir earned an undergraduate, master’s and doctorate degree in the field of Electrical Engineering from the Cornell University. The first job of Kheradprir was at GTE Labs. Here, he worked on management, network routing, and control. He later rose to the position of Chief Information Officer at the same company. The Wall Street Journal puts it that he earned respect for his role delivering new products that were on schedule.

As of 2000, GTE merged with the Bell Atlantic and formed Verizon Communications. At this new-formed corporation, kheradpir first acted as the President in the department of e-business prior to becoming the first CIO/CTO of the company. While working at Verizon, Kheradpir contributed immensely to the diversification of the company into a wide range of automation of operations as well as the telecommunications services.

In 2001, he formed some small teams that were each tasked with coming up with and putting into reality new product ideas. He also implemented a one month prototype cycle that was aimed at rapidly testing and modifying new technologies. His team that approximated about 7,000 staff would often work until late hours. Nevertheless, getting a job at the Verizon still remained in high demand owing to the rapid pace of development of new products by the department. In 2003, the team came up with iobi that managed caller ID, address books among other features on devices.

During Kheradpir’s tenure at the Verizon, the budget on IT reduced significantly, the IT staff also reduced by 20% and purchasing from the technology vendors was also cut down by 30%. Under his watch, new software were installed that improved the utilization of IT hardware by the firm. In the early 2015, Kheradpir joined Coriant management team and was later appointed as the CEO.