Do Not Pay the Ransom

A recent Online Reputation Reviews study shows that most reputation management companies are interested in helping people build or rebuild their reputations, there are a few companies who publish harmful information that may not even be based on facts. Then, these companies try to get those harmed to pay hundreds of dollars to have the erroneous information removed from the site. If you have been attacked by one of these bottom dwellers, then you may be very tempted to pay the fee to put the incident behind you. A Market Lamb published article urges you to keep your money for very good reasons.

First, paying to have the information removed from one place does not guarantee that it will not appear somewhere else. When this happens, the second site may be even more damaging than the first because the unscrupulous owners know that you are willing to meet their ransom demands.

While you may be very anxious for the information to go away, paying them keeps these sites in business. In fact, some credit card companies have stopped people from using their cards to meet the take down fees. Even more sickening, some review sites and online reputation companies are owned by the same people. Therefore, they can put up false information and then convince you to pay them to take it down.
In case it sounds illegal for people to put up false information about you, then you need to think again as they cannot be held liable for the information. Honestly, the only time you need to worry about these sites is when they appear in search engines. Yahoo and Bing now will not associate your name with a porn revenge site if you ask them to remove your name. Google will make people remove wrong information if you obtain a court order.
If you have someone attack you with ugly rumors, then their steps that you should take to build your reputation. While you are taking these steps, you are creating strong marketing materials. The result is that your brand becomes stronger than ever before.


ConnectUs Automated Forms May Revitalize Rehabilitation Institutions

Rehabilitative institutions, correctional facilities, prisons – they all have one thing in common today: they’re all over-crowded. A lot of things contribute to this situation. One is recidivism. There is exceptional recidivism in contemporary America, and that’s because a lot of rehabilitative measures to nothing to quell that which compels a criminal into criminal activity. It’s been found that a big factor is education, so solutions which facilitate education are definitely sought today. Beyond recidivism, things like refugees, political upheaval, drug use, and increasing legislative measures are crowding prisons so much that they seldom have the chance to upgrade technologically. Functionality must remain constant; ergo upgrades come at much extended intervals. Some institutions have been stuck in the 20th century. They’ve been filing paperwork by hand for the last sixteen years; and that simply must stop.


ConnectUs by Securus Technologies is an automated form program that allows all paperwork to be done without the need for any actual paper, or any supplies related to paper. Medical forms, complaint and grievance forms, signup sheets, and anything necessary can be programmed into the system for inmates to use. Inmates can also monitor the progress of their requests from the system without having to constantly irritate correctional facility staff. Additionally, applications of the educational variety are available, as are features and support in an unparalleled way that has never been available to inmates before. Furthermore, correctional facility staff have full control over the information prisoners can use, so nothing untoward gets through. All in all, ConnectUs by Securus Technologies offers a real solution to infrastructural redundancies that could potentially cut tens of thousands from the budget of even small correctional facilities. It’s no wonder that with such savings, and the reduced recidivism which could potentially come from reapportioned budgets, ConnectUs is currently in hot demand. Watch more on