The Importance Of Expanding Services

Handy is one of the most successful home cleaning services in the nation. One of the reasons that they are so successful is that they take the time to expand on what they can do. They are always looking for markets that they can reach so that they can keep the company going. For one thing, if a company is not moving forward and expanding, then it is likely going to fail. Fortunately, the founders of Handy have not only thought about areas that they can expand to, but they have also thought about the services that they can provide beyond house cleaning.

Now, Handy is offering a delivery service. With this delivery service, they will be delivering furniture. They will also assemble the furniture that the customer orders. The way that company handles this is by selling furniture from IKEA. Handy will allow their customers to order IKEA products through Handy’s Website. Any item that is order will be assembled as needed, and then delivered to the customer’s home. Customers will not only be able to enjoy a clean home with the services of Handy, but they will also enjoy new furniture from the delivery and assembly crew.

This is one of the most exciting news about Handy. For one thing, it shows that the founders of the company are not complacent. They are always looking for a way to continue to offer services to their customers. They are also looking for new ways to help out in their community. Then to top it off, the professionals that provide these services are ethical and honest. A lot of work is done to make sure that the people they hire are trustworthy. One thing that they don’t want their customers to go through is getting cheated or dealing with some kind of dishonesty. Handy is one of the customer oriented companies that is experiencing a lot of growth.

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Weapons Expert Michael Zomber Makes History Come Alive


Michael Zomber is a well-known author of historical books that revolve around antique arms and armor. He holds two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree from UCLA. He has also written screenplays and served as an expert advisor on The History Channel. Mr. Zomber created his own movie production company in order to achieve a greater level of independence and autonomy.

He strongly believes in fostering peace through all of his charitable efforts and supports many different organizations that work towards world peace. Michael Zomber’s home in Philadelphia is situated in a community that caters to the interests of antique experts and offers an ideal setting for his ambitions.


Michael Zomber’s main focus is on telling stories. He interweaves his broad knowledge of Japanese samurai weapons and armor with historical events in a palpable way that makes history come alive. Mr. Zomber has amassed an impressive collection of historical weaponry in order to preserve and protect the legacy that each piece represents.

His works often reveal the painful and tragic aspects of war that most historians would otherwise ignore. Michael Zomber works to ensure that the hard lessons of the past are never forgotten so that the same mistakes are not made by future generations.  Check out a bit more of his unique insight on his Facebook, where Michael talks history quite often.

Bruce’s Group Sue New Hampshire Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson is a well-known and successful entrepreneur. Bruce achieved his political science degree from Washington University. Also, he is a graduate from American University’s law school. Bruce started his career at the Washington Star. Also, he worked as a reporter for Observer Publishing, an energy newsletter. His expertise and passion for entrepreneurship led to the establishment of United Communications Group (UCG). The company was established in partnership with Mr. Ed Peskowitz.
UCG is a firm which operates in more focused and directed business universe. The main company’s objective is to assist their customers increase profits, reduce risks, and drive inefficiencies through critical guidance and solutions that they offer. To deliver their services, the company carries out trade show, online training news services, special reports not forgetting the white papers which spell out business opportunities in the dynamic market. The company boasts having the best staff that is in a position to gather and analyze the complex business market.

Bruce’s expertise has seen him serve on various boards of specialized information industry such as the DC, Community Foundation of Washington, Hope Dreams Foundation not forgetting his role as a president for the “I Have A Dream” Foundation in Washington. Also, he served as a director at the publicly traded TechTarget; a company started inside UCG. Bruce is also the owner of Atlanta Spirit. Additionally, Bruce is the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. For more info, refer to Levenson’s wikipedia page.

Some time back, Bruce hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to sell the Hawks and operating rights to Philips Arena. About one year later, Bruce’s group is now suing the former Hawk’s insurance company over settlement claims made by Hawk’s former general manager, Danny Ferry, reveals ESPN. The former Hawks Ownership Group believes that the insurance company breached the contract by failing to cover losses related to Ferry’s employment termination.

The lawsuit states the insurance company refused to acknowledge the claim. Therefore, it demands an additional 50% penalty of the unpaid loss and attorney’s fees and costs. The current Hawks Ownership Group spokesperson said in an interview that they are aware of the complaint. However, the involved parties have are no longer related to the group hence they cannot make any comment concerning the lawsuit.