Brad Reifler, Finance, and the Ninety-Nine Percent

The Forefront Income Trust, developed by Brad Reifler, allows non-accredited investors to share in the wealth, literally. By offering a special investment opportunity for the middle class, Forefront Capital wants to help these people shore up their savings.

Over the past several decades, the American middle class has been able to save less and less. In addition, due to requirements for investor accreditation, they have been shut out of some of the most lucrative investment opportunities. With this new offering of the Forefront Income Trust, Reifler is offering an excellent opportunity for high return with mitigated risk to the forgotten middle class of America. For an initial investment of just $2,500, clients will be able to have more diversification in their portfolios. Unlike the 401ks these middle class investors likely already have, this product is not correlated to the stock market.

Brad Reifler sought to develop this product after his own experience with investing. Entrusted with the life savings of his father-in-law, he was unable to invest in higher-risk products with the potential for higher returns. While he understood the idea behind protecting consumers, he chafed at the idea that the government viewed the middle class as too unintelligent to evaluate and assume risk on their own.

As founder of Forefront Capital, Bradley Reifler has been in boutique investment banking and wealth management for years. He first struck out on his own in 1982, with the founding of Reifler Trading Corporation. In 1995, he founded Pali Capital. Forefront Capital and its subsidiaries have been his focus since he founded that enterprise in 2009. With the Forefront Income Trust, Reifler is excited to allow ordinary Americans to expand their financial horizons.  Brad’s career history can be found on LinkedIn.