Artificial Intelligence: More Utilized Than We Think

Artificial Intelligence seems to be on everyone’s tongues these days. In a recent article in the Deccan Herald, by Ashwini Ashokan, the infiltration of AI into our everyday life and, more specifically, into the world of fashion and retail. The article discusses how AI never made a big bang when it came out. It has slowly become integrated in a way that many people miss. Anytime someone asks Siri a question, they are using artificial intelligence. Every time someone uploads a picture to Facebook, artificial intelligence assists in tagging people. And sometimes when individuals are shopping on online retail shops, artificial intelligence will help identify other items that they might like to buy more or in addition to what they are currently looking at.

Online shopping has been a major place where consumers can interact with artificial intelligence. Online retailers started to equip themselves with AI about 10 years again. Amazon was among the first. Amazon used it to suggest other items shoppers might also like. Another AI visual search shopping technology that has also been around for roughly 10 years is image intelligence. Companies like Slyce have developed artificial intelligence technology that will identify a piece of clothing or accessory from a barcode, advertisement or picture and tell the consumer where to find the item or items that are similar.

Slyce was created for the frustrated consumer. There are lots of apps out there that claim to scan barcodes or pictures and identify them, but many times they let users down. Slyce visual search has approached the problem with a three pronged solution. Users can choose whatever works or what they feel most comfortable with. First, users may choose to scan an item if they have access to a coupon or QR code or barcode. Second, users may scan an advertisement and it will be compared to pictures by the retailer. Third, users may take a picture of a piece of clothing or accessory and it will be scanned for its different attributes to find similar products that the retailer might have.

Slyce is headed up by a group of veterans who are guiding this project towards success. They are already partnered with several large companies that are utilizing the new technology that Slyce is bring to the table. The partners include Offerpop, Photon and Purchase Decision Network.