Securus Technologies Unveils New Drone Detection Tech

The law enforcement and prison industry is an incredibly important industry that provides a very valuable service to all people in this country. While this industry has always had a lot of challenges, the industry is seeing even more issues arise in recent years due to the increased prevalence of technology. One type of technology that is causing even more issues than most would expect is drone technology.


Through the use of drone technology, inmates at prisons are able to have a variety of small items are dropped into an open courtyard at the prison. Some of the items that can be snuck in in this method include weapons, illegal drugs, and a variety of other items that can make the prisons far more dangerous and difficult to contrl. Fortunately, one company is developing a new technology that can help to combat this problem.


Securus Technologies, which is based out of Dallas, Texas, is developing a new drone detection system that can provide amazing services to correctional facilities across the world. Through the use of this new technology, a prison official will be able to identify Whenever there is a drone within a certain distance of a prison. The prison officials will then be able to track this drone to determine its path and intercept it before it is able to drop a package at the prison.


While this technology will provide amazing services to correctional facilities across the country, it is just the latest piece of technology provided by Securus Technologies. This company has been in business for over 10 years and has continued to provide very Innovative products and services that provide a number of different solutions to serious problems in the law enforcement industry. This has helped to make prisons safer and more efficient places to work and live.


E-cigarettes in our culture

Are you familiar with the term E-cigarette? If your not you might want to look into them, especially if you are a smoker. With businesses like vape shops popping up all over the place, they have become a major part of our society at this point. Most of us have seen somebody walking down the road vaping and wondered what it was or what type they were using. It has become so popular that it is a flourishing business in the US and around the world. The thing that people like about e-cigarettes is that so many companies are developing and marketing equipment and juice. The Big tobacco companies like British American Tobacco, who bought out Reynolds American and became the largest tobacco company in the world, turned their focusing on E-cigs development to compete with Philip Morris. The two companies flooding the market with their product has made buying something and modify it to your wants and needs appeal to most E-cig users.

the E-cig users started looking in custom shops and at websites that are selling the devices that can be modified. O2Pur is one such company, offering multiple different types of products for e-cigarettes such as pens, chargers, coils, batteries, and things such as that. One of the main products that O2Pur concentrates on is their E-liquid. Coming in multiple different flavors variations O2Pur sales an E-liquid is that right mix of value and quality. Check out their smooth nicotine salts E-liquid that tastes better and is faster acting. Even if you do not need E-liquids visit O2Pur today to fill some of your e-cigarette needs. Let’s not give all of our business to the big tobacco companies. The smaller companies can provide just as much value for a reasonable price. Keeping the market varied is a good thing so they the prices do not skyrocket.

Nick Vertucci, Real Estate Flipper, Investor and Former Police Officer Is Helping Others Become Financially Independent

Working within the law enforcement field, Nick Vertucci has spent the majority of his life helping others. He worked day after day to help others stay safe. He has since then become an established real estate investor. Now Nick is working to help others to save their lives financially.

A police officer who retired to turn his focus over to the real estate world, Nick has spent the majority of his time flipping houses. He has used this method to help turn a larger profit than many others. Nick can be seen as a host for the Southern California #1 real estate investment show. The show, “The Real Estate Investing Hour”. Nick Vertucci has helped to work to create a system that is efficient in flipping properties as well as helping to build a cash flow which then leads to build wealth.

In the world of real estate, the opportunities that arise in the real estate scene are simply phenomenal. What some forget to realize however is that where there is success, there will be pitfalls. An ideal investor will learn the ropes from a mentor. Nick Vertucci has learned everything that he has used from someone who showed him all the ropes. It is those ropes that has helped to turn him into a successful investor in real estate. It has also helped him to become the celebrity that he is today.

Nick Vertucci has started working with many other individuals across the country. With his help, those individuals are learning how to become successful and wealthy on their own. The individuals are using his own secrets in order to create a wonderful experience across the globe by using the secrets to help themselves become wealthy. One of the largest secrets that he encourages others to use in order to be successful in investing is no-money down funding as well as learning to know which ones are the best properties to shop for.


Shafik Sachedina And Volunteering

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a highly regarded medical professional who has been living in the United Kingdom in Europe for many decades. He is extremely comfortable with his life and career in London, England. Although he’s a content United Kingdom resident now, Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania is where he was born in the fifties. Dar-es-Salaam is a big metropolis that’s situated in the eastern region of Tanzania. This is a nation that’s part of eastern Africa.

Dr. Sachedina has always been an assiduous person. He got straight to work after relocating to the United Kingdom long ago. He operates so quickly that he even managed to land dental surgery qualifications in the seventies. He worked on his qualifications at the University of London. This professional is 100 percent committed to the world of dental surgery. He’s been in practice in the United Kingdom for almost three full decades. He started practicing at the beginning of the nineties and hasn’t ever looked back since then.

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This man’s love of voluntary service honestly knows no bounds. He is constantly doing things to aid a group that’s called the Institute of Ismaili Studies. This is a prominent London institute that tries to encourage research that involves the Muslim universe. The Aga Khan set up the Institute of Ismaili Studies back in 1977. The group functions with the guidance of an illustrious Board of Governors. The Chairman of the board is the Aga Khan. Other noteworthy members who are part of the Board of Governors are Sachedina, Zauhar Meghji, Naguib Kheraj, Mohammed Keshavjee, Aziz Esmail and Afzal Ahmed. Kheraj is a banker who hails from the United Kingdom. He was born in the summer of 1964 and attended both Dulwich College and the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Sachedina has a penchant for work as a dental surgeon. He cares about all aspects that involve oral health in human beings. He has a deep understanding of all kinds of serious oral diseases that regularly impact peoples’ lives and comfort levels as well. Sachedina has dental surgery knowledge that’s expansive and detailed. He thinks about all aspects that involve dentistry all of the time. Dr. Sachedina is a key player on the team for Sussex Health Care in Sussex, United Kingdom. This is an established company that has care residences that tend to aging people in the nation. It tends to many people with learning issues, too.

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Vijay Eswaran Helps to Build Better Leaders

Vijay Eswaran has achieved a great deal of success as an executive, a motivational speaker, an author, and an entrepreneur. He is guided in his life by specific ideals, and a personal philosophy that he has set forth for himself. He is the Executive Chairman of the Q1 Group of Companies, of which he is the founder. The Q1 Group maintains its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company was founded in 1998, and since then, it has become active in several countries in Asia, and more.

He has dedicated his life to serving others. Vijay learned this trait very early on, from his father. He has read a great deal about extraordinary service leaders, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. He writes frequently on his thoughts of what makes a great leader. A great leader doesn’t rule by giving orders to others, but instead by caring about others, and by developing a leadership style of giving of oneself.

Vijay Eswaran has written several books, and each of them expound upon his philosophies for success. He entitled his first book,”In the Sphere of Silence“which taught of business and personal success. It was written to serve as an inspirational and motivational, self-help work, written to help others achieve greater success in their professional life. He is also frequently invited to speak as a motivational business speaker.

He was born in Malaysia in 1960. Vijay Eswaran later moved to the United Kingdom, where he attended the London School of Economics. He obtained his degree in the field of Socio-Economics. A short time later, he moved to the United States. He attended Southern Illinois University, where he achieved an MBA.

Vijay Eswaran is also a philanthropist. He set up a charitable organization, as an entity of the Q1 Group. The charitable works of the Rythm Foundation help many individuals in need of help. In addition, in honor of his father, Vijay established the Vijayaratnam Foundation, a charitable organization based in Malaysia.

Stansberry Research Provides Essential Online Financial Investment Data

An article from the Stansberry Research Digest indicated that it is essential to observe the resource sector since commodities are significant segments of appropriate plans for asset distribution. When purchase in the correct way and time, the said commodities are better means to spread out your investments that are beyond the custom assets such as real estate, bonds, and stocks.

However, before trying to invest even the minutest amount you can afford to lose, you must be able to correctly comprehend the vital rule followed by the resource industry. So, primarily be it known that such merchandises (commodities) are cyclical, which means they tend to rise exponentially and then fall drastically. And this cycle continues or repeats itself over and over again says Stansberry Research.

The reason for this kind of cycle for commodities according to Stansberry Research lies mainly on the law of supply and demand, and the market often counter the current move to, modify the required balance. To expound further, when the supply of a specific commodity is scarce in contrast to demand then the price will go up. So, when the prices go up, it will entice investors to infuse new capital and likewise invite current producers to add more supplies says Stansberry Research. The expected market reactions would be the volume of supplies will go up, and then it follows that the prices will decline. After a balance has been reached, the prices will rise again, and the supply will decrease.

On the other hand, the supply and demand for resource markets are entirely different from the commodity segment, because when the demand and supply for these resources become unequal, the market for these industries tends to counter much slower. And the cause of this is because it takes more money and time to for example begin a farming operation, drill wells, or build a mine to extract minerals, etc. Hence, the capital needed for these resources need millions to billions of investments, which is why it is difficult to control the prices when they begin to fall.

Stansberry Research is an online publisher of software and financial information for investors across the globe, which could be acquired by subscription basis. It provides needed information, advice, and strategies for stock/share investments.



Alexandre Gama Works Harder Than Anyone In The Industry

As one of the greatest Brazilian copywriters of the 1980s, Alexandre Gama could have been satisfied at that. However, Gama had bigger dreams. Those dreams came true in 1999 when he opened his own advertising firm which he named Neogama.

The move has proven to be a massive success over the past 20 years, as Neogama is one Brazil’s most award-winning agencies. The company has won 26 Golden Lions over the past two decades and is highly regarded for its work all over the world. Gama was the first Latin American that was asked to teach a Masterclass at the Cannes Film Festival. He has been a member of many global creative boards over the years.

Gama is not just and advertising man but a highly-successful entrepreneur and investor. He owns a large stake in a company that is near and dear to his heart, the British sports carmaker Briggs Automotive.

Jeff Aronin Works with His Company Paragon Biosciences to Create New Treatments and Drugs for Rare Diseases

Paragon Biosciences helps to build innovative healthcare companies that offer valuable medicines to the world. The company has 13 FDA drug approvals over the last 10 years and has a portfolio of companies that are managed by leaders in the biotech and healthcare industry. The hard work that Paragon has done has led to the success of many biotech companies who have required the kind of guidance that only Paragon can offer and is headed by Jeff Aronin. Specifically, the company connects companies with dedicated experts, entrepreneurs, and clinical experts who can provide them with the information and experience needed to find real success.

Paragon Biosciences looks to find the kinds of diseases that don’t yet have viable treatments, and it then works to find these treatments and get them to the patients who need them. Most of the companies that Paragon has built focus on treating a very specific disease, and the company works with physicians, patients, and others involved to better understand the disease as pointed by Aronin. At the core of the company is the idea that the most help can be given by focusing on unmet medical needs and applying a process of identifying, building, and then developing the solution to said medical need.

Jeff Aronin is the chief executive officer and chairman of Paragon Biosciences and has been in that position since 2010. He has also served many of the companies in Paragon’s portfolio as their chairman, and a couple of these include Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Before serving with Paragon, Aronin served as CEO and president of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. for nine years. Eventually, the company was acquired by Lundbeck, Inc., and he continued to sit as the CEO and president of the company for a time.

Jeff Aronin brings with him over two decades of experience in the biotech and healthcare industry, and, specifically, with rare diseases, complex issues in science, and the development of drugs. It is his passion for building teams that include business leaders, scientists, and executives that have made him the go-to-guy in the industry ( The teams he has built have had a knack for creating drugs and treatments that help patients who have diseases that are often forgotten.


Southridge Capital’s Five Tips On Paying Off Your Holiday Debt, Taking Your From Red to Black

Oh, yes. The holidays. A fun time for all. It might not be a fun time if you racked up some serious credit card debt in the process. Luckily, Southridge Capital and Newswire have some helpful suggestions on how you can recover very quickly from your debt. Check out to see more.

1) You should start by looking for a card that you can use to transfer the balance to at a lower rate. What about the 0% interest rate cards? We do offer them, at Southridge, but you need to be careful. You need to pay attention to how long the 0% lasts. You also need to pay attention to what the rate will be after that. We can tell you what to expect with these cards and whether they are a good option for you or not.

2) You need to get motivated to start paying your debt down. A lot of our clients are not motivated. That is where the problem comes in. They need something to get them going. A lot of our clients are motivated by a “sense of progress.” You can start by paying down the highest cards first. You can try to control your spending and address your willpower. Whatever it takes. You need to find your motivation and use it.

3) Create a budget. Look at your current spending habits. What can you afford to keep or not keep? You may need to cut some spending for the time being. It will be worth it in the end though. You can think of it as a “special treat” for being so good at paying your debt down.

4) You can pay more than once a month. Do you have extra money lying around that you are not using? Take the money and make another payment.

5) You may want to think about earning some extra money. Why not ask your boss for some extra projects? The extra work you do will increase your paycheck.

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José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto: How To Choose a Real Estate Advisor

Are you looking for information about José Auriemo Neto or how to get high quality real estate advice? Do you want to know why José Auriemo Neto comes highly recommended in the real estate community? José Auriemo Neto has great expertise in real estate investing and can help you succeed.

There are many ways to operate a real estate business and make money. You need to have a good understanding of how things work in this industry. Once you understand what works and what to avoid you won’t be overwhelmed or intimidated when you are checking out potential investments.

It is always advisable to have a good coach or mentor who can guide and advise you. An experienced real estate professional like José Auriemo Neto can walk you through the proven steps to real estate investing success. With his expert training, any ambitious individual can learn the various ways they might make money in the real estate investing business.

It is extremely important to get advice or training from a reputable and experienced real estate professional, whether you’re a beginner or you have been working in the field for many years.

As CEO and chairman of JHSF, a prominent real estate development company in Brazil, José Auriemo Neto has great expertise in property development and has worked with many professionals.

José Auriemo Neto has vast knowledge of the industry and is the right professional to show you how things work in this lucrative industry. José Auriemo Neto has helped numerous clients achieve success in real estate and can do the same for you.

If you are serious about getting started in real estate and becoming successful, you need to contact José Auriemo Neto to learn more about his expert guidance.