According to Writers From Brazil

Brazil is a country with very many known writers who are recognized within and outside Brazil. These particular writers are categorized according to the stories they write and the impact the stories have on the readers. In short story writer, we have Anibol Machado, Alcantra Machado, and Dalton Trevisan. Those writers who major in Chroniclers are Ferndo Sabino, Joao do Rio, and Luis Fernando Verissimo. Under playwrights writers, we have the likes of Ariano Suassuna, Atur Azevedo, and Dias Gomes. Jaime Garcia Carlos Lacerda and Elsie Lessa are known to for majoring in journalistic writings. Other writers are FAgundes Varela poet writer, Antonio Vieira, historian, Aristle Fraga Lima children literature, Adolfo Cminha, Adonias Filiho, Ana Miranda, Ariano Suassuna are novelist writers. Under literary critics are Alfredo Bosi, Otto Maria, Afranio Cotinho, Wilson Martins Augusto Meyer. Narbal Fontes wrote children’s literature, Paulo Fernando Craveiro romance writer, Chroniclers and journalistic writer; Henrique Maximimiano Coelho Neto was a novelist writer. told that some of the authors who managed to secure awards in Brazil due to their commitment in writing were Mario Vargo Llosa who won the Nobel Prize in Literature; Jaime Garcia won the White Crane Award. Novelist such as Joaquin Manuel de Macedon, Manuel Antonio de Almeida, and Jose de Alencer published their works in serial form in the Newspapers and became national celebrities,

These particular writers have actually contributed to the education sector of Brazil and making it one of the best countries in literature worldwide. Some of these writers have also managed to become writer’s writer by improving the techniques used by those writers to enhance their study writing. These particular authors have contributed to the country by revealing out some of the grievances of the people of Brazil in their stories and poems. Some of the grievances that are remitted in the authors work include corruption, political inequality and violence used on Brazilian by the police.

Among the Brazil writers, Jaime Garcia is one the well-known writers due to his success in managing to become the author’s writer and having achieved various awards as discussed below.

Jaime Garcia, a known writer within and outside Brazil, he was blessed to hold various positions at Carioca Literature Academy that are being a teacher, being the vice-president and later the president of that particular school due to his God-given talent for writing. Garcia attained his first Award back in 2001 which was the White Crane Award after he managed to win the Brazilians support and him being famous, this particular award was like an eye opener to him since he managed to secure the above mentioned positions with the aid of this particular award. At Carioca Academy, Garcia developed new techniques to study writing and which could be used by students to express their thoughts, which later led to Academy image improving