Kabbalah Centres Focus on Practising the Principles of Kabbalah

The first Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1922, and it was an event that changed the history of Kabbalahism forever. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that has been on the earth since humankind existed. Kabbalaists believe that this spirituality began around the time that Jewish traditions were formed, which was in the days after the flood of Noah.

For centuries, Kabbalah was passed down from generation to generation among the priests and elders of the Jewish nation. You had to belong to this elite group of people or you were not eligible to know the principles of wisdom. When Rav Ashtag founded the first Kabbalah Centre in Israel, the old tradition came to an end. Rav Ashtag opened the door for everyone who was interested in learning and studying Kabbalah.

By 2016, there were Centres in five cities in the U.S. and 40 worldwide. The history of Kabbalah is recorded on ancient documents mostly written in Hebrew and Greek. The Centres are able to translate them and study the principles that they hold. Kabbalah is not studied like most subjects; the instructors present the principles so that the student can then apply them to their individual lives.

Kabbalah Centres are more than places to study Kabbalah. Anyone who is interested in Kabbalah is welcome. Along with classes, materials are sold, dinners are held so the students can fellowship, and volunteering events are held.

Karen Berg and her son are now leaders of the U.S. Centres, and she sees volunteering as a very significant part of experiencing Kabbalah. She believes it changes mindsets and attitudes that were once self-centered into attitudes of giving. She believes that there is no way to learn this principle except by doing it.

For those who do not live in close proximity to a Kabbalah Centre, the Bergs began the Kabbalah Centre online and the Kabbalah University for students around the world. Kabbalahism believes that there is joy inside every human being with great potential to succeed. The Kabbalah Centres encourage students to practice the wisdom of Kabbalah in their everyday life.

For more please visit https://www.kabbalah.com/teachers

Adam Milstein Works To Build His Jewish People

One thing that people need to thrive is someone that builds them up. Adam Milstein is someone who is building up the Jewish nation. He is in fact considered one of the most influential Jews in the globe. One of the reasons that he is so influential is that he is always working on something big. As a matter of fact, he is always working towards doing something for the Jewish people. He has set up a foundation for helping Jews and has also founded the Israeli-American Council. This goes a long way in building the Jewish nation and people.

Adam was born in Haifa, Israel. He was also born and raised in Israel. He has also did his mandatory service in the Israel army. Afterwards, he has joined his father in the expansion of their real estate construction business. One thing that could be said for Adam is that he is all about building. His career shows for it too. He has taken the time to build his Jewish people so that they can work something greater. One thing that could be said for Jewish people is that they have everything worked out so that they can continue with their traditions and cultures.

Adam Milstein is deeply involved in the lives of people. He is a philanthropist that makes sure that he is leaving an impact in his culture. Also, his philanthropy goes beyond just financial resources. He is also someone who gets involved with organizations with the use of his time and insights. He is someone who gets engaged. This shows that he has discernment and wisdom. Adam Milstein will continue to be a great influence in the lives of Jewish people. For one thing, he wants to see his people succeed and continue to keep the traditions alive.

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Former NBA Owner Takes On AIG In Heated Lawsuit

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment organization, in association with former NBA team owner, Bruce Levenson have recently filed for a civil action law suit against the insurance and investing conglomerate, AIG Insurance. The basis and origins of the law suit can be found with a settlement claim filed by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group.

What happened was, after filing for his claim, Mr. Ferry sought coverage by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment organization’s insurance company, AIG. Mr. Levenson firmly believed that AIG’s policy covered Mr. Ferry’s expenses, and he had good reason to do so given his extensive background in law from attending law school. However, AIG disagreed and refused to pay even a single penny in regards to Mr. Ferry’s claim causing AHBE and Mr. Levenson take the matter to court.

The precise amount of the settlement is as yet undisclosed as is the specific dates for the inevitable court hearings. Given that neither Mr. Levenson nor the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group are any longer associated with the NBA, specifically the Atlanta Seahawks, the team’s current administration has declined to comment until such time as the matter has been resolved in court.

For more info, visit Mr. Bruce Levenson’s personal website and Wikipedia page.



Lime Crime: Where Bravery is Rewarded


In October 2008, Lime Crime Makeup was born. Doe Deere, being fueled by her love of color started the company with an aim of revolutionizing the makeup industry. With her bold stature, she wanted and continues to bring life to the conventional makeup by launching colorful products. Doe Deere runs her company with the philosophy of being bold and feeling great at it.



The company has understood the need of social media and uses it as a platform to communicate with their clients. On Facebook, the company has over nine hundred thousand followers. Additionally, the company has 2.4 million followers on Instagram. The company uses these social sites to interact with their followers and clients. The company also posts their new products from Love-Makeup.co.uk, and communicates those which are out of stock. Moreover, the company uses their website as a platform for interactions with their clients. Here, they can make orders and inquire about the availability of products in stock on Amazon.

Recently, Lime Crime announced through PR Newswire that it has launched diamond crushers, a lip topper that is vibrant and colorful. It can applied by itself or on a matte lipstick, and guarantees a twenty four use. Diamond crushers come in bundles or in singular forms. The launched diamond crushers include trip, lit, choke, dope, fluke and strip.

Doe Deere stands for animal rights and for that, promotes vegan oriented products. This is echoed on Tumblr where they only feature Lime Crime’s vegan friendly lipsticks. Moreover, the company is certified by the Leaping Bunny and PETA. Products released by the company are not tested on any animals and all the stakeholders are urged to protect the animals.

The Life and Career of Bruce Levenson

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, who is the former ownership group for the NBA franchise, filed a lawsuit in September of 2016 against the New Hampshire Insurance Company following a breach of contract that had involved the settlement of claims that had been made by the former general manager Danny Ferry. Included in the former Hawks ownership was controlling parter Bruce Levenson. The lawsuit however did not involve the the current Hawks ownership group that was lead by the principle owner Tony Ressler. The lawsuit, that had been filed in the Superior Court in Fulton County on September 13th against the insurance company had also been described as an AIG, which is a civil action for insurance bad faith and breach of contract. AHBE claimed that it had been insured under a policy that would provide coverage for certain losses in relation to employment practices, including, but was not limited to, acts of workplace torts and wrongful termination. According to the court documents, AHBE had given notice to AIG in April of 2015 that claimed to have been asserted by Ferry, that was believed to be covered. Hawks and Ferry ownership had reached an undisclosed buyout agreement in June of 2015 which ended the relationship that had begun six years earlier with an 18 million dollar contract in 2012. Hawks ownership made it known that they were aware of complaints, and that the principle parties no longer had ties to the Alanta Hawks organization. The lawsuit stated that the confidential limits of liability within the policy were sufficient to play AHBE’s claim. James J. Leonard from Barnes & Thornburg LLP, which was the firm representing AHBE, said that the complaint speaks for itself.

Bruce Levenson is a Forbes billionaire ,  an American Businessman, who is the former NBA team owner, as well as a philanthropist. He was also the co-owner of the Alanta Hawks LLC, that operates and owns the Alanta Hawks basketball team and the Philips Arena. Bruce Levenson also has served as the Hawks’ Governor for the NBA Board of Governors since 2004. Levenson had co-founded the United Communications Group (http://www.ucg.com/AboutUs/Ownership.aspx) in 1977. Levenson was a founding board member for IT industry and TechTarget media