U.S. Money Reserve President Discusses The Loss Of The Penny

The U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl has recently appeared on the CNBC morning show Squawk Box to discuss the best ways of making the U.S. economy profitable again. Diehl was giving his opinion on the latest ideas being discussed to reduce the overall cost of producing coins to be placed into circulation, which saw Diehl giving his opinion that the penny should be removed from circulation in a bid to reduce the costs of production for coin makers. The arguments set forth by the precious metals and coins expert included the savings of more than $100 million per year for the American taxpayer that would be made by eliminating the penny, according to PR Newswire.

Philip Diehl is in a unique position to give a positive insight into the best possible options for making the production of coins profitable again because of the training of the U.S. Money Reserve President. Diehl is a former official within the U.S. federal Government and joins many other former government figures on the staff of the U.S. Money Reserve. The Austin, Texas based company was established by former government officials and precious metals dealers who believed the general public should be given the chance to invest in the best government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins.

The question of how to increase profits within the U.S. economy has come as a major shift has taken place towards digital transactions made using debit and credit cards. In the 21st century only 25 percent of transactions are made with cash, which Philip Diehl believes has reduced the need for specific coins to remain in circulation. The nickel and penny are the two coins under the most threat because of the small profit margin their production provides. Diehl believes the loos of the penny could drive up cash sales as companies look to round down their transactions to the nearest multiple of five.

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World-Class Customer Experience Steers White Shark Media To Success

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Miami, the United States, White Shark Media is a premier digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small businesses to succeed through trailblazing search engine marketing strategies. The company achieves its goal through delivery of online marketing solutions, which are tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
Despite being masters at their game, the company is not without its share of complaints from somewhat dissatisfied clients. For this article, the purpose is to explore some of the common customer complaints and how White Shark Media handled them.
Lack of Proper Communication
This is the most complaint from White Shark Media clients. Most clients complained of finding it difficult to get through to their contact person, while others said that the company was taking too long to respond to their queries.
White Shark Media took note of the complaints and responded by:

  • Setting up phone systems with direct extensions to allow clients to reach their contact persons directly without having to pass through the receptionist.
  • Implementing Scheduled Monthly Status Calls with GoTomeeting, which is an online conferencing platform where the agency and the client chat in a bid to solve the problem at hand.

The Service Provided Does Not Work as Expected
This complaint was more inclined to Search Engine Marketing, which is the company’s main product, and clients felt it was not as effective as expected. In the spirit of ensuring success for each of their clients, White Shark Media acted on the complaint by:

  • Making sure the client’s existing campaigns are actively in use in a bid to produce a more efficient search engine marketing campaign.
  • Having experienced supervisors provide feedback, in addition to overseeing all campaign management.

Contact Person Not Familiar With Client’s Needs
Some new clients were not happy with the contact person assigned to them as they could not relate to their specific needs, and hence could not help them accordingly.
To ensure a smooth transition, White Shark Media had their Senior SEM Consultants follow each client through the entire process; from first sign-up to the optimization process. The consultants may not be the main form of contact, but they are always available to answer any question from a client.
Founded on the idea of providing a world-class experience, White SharK Media prides itself with being among the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the United States. This is attributed to their delivery of highly reliable services and exceptional customer experience with prompt responsiveness to customers’ concerns and queries.

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Newark CEDC CFO And Vice President- Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is the CFO and executive vice president of Newark Community Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). Mr. Seawright has an exciting work life, spanning both the public and private sectors. He began his career with a government position in Baltimore, Maryland. Eleven years later, he leveraged his financial management and construction expertise to make the move to private industry. In an interview Seawright talked about how he devotes his life to helping in the growth of urban centers as well as changing the lives of the cities residents. Below is a summary of Seawright interview.

Mr. Seawright got introduced to the financial stewardship by his parents at an early age of 12. At that tender age, Kevin was working in youth programs, changing lives in Philadelphia. Kevin, who is now involved in making the lives of children and adults in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Newark, NJ. Acknowledges his contributions to his parent’s upbringing, and considers them to as being his greatest role models. He continues to add that he thinks of a formal college education as an excellent teaching and training tool. Having benefited from both official and online education, Kevin keeps an open mind to any education whether online or formal that helps one become productive at their workplace.

About a question of what success was to Kevin, he said that success revolves around the family as he attributes his success to both his immediate and extended family. Mr.Seawright believes that contributing in a meaningful way to the community is another real mark of success. At Newark CEDC. Mr. Seawright said that their work involves the provision of loans to small and medium-sized business owners, who would not have access to the needed capital. Kevin added that what contributes the most to his success is his contribution to data-driven analysis, flexibility and straightforward management approach to name but a few are what that motivate him each day he wakes up.

One of the things that get Mr. Seawright happy is his daughter Tia, who he mentions frequently on Twitter. Kevin loves to watch his daughter play basketball as well as softball. When it comes to Mr. Seawrights favorite Sport, he said that he appreciates football and more so basketball which he enjoys playing and coaching. Mr. Seawright also supports the 76ers, although he doesn’t have much time to watch the sports as a result of his busy travel schedule.

Mr. Seawright is an accounting and management professional based in Newark, New Jersey. More to that he has received many awards for financial responsiveness while serving municipalities as a result of the outstanding service, professionalism to name but a few of the many excellent qualities.  Kevin’s full bio can be found on the Newark CEDC website.

Artificial Intelligence: More Utilized Than We Think

Artificial Intelligence seems to be on everyone’s tongues these days. In a recent article in the Deccan Herald, by Ashwini Ashokan, the infiltration of AI into our everyday life and, more specifically, into the world of fashion and retail. The article discusses how AI never made a big bang when it came out. It has slowly become integrated in a way that many people miss. Anytime someone asks Siri a question, they are using artificial intelligence. Every time someone uploads a picture to Facebook, artificial intelligence assists in tagging people. And sometimes when individuals are shopping on online retail shops, artificial intelligence will help identify other items that they might like to buy more or in addition to what they are currently looking at.

Online shopping has been a major place where consumers can interact with artificial intelligence. Online retailers started to equip themselves with AI about 10 years again. Amazon was among the first. Amazon used it to suggest other items shoppers might also like. Another AI visual search shopping technology that has also been around for roughly 10 years is image intelligence. Companies like Slyce have developed artificial intelligence technology that will identify a piece of clothing or accessory from a barcode, advertisement or picture and tell the consumer where to find the item or items that are similar.

Slyce was created for the frustrated consumer. There are lots of apps out there that claim to scan barcodes or pictures and identify them, but many times they let users down. Slyce visual search has approached the problem with a three pronged solution. Users can choose whatever works or what they feel most comfortable with. First, users may choose to scan an item if they have access to a coupon or QR code or barcode. Second, users may scan an advertisement and it will be compared to pictures by the retailer. Third, users may take a picture of a piece of clothing or accessory and it will be scanned for its different attributes to find similar products that the retailer might have.

Slyce is headed up by a group of veterans who are guiding this project towards success. They are already partnered with several large companies that are utilizing the new technology that Slyce is bring to the table. The partners include Offerpop, Photon and Purchase Decision Network.

Current Market a Repeat of 2008 Crisis According to Famed Investor George Soros

We are only a few days in to 2016 and it already looks like it will be a rocky year. Famed billionaire investor George Soros is proclaiming that he sees echos of the 2008 crisis in the current market. At an investment event in Sri Lanka recently, Soros mentioned that the extreme debt levels in China, Europe and the US, along with collapsing commodity prices, spelled potential doom for global economy.

According to George Soros and most other investors, the 2008 crisis occurred due to sub-prime debt, over investment in the housing market and too much investment in exotic securitized financial products. Today, the greatest risk is also in bad debt. However, this time the debt is much larger and issue by governments so the risk is much greater.

That is especially true in China. AFter the 2008 crisis, exports to Europe and the US went down dramatically. To boost the economy, the government unleashed a massive amount of lending and fiscal stimulus in to the economy. In fact, the banking system grew to three times the size of the economy whereas the US banking system is one times the economy. At the same time, the growth rate in China is beginning to slow naturally as the population growth slows and incremental technology improvements slow. As a result, it is becoming tougher and tougher to pay off the huge debts that government issued in 2008. Now, new debt growth is slowing and the economy is at a stand still. The stock market already crashed in 2015 and is now crashing again. Unless the government gets a handle on its debt loan, it could spark a contagion around the world.

As debt growth slows around the world and economies put on the breaks, the price of commodities is also collapsing. Many countries that depend on commodities (especially oil and gas) are now have trouble financing their daily operations. Even worse, some of the debt they have issued is in danger.

The countries with the greatest risk of debt default include Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Argentina. However, other much larger countries are showing signs of strains. Brazil contracted 3.5% in 2015 due to the decrease in commodity prices. Also, the fallout from a bribery scandal and massive wasted investment in a major potential oil field by government energy giant Petrobras is giving investors concern about the country’s ability to pay back loans. At a minimum, interest rates are rapidly increasing, causing huge strains in the economy.

Other major oil exporters such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Norway and Angola have seen massive setbacks in their revenue and are struggling to meet basic needs. These companies may need to issue additional debt to get back on track.

Together, the world is showing increasing strains that Soros warns could lead to another major crisis like 2008. Hopefully, governments can avoid the fallout.

Organo Gold- Bringing Health and Wellness Closer

Health and wellness will always be the central principles in human lives. The need to keep your body healthy will always come above a lot of things. Organo Gold is one of the companies that understands that need. The company has been providing health and wellness alternatives for consumers since 2008. It has been doing this by offering different Ganoderma products, particularly beverages like tea and coffee. There are also personal care products with the same natural product.

Capitalizing on Ganoderma

One may be wondering what this Ganoderma is and what makes it so special. Ganoderma is a mushroom that the Chinese have been using for eons as medicine. The fungus is effective in treating some conditions that people suffer from every day. For one, it has antioxidant properties, and it is also excellent for the immune system. Through its products, Organo Gold has made it possible for people to capitalize on the benefits of Ganoderma.

Offering Entrepreneurship Opportunities

There is another side to Organo Gold that has made it such a big name in the marketing industry, and that its independent distributor network. Organo Gold does not sell its products to retailers directly like other companies; it has independent distributors. Aspiring entrepreneurs get the chance to test out their skills by buying the products at wholesale levels and earning commission sales commissions. The company’s website provides all the information you need to learn how to start out as an independent distributor of Organo Gold products.

Chua at the Forefront

Organo Gold products are in distribution in over 35 countries including the Philippines where the founder, Bernardo Chua, originates. The Canada-based Chua saw a chance to provide people with products that will make their lives better and has never looked back. Through Organo Gold, Chua has packaged the medicinal merits of Ganoderma in little sachets of gourmet coffee. For connoisseurs of coffee and tea all over the world, the name Organo Gourmet equals good health and excellence.

By surrounding himself with superstars in the marketing industry, Chua continues to grow the potential of Organo Gold. With him, as the CEO, Organo Gold is opening doors to young minds through the OG Cares Foundation.

A lot of people are embracing Ganoderma for what it does in the body, and so Organo Gold products are gaining massive popularity. The company has made it easy for consumers to get their favorite products through online retailers. If you wish to get a taste of some Organo Green Tea, then you just have to search the web. As more people look for health and wellness products, Organo Gold will continue to soar.

Magic Mike Continues To Be An Enduring Modern Classic

Magic Mike XXL follows Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) as he comes out of retirement. His custom furniture company has grown and is doing well, but he is facing financial difficulty as there is great demand for his product and not enough staff to meet the supply. He and Brooke have called off their relationship and he finds himself missing his friends and the excitement from entertaining onstage as a stripper. His friends and him re-unite over a comical scene where Tarzan (Kevin Nash) leaves him a voicemail telling him “Dallas (Mathew Mcconaughey) is gone” and Mike goes to a local motel where he thinks Dallas’s wake is taking place, only to find out that it was all a ruse to get him to come and meet them. The audience finds out that Dallas has “gone” to pursue other ventures and has not really passed away.

The movie is a star-studded cast that includes; Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, Jada Pinkett, Amber Heard, Andie Macdowell, Elizabeth Banks and Crystal Hunt. It is a series of adventures, misadventures, female empowerment and entertainment as Mike and his friends unite and travel to Myrtle Beach, S.C. for a stripper convention. Crystal Hunt graces us with her role as the eccentric Lauren, a one-night romantic love interest for Tito (Adam Rodriguez). Lauren is seen later in the movie at Nancy’s (Andie Macdowell) home, where it is revealed that she is one of Nancy’s daughters.

IMDb shows that Crystal Hunt is a Daytime Emmy Award Nominee. She is a daytime television actress with a portfolio that boasts roles in One Life to Live and Guiding Light. Her most recent role was in “Queens of Drama” a docu-series that follows former daytime and primetime actresses. They film them as they work together and also behind the scenes. The goal of the docu-series was for the actresses to land a pilot deal by the end of the season, she posted tons of cool behind the scenes footage on Instagram. She continues her successful career with a major role in Magic Mike XXL.

The Great Part of Living In An Assisted Living Community

It is no longer something to be afraid of, aging is after all supposed to be some of the best years of ones life. It is absolutely true when all of the changes over the last three decades are taken into account. As health care advances ways to keep active for a very long time have come into view without an issue. If it was not known before it is certainly known now that many things can be accomplished well into old age. In fact a few years ago a one hundred year old man had just graduated college. It is never to late to live to the best of your ability. Age after all is just a number and life is one well received journey.

Without a doubt life can become tricky when things happen that make life complicated. This is why it is important to not only enjoy life but to plan ahead in the event that life throws curve balls. A fantastic place to go is one of the many retirement communities which, are full of many different great activities, food, people, healthcare teams etc. Most is offered everywhere that a person might go. They are often called assisted living facilities. They are great for people that want to live in a place where all the possibilities are already in place so no matter what the seniors remain prepared.

There is no doubt that life can go in a number of different manners but, this a great for sons and daughter who will no longer have to worry about their parents physical well being. One of the best place out there is Manse on Marsh, and honest testimonials would suggest as much. It is like living a home. It is a beautiful brick building from the outside and looks quite quaint and homey. It is surround by cottages and single living dwellings where active older adults can stay active if they are able to. There are places to go closely located and it is a fabulous, safe and well built up downtown.  They’ve recently been awarded too, for that commitment to care.

This allows people to make it to all the locations that are most important. They are not trapped in one location with locks on the doors. It is just a normal living situation in a great town, located close enough for people of every background to enjoy. There are stores, movie theater, coffee shops close enough to walk to. It is easy for family to access as it is reasonably close to the home. There is transportation and signs ups for other great hobbies and activities throughout the area. So no matter what an elder person enjoys they will be able to find it. The blessing is that similar communities are all over.  Contact information is available through the website.  They also have a Twitter account, and a blog that features constant updates, and photos from life around the facility.

George Soros on the Economy


George Soros is one of the most well-known individuals in the world of finance. Over the years, he has made a lot of predictions on the future of the economy. In this latest article by Bloomberg, George Soros says that the world economy has a lot of negative signs. Much like in 2008, there are a lot of weaknesses in the current economic market that are difficult to get through. This has a lot of people worried about the future of the markets as a whole. Over the long term, George Soros has proven to be right a lot more often than he is wrong. Here are several reasons for his latest prediction.


There is a lot of weakness coming out of China right now. There are a lot of people who thought that China would continue on an upward trend for the rest of the year. However, there are a lot of data points showing that this is not the case. There have even been times when the Chinese have had to turn off their stock market because it dropped too low. This is concerning for both the Chinese and people who invest in the global markets. Over a long period of time, China is a nation that is essential to the global growth story. If there is a long term slowdown in the country, this could lead to a lot of problems down the road.

Global Debt

Global debt levels are starting to creep back up towards the levels in 2008. At that time, personal debt levels were at their highest in history. There are many people who carry so much debt that it is hard for them to save any money. While this is good for consumer spending in the short term, over the long term this is a major issue. A good economy is fueled by people who have the money to buy and invest in the market and goods that are produced. Carrying a lot of debt is something that prevents prosperity for many people. In addition, many nations around the world continue to borrow money at record levels. Anyone who wants to know how to get out of debt can find information on a variety of sources. George Soros cites this as one of his biggest reasons for being bearish on the new year.

George Soros

There are many people who are concerned with the latest prediction by George Soros. Over the years, he has never been afraid to speak his mind when it comes to the economy. There are many people who invest in the global markets based on what George Soros says and believes. Anyone who is interested in learning more can read the whole article on Bloomberg. This is a big wake up call for many people who invest in the markets. There are also many people wondering aloud if they can survive another economic downturn like the one we had in 2008.

Marcio Alaor Honored at 33rd Expose Samont

As found on Exame.com, Marco Alaor was recently honored at the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio de Monte, also known as the Expose Samonte. In honor of the well known executive of BMG bank, a food court was opened and named after him. The Ford Court Marcio Alaor de Arujo was named as an acknowledgement of the service he has provided to the people of Brazil and the hard work that allowed him to rise to the top.

Marcio Alaor, who now is an executive at one of the largest banks in Brazil, with over 85 years of service the people of Brazil, would not have made it without the help of his fellow Brazilian citizens. In particular, Dr. Wilimar Pai helped Alaor from the time hew was a young boy and shined shoes for a living. Dr. Wilimar helped him earn the money he needed to survive by sending him shoes to shine each week.

Even after he grew up and and became successful, Marcio Alaor has not forgotten where he came from. He has continued to help his hometown grow. As vice-president of BMG bank, he is in an even better position to do so. He values friendships and people over his money. After being honored Marcio Alaor gave a speech that acknowledged these things. He also stressed his belief in the city and the people of his country.

According to his biography on Wikipedia, Marcio Alaor has many accomplishments to his name and has been very generous. He is an active sponsor of Brazillain football, with 39 clubs bearing the sponsorship of BMG bank due to his efforts. Additionally he sponsors men’s and women’s volleyball, and basketball, as well as the fighter Vitor Belfort, all of which are an important part of Belizean culture and the economy of Brazil.

As found on Exame.com, Marcio Alaor’s uses his financial savvy and expertise to help inform the people of Brazil about the world financial market. For example he recently reported on the economic stability of Austrailia despite the recent world wide financial crisis, and explained how Austrail’s position as major exporter of important goods and services has helped the country to stay afloat despite hard times. It is both Marcio Alaor’s knowledge of worldwide financial markets, and his dedication to helping the major cultural and economic staples of his country that make him such a well respected man.