How Jon Urbana Wears Many Hats and Still Succeeds

Some people have very few talents and work only one position. Then there are those who take on a ton of different activities that are profitable. They even excel at them. Jon Urbana is one of those who take on many tasks. He is what one would consider multi-talented. He takes the time to learn many different trades.

One of Jon Urbana’s many talents is lacrosse. He is very talented at that sport. One of the reasons he is very talented is that he practices it a lot. As a result, he’s said in an interview on Facebook that a lot of the moves that make up the game come naturally to him. Jon Urbana is one of those that have gotten so good at lacrosse that he runs his own program based on it.

Another thing that Jon Urbana takes part in is music. He is a music producer who has a few remixes. One of his favorite things to do is to take some of his favorite tracks and remix them into something. While he does come up with his own mixes, he does enjoy the original tracks. His remixes are available on his MTV page.

Another activity that he enjoys is flying. While many others are afraid of flying, he is the one who takes the bull by the horns with this activity. He has earned his certificate as a pilot and could work in an airline. The FAA recognizes Jon Urbana as a pilot. He has been included in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database. He has taken the time to get educated on the procedures and everything that goes into being a pilot, and you can see him flying here.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

One can’t ignore his charity work. He has done a lot of charity work and other philanthropic activities in order to help people, particularly cats that are troubled. With cats that have no place to live, he works with them in order to help them turn them around into more positive and productive directions.

Jon Urbana is one of the best examples of people who live positive lives. He offers support and the encouragement necessary in order to help others build a more positive life for themselves.

Sam Tabar Talks Investment Strategy

Sam Tabar is a New York-based lawyer and capital strategist. He is also a senior associate at Schulte Rotrh & Zabel LLP and the chief operating officer at Full Cycle fund. He is a well-known hedge fund investor having invested in THINX,  a company that gives underpants to women in Africa and America.


Sam Tabar is a graduate of Oxford University as CrunchBase shows, where he graduated with a with bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence from 1997 to 2000.He then Joined Columbia University for a masters course in law and graduated in 2001.He was a member of the Columbia Business Law Journal (associate editor) and is certified by New York State Bar. He is a good in Rowling and ballroom dancing. Sam is an expert in corporate law, legal writing, managements, Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions. He has the unique ability to be a native in both French and English and can fluently speak in Japanese.


From Columbia, he joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Floim LLP.He in 2004 became the managing director of SPARX group. His role at the firm included business strategy development, raising capital, negotiation and legal counsel. In February 2011, he joined Merrill Lynch as the head of capital strategy (APAC). He was based in Hong Kong and New York, and his work was to find investors and introduce them to managers. He served in this role for one year and eight months before joining FullCycleFund as the Chief Operating Officer. He is the man tasked with raising capital, the legal, operational and tax matters.


Sam Tabar has a wealth of investment strategies to advise on anyone seeking to invest in a HedgeFund.When it comes to investing in commodities, Sam Tabar advises one to do a good research on that particular product. You should formulate a timeline with its history and reasonable prediction.

Sam advises one to be very careful with Problem commodities, and he’s talked about it recently on Twitter. He has in his experience at Merrill Lynch experienced what to look out for in such products. You should avoid poorly managed funds like the US Natural Gas Fund, which is trading its price at half the market rates, It is simply not updated in time and the management there is a big joke. This mediocrity has seen it lose 75% of investors’ money.

The USO is supposed to trade on light oil yet is currently pricing it at a price half the market rates. It just can’t allow one to trade with up to date prices. Doing good research on your investment destination is imperative.

Sam Tabar is also a hedge fund investor. He recently invested in THINX a startup company that helps women in America and Africa buy new underwear.

Beneful Foods with Great Nutrition

Beneful is one of the best types of dog food for the pet. There are many different varieties of dog food by Purina. This gives the owner and their dog plenty of options as to what type of dog food that the owner could purchase and the dog could eat. They have different varieties of food different types of dogs at different stages of their lives.
Incredibites is one of the dog foods that the owner can buy his puppy. Just because a dog is very small and young does not mean that it has to miss out on the tasty benefits of Purina Beneful.
Chopped Blends
Chopped Blends is another good variety of dog food that the owner can give his dog. The flavor is very big in these small chopped blends. This food also contains wholesome and visible ingredients. Originals The originals are of course worth checking out. The original Beneful Dog Food is full of antioxidants and the dog will get every last bit of nutrients that is needed for his nutrition. The dog gets everything he needs in all of the crunchy bites that he takes.
Healthy Puppy
This package is rich in Calcium. It also has all of the DHA that the dog needs and is made with real chicken. This gives the dog something interesting to munch on. He will appreciate all of the nutrition and the taste that he enjoys. These are some of the many available products on Amazon from Beneful.
Beneful offers a lot of tasty products that are also healthy for dogs. Dogs will not only get to enjoy the tasty benefits, but they will also be healthier and more able to live a healthy life for their owners. Purina Beneful is one of the groups of products that owners could feed their dogs so that they will have happier dogs. There are many stores that sell Beneful products for dogs. The best place to shop for Beneful Dog food are pet stores. They have a wider variety of dog food than other stores.

Kyle Bass: A Financial Powerhouse

It didn’t seem likely that once Kyle Bass stepped onto the scene in 2008, he would continue his success even beyond hedge fund management. But that is exactly what has happened.

Kyle Bass started the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This coalition does exactly what its name implies, and does it well. Abbreviated CAD, successful putsches against high prices have been orchestrated. The net result has been a diminishing of stock value for a number of big-ticket pharmaceutical companies. Kyle Bass was able to cash in on that stock devaluing, and he’s not slowing down any time soon. In fact, congress is scrambling to close the “loophole” he’s discovered. What Bass is doing is using his own organization to diminish the stock value on certain pharmaceuticals. This is not illegal, but politicians on both side of the fence agree it should be.

Kyle Bass is operating independent of Washington, however; and has already begun a petition against several other pharmaceutical organizations. Fresenius and Alpex have patents on medicines that are sometimes nicknamed “zombie” patents. This is because they just won’t die. Fresenius and Alpex are allowing a loophole to maintain spurious patents that have nothing to do with the effectiveness of the drugs they’re selling. One patent involves a common rubber stopper, the other involves speckling on a pill. Neither patented item has anything to do with how the medicine affects those who use it. There’s no good reason that said medications should cost as much as ninety-percent more than their generic brethren. No reason except zombie patents. So Kyle Bass and CAD are looking to get those patents overturned, and they’re starting the process with a petition against either organization.

If this petition is successful, will Kyle Bass again make money from the losses of a big organization? The likelihood is he will; and if so, he’s managed to pull the wool over congressional eyes twice with the same trick. Say what will be said about Bass, he’s managed to get congress more bipartisan than any president.

Bass is an enigmatic sort of individual, however. He comes from Argentina, and currently operates as a hedge fund manager out of Texas. Bass catapulted himself into the financial scene several years ago, in 2008, when he successfully predicted the sub-prime lending crisis America experienced that year. Bass has also predicted economic crises in Japan, and sees a big economic kerfuffle on the horizon for China’s economy.

UsefulStooges exposed that Kyle Bass is also involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a well-known advocate of socialism in Argentina. Since Bass himself is of Argentinian decent, it is possible his relationship with Cristina has nothing to do with socialism. It’s hard to tell the truth from the news at this point, however. Whether or not Bass is a humanitarian, he always seems to land on his feet.

BMG Bank Director Marcio Alaor Believes In Supporting The Automotive Business

The automotive business in Brazil is big business for some banks. BMG Bank is one of those banks. BMG Bank director Marcio Alaor has built a very profitable automobile loan business in Brazil, so he stays up-to-date on the financial conditions of the automobile companies. BMG Bank makes new and used loans, so it is important for Alaor to keep up with recalls, changes in stock prices and any other issues that might impact the value of automobiles. Alaor is one of the top bankers in Brazil.
The recent issues that Volkswagen is experiencing is a good example of how quickly automobile stock can drop in value. Consumers stop buying from companies that have damaged reputations, and it may take them years to get those customers back. That’s why Alaor is tuned into stock prices, and any news that concerns automobiles and automobile manufacturing.
Alaor believes Initial public offerings (IPO) of automobile stock helped the stock market grow over the years. General Motors has been traded on the stock exchange for more than 100 years, and Ford has been traded for more than 60 years. The value of General Motors today is more than $53 billion and that is just one automobile company. Automobile stocks are hot this year. Car sales are running well ahead of 2014, and most automobile stocks have increased in value.
The automobile companies haven’t suffered a major amount of recalls in 2015, but there are always recalls, according to Alaor, and they impact automobile values. BMG Bank and other banks that make automobile loans are careful when they grant those loans. Some automakers are better than others in the lender’s eyes, and that can impact the amount of money a lender will lend.
Most of the automakers are performing well in stock markets around the world this year, but there are exceptions. Nissan stock is down 18 percent; Ferrari is down 10 percent; Ford Motor Company is down 10 percent; Porsche is down 42 percent, and Volkswagen is down 35 percent.
There are many factors that impact the value of automobile stocks, so Alaor and his team at BMG Bank are constantly monitoring automobile statistics. The good news is people in Brazil are buying cars in spite of the recession and the high inflation rate. Brazilians love their cars and automobiles are usually the first purchase they make when they can afford a consignment credit loan.

Source: Exame Magazine

Big Business US Money Reserve Bringing More to the Table


Everyone contributes in helping the less fortunate as written in a recent Digital Journal article. U.S. Money Reserve has begun a crowd fund in Texas to help local food banks and to stem the tide of hunger. Operating through CrowdRise this well-known company begins to bring food to the less needy.
The recent column by Digital Journal describes U.S. Money Reserve’s support of Capital Area Food Bank, to help hungry families across Central Texas. C.A.F.B. has provided millions of pounds of food in past years. With the money from U.S. Money reserves crowdfunding, 21 counties will benefit from the giving nature of people willing to contribute to CrowdRise.
CrowdRise has become a premier site to host many different kinds of crowd funding. Focusing primarily on charitable causes CrowdRise is growing in popularity at a remarkable speed. Touted by Baron as one of the “Top 25 Wealthiest Global Philanthropists”, CrowdRise has become the top choices for charitable causes touted by companies such as U.S. Money Reserve as seen in this quick link to crowd funding page.
U.S. Money Bank Reserve has been established itself as one of the most well-known gold marketers in the industry. Established by gold standard veterans boasting decades of knowledge, U.S. Money Bank employs 100 specialists to provide top quality customer service. For those interested in purchasing gold and silver a person just needs to visit U.S. Money Reserve’s website to purchase coins of the utmost value.
While to some big companies appear to not care about those in need. U.S. Money Reserve proves that notion wrong as stated by Digital Journal. Central Area Food Bank will benefit from the recent CrowdRise venture to help bring food to counties in Central Texas. Combining new ways to draw in revenue and the kindness of others can now help bring more food to the table to those who have less.

Managing Your Reputation Online When Using Social Media

Social media is a growing industry. As by businessman, you’re probably finding it tough at times to know exactly what you need to do in order to utilize your social media as normal person or as your business self. Facebook is just one example of some people struggling to separate their business and private accounts. The truth is that your reputation is always on the line when it comes down to social media. Here’s several things you may be doing that are hurting your reputation online and also wasting time.

– You Use The Same Account For Business and Private Usage

Many people no matter how successful they are only use the same account on their Facebook for their private and business use. In other words, their business and family friends are all in the same account, so the things they post or comment on are all shared for everybody to see. It’s stressful to be very careful and not knowing if other specific people are going to see your posts that you otherwise wouldn’t want them to see. Separate your accounts to avoid potential mishaps online.

– Sharing Personal Information And Insight

The truth about certain social media sites is that there are always things that happen online that can cause future problems relating to sharing personal thoughts. When something new about elections or anything controversial online pops up, you may be tempted to type all kinds of things online. Your coworkers and even your family may not want to read about your personal opinions, and sometimes the stress happens when people you know personally find out about things you believe in that may not be what they believe in.

Status Labs is a great company who can help you balance your entire social media presence. Protecting those horrible reviews online about who you are is not easy, especially if you don’t have much knowledge on what people are sharing about you and also if you make small mistakes about your online presence.

You can protect your brand online if you work with Status Labs. Their online reputation management company can help you out and save stress by protecting your business online efficiently.