A Brief look at Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright acts as the VP and the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. For over a decade, Kevin has used his expertise on financial matters to better the communities on East Coast. The Enterprise Radio had recently interviewed him on various matters.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) was founded in the year 2007 and was later renamed in 2014. It was previously known as the Brick City Development Corporation. It now serves as the primary catalyst in economic development of Newark. It has been well organized to retain, attract and boost businesses, improve the capacity of small and minority business, and spur the development of real estate through the diverse neighborhoods of the city. As a development company that solely relies on Newark city, it collaborates with Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development to come up with and implement economic developments aimed at producing and sustaining economic growth, generating jobs and creating wealth for local residents.

Seawright is both a financial and administrative operations leader. He is well known for his broad strategic vision and his capability of achieving business targets and command new opportunities. Kevin has philanthropic trends and for over 13 years he has been using his expertise in finance to better the communities in the East Coast region. He has presented a unique mix of team inclusion, business acumen, outcome efficiency and financial private sector and government operations.

Currently, Kevin acts as the VP and CFO of Newark. Through his career, Kevin has been able to formulate business strategies that are capable of building responsive finance/accounting divisions that are consistently delivering great results by aligning up-to-date technological initiatives that are capable of achieving organizational and economic goals. Through his tireless efforts, Kevin has also being able to transform the process of corporate revenue planning that works effectively across the board for sub-contractors and general contractors throughout the whole of the mid-Atlantic region. The career accomplishments of Kevin include improvement of revenues that have aided in forecasting of the annual returns rise by 25 percent with services and goods rendered. To add on, he has also solidified the Human Capital Divisions by improving staff retention, collective bargaining, negotiations, enhancing recruitment efforts, compensation adjustments and change management. Standardization, enhanced company performance and service delivery to the consumers have all been improved by these processes.

The previous endeavors of Kevin include 13 years in the level of executive, capital operation management and human resources. He has also been responsible for an over $400 million in state, city, federal, capital and bond funds in his career.