Sam Tabar, Successful Attorney and Financial Strategist

Perhaps by now you have heard of Sam Tabar? Sam Tabar is an experienced and well known attorney, practicing in New York. He has practiced with law firms, such as Skadden, Meagher, Arps, Schulte, Roth and Zabel and Slate and Flom. Tabar is not only an attorney, but he is a highly skilled financial strategist. Currently, Sam is employed as COO at FullCycle Energy Fund. His job there is to oversee and help boost the company’s management fund. This is certainly not the only job Sam has held in his extensive and lustrous career.

In 2001, after graduating school, Bloomberg shows that Sam Tabar became an associate at Skadden, which is one of the world’s most well known and successful law firms. During his stint there, Sam worked with clients on how to put together a successful hedge fund, as well as how to get the most out of their investments. He also dealt with regulatory, compliance and several other categories that deal with employees.

In 2004, Sam parted ways with the Skadden company and joined PMA Investment Advisors. PMA Investors is a company out of Hong Kong and is affiliated with Sparx Group Company. Before long, Sam earned the position of Managing Director and Head of Business Development. While employed he was in control of and managed a $2 billion dollar hedge fund, including overseeing investor relations. He developed an exceptional marketing plan for the company that related to institutional investors, high profile clients and also family offices. During his time there Sam played a large role in helping the company raise $1.2 billion in assets.

In 2011, CrunchBase shows that Sam Tabar was hired as Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of Merrill Lynch. He helped counsel the hedge fund clients and also introduced institutional investors to the company. Before leaving the company in 2012, Sam put together a prestigious list of of more than 1,250 institutional investors.

GoFundMe really shows that Sam Tabar also became a big player in charity work after joining the company THINX. The company provided generous donations to the country of Africa, particularly pertaining to African Women. This inspired Sam to help raise money to assist children in the remote parts of Southern Africa that suffer from the disease HIV/AIDS.

Sam Tabar has a fantastic resume, including an education at Oxford University, becoming a legit attorney and superb financial specialist and along the way, has touched many Nations.

George Soros, Philip Diehl and the U.S. Reserve

Philip N. Diehl, expert on precious metals and Chief of Staff of U.S. treasury and 35th Director of U.S. Mint. Diehl explains why owning government-issued gold is a dynamic opportunity. He explained, in a recent radio interview, the ownership of gold coins.

Diehl is qualified because he has traded with peoples of all continents, including Antarctica. He claims that by improving customer service he turned a “backwards” government agency into one solely concerned with customer satisfaction.

Gold, silver, and platinum coins are attractive to customers because they are intrinsically valuable while also being backed by the strongest economy in the world. Diehl says “no one matches U.S. Money Reserve” in the levels of confidence customers feel in their investment.

Diehl explains the most influential events of the last decade for these markets: 2008 crisis caused fear of loss of wealth, ETF (Electronically Traded Funds such as stocks, bonds, and assets) have surged as a new way of exchange,and the raising value of the dollar in enormous markets such as China. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, there have been three recessions in the U.S. in the last 20 years alone. Such aforementioned crises can cause a surge in the gold, silver, and platinum markets because investors lose faith in less tangible forms of investment. Conversely, ETF’s as an invention of the 21st Century, are of the highest value when their counterpart in physical gold, silver, and platinum, are of the lowest. Lastly, Diehl says that the strength of the dollar, especially in East Asian markets has been uniquely strong as of late and “what goes up must come down.”

Diehl hypothesizes that the dollar will weaken within the next year because it is not sustainable. The “economic uncertainty” of the near future will cause the dollar to weaken when compared to more reliable forms of wealth.

Diehl recommends viewing the U.S. Money Reserve website. The site can direct interested investors to speaking with gold specialists.

Source: ePodcast

Philip Diehl: Savings in Form of Precious Metals.


Philip Diehl, the CEO of the US Money Reserve has achieved quite a status in the financial market today. During his tenure in the US Mint, he spearheaded the introduction of the 50 states quarter program. The program was the most successful ever in the history of the nation. He also introduced the Sacagawea Dollar that it sold more than what the Antony Dollar by Susan B earned in 20 years within its first ten months. In the Mint also, he did some improvements that led to the reserve being chosen as the second best in terms of customer services among the federal agencies in the country. The success of Diehl can be linked to the fact that he has worked with other officials in various treasury branches and on Capitol Hill where he acquired and mastered the skill in deciphering the fiscal and monetary policies.
The US Money Reserve was formed by gold market veterans who saw the need for an open system that will allow the purchase of the precious metals. To date, the reserve is the largest in the country with Philip Diehl as the president. They deal with metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum and apart the coins, the Mint is known for its excellent customer services as it is the second best among the federal agencies a rating that was done by the University of Michigan. The Mint also boasts of being backed by Congress and the precious metals are converted to coins with a face value denomination and are accepted as official US legal tender. Click here for more information.
Mint has gained quite a customer base due to its ability to guide the clients in choosing the best value coins in the reserve. The wise purchases have helped some attain huge profits and positions that they hold in the society today. Just like the Billionaire Financier advised people to acquire gold instead of keeping dollars in the banks, precious metal coins do not suffer massive impacts during recessions. The reserve offers a wide variety of coins with different weights. The gold bullion can be an ounce bar, ten-ounce bar and the 32.15 ounce which is equivalent to 1kg. Silver is offered in the form of 90% silver bag which has a value of $1000, the 500-coin monster box and the American eagle coin. Visit the US Money Reserve and acquire yourself some precious metals for a strong feature.

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CCMP Capital – Secret To Winning Big Through Investment

There is nothing quite exciting or rewarding as investing in promising market – the kind of venues that lead on the path to profit and bring big returns for investors. CCMP Capital is an investment banking firm well-versed in helping its clients find the right type of investment. The financial experts working for this company know what is the best performing investments of all time and direct their customers accordingly.

Many investment criteria go unnoticed by other investors and brokers. This fact holds good not only for individuals but big institutional investors as well. This firm will teach you why these criteria are overlooked and how to find the stocks that have significant potential for profit and growth. The experts here will also show you the techniques to evaluate these stocks from every perspective and help you determine which stock to buy and which stock to reject. Contrary to what most people think, CCMP Capital provides a wide range of products and services in the financial market that is relevant to both individuals and corporations. In other words, its services include, but not limited to, underwriting, mergers, acquisitions, personal finance management, asset management, estate planning, retirement planning and much else.

There are many examples of what customers have learned and what they get into when they are working with this company. For instance, Jacob, a small time business owner was hooked on online trading. After seeking CCMP Capital’s service, he was able to find stocks capable of impressive movements in a short period of time. He was able to invest in some great undiscovered stocks that were being overlooked by other analysts and investors and make a big profit within two years. Likewise, many customers of CCMP Capital have benefited from products and services that the company offers. Cathy has been an active investor for nearly a decade and as of last year, she has made her first million through various investments directed by this company. In essence, there is no shortage of what you will get from CCMP Capital if you are seeking its service. It is where investors can overcome the challenges that they are facing financially through new or time-tested solutions. This has been true for the company for the past two decades and it will be true for decades to come.

CCMP Capital is founded by Steve Murray, popularly known as Steve Murray, an expert public equity trader by profession and a well-known philanthropist. He was a pioneer in the subject of his passion and popular among investors as well. Steve Murray was also the driving force behind the growth of CCMP Capital since its inception. His strategies have helped many big winners in the investment market.

The World Presented by Jon Urbana

The way that we look at the world will determine exactly what we experience. Jon Urbana provides a very unique world view that provides his Facebook fans a look at the beauty in the world. Here are a few of the great videos that have been produced by Jon Urbana in his airplane and each gives a glimpse into something natural and beautiful.

Timelapse from Malaysia on a Summer Night

The wonder of time lapse video is that views of a region or a thing can be observed as they grow and change over a long period of time. This video on Jon Urbana’s Official Blog shows the magical changes that occur on an urban landscape in a day. The magic of this video is the light that it exposes. As you watch the sky change throughout the day, the color grabs you. Eventually giving way to a night sky and the light then comes from the urban background. There is a beauty in this video and on Urbana’s CrunchBase and LinkedIn pages that will capture your imagination and make you want to visit as soon as you can.

Clouds Rule the Sky

This is another great video that first surfaced during his stint with the lacrosse team as he played for the Villanova Wildcats. This video shows a normal part of life against the backdrop of an ever changing and miraculous sky. The photography is of boats moving across a calm ocean. But the star is the clouds in the background that change and display their simple beauty for all to enjoy. Each of the boats in the video takes on a unique perspective as the clouds behind it produce different lights.  This short video that you’ll find on the main page for Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe campaign (to benefit Earth Force) has a real calming influence and makes one desire to take a trip on the ocean.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Beautiful October Time Lapse

Yet another breathtaking time lapse video produced by Jon Urbana, that presents the viewer with all of the change, beauty and wonder that autumn brings to the world. There is something about the fall of the year that resonates with the emotions of people. The ending of the year is coming, and Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s next season is approaching. There is a chance to say goodbye to the events of the previous year and hello to the promise of a new year coming. Most importantly the October sky shows that it is time to say thank you for all that you have accomplished over the year.

A Loop of Round Lights

This video is a visually appealing one that displays the way that Jon Urbana feels about helping the kittens of his community. Light is featured in many of the videos that Urbana publishes and the subtle changes that light provides to the texture and vision of all things.  As light moves in an image it provides clear distinction about the images within the whole picture. That is what is accomplished in this Bloomberg article that focuses on the great work Urbana has done for Earth Force. It shows the difference that kinds of light can provide to the same exact image.

There are many other videos and articles that Jon Urbana puts out there on Tumblr, and allows for a deep appreciation of all the things that nature has to offer.  From animals to natural light, the library of Jon Urbana always provides a great connection to the places and expediencies he has had.