Shea Butter’s Numerous Benefits

Shea butter is commonly a primary ingredient used in making lotion, moisturizers, and other cosmetics. Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree which grows in Africa. It is also used in preparing of several African dishes. Many cosmetic industries separate the oil from the nuts and combine them with other ingredients as it is a relatively popular product. Shea butter is good for making the skin smooth and hair soft. Moreover, it contains vitamins A and E which help in keeping the skin moisturized and reduces stretch marks and scars. There are five different grades of Shea butter ranging from refined, unrefined and contaminated. It is not only used in cosmetic products but also as a base ingredient for medicines mainly ointments. There are also many different brands of Shea butter currently available in the market.

Many cosmetic industries opt to use Shea butter in their products one of which is EuGenia Shea. EuGenia Shea is a company that was founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete. EuGenia Shea is named after Naa-Sakle’s mother who established and grew a small business using her own mother’s shea butter formula. The method was raw, unrefined Ghanaian Shea butter. The company provides raw Shea butter which is all natural, highly concentrated and 100% pure. EuGenia Shea provides jobs for women at fair wages. The brands revolve around pregnancy needs, everyday usage, and dermatological use. EuGenia Shea products include; Everyday Shea Butter(Some Shea), Dermatological Strength Shea Butter(Most Shea), Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter(More Shea) and Shea Butter Gift Packs.

The researchers at EuGenia Shea have conducted extensive research and development to come up with products that give the comprehensive benefits of Shea butter and offering customers with what they need. Products from EuGenia Shea are contained at least 95% Shea butter which is way high than other cosmetic industries. Customer reviews are positive with many of them satisfied with benefits of EuGenia Shea products. Customers are pleased with the products skin anti-inflammatory abilities, skin regeneration, and minimizing stretch marks. Naa-Sake learned the same skills in Shea butter her mother did. EuGenia was the first president of Global Shea Alliance because of her competence in a production of raw, unrefined Shea butter. Naa-Sakle was introduced to her mother’s business at an early age and grew up in a home where Shea butter was used as a remedy for many ailments and basic bodily methods. The same skills imparted to her by her mother are the same she uses in running her company. This has made Eugenia Shea company products the best currently available in the market.

FreedomPop: From Free Cell Phone Service to Free Wifi

FreedomPop got their start from positive reviews and by offering their customers free cellular phone service on the Sprint network. They now wish to branch out and reach out to more possible customers by extending their services into WI-FI. In January, they turned on ten million hot spots, from fast food chains (Burger King and McDonald’s, coffee shops (Starbucks), and retail store (Best Buy) and it is projected that it will go up to twenty-five million by the end of the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 (also known as the end of March 2015). They will at first focus on metro areas. Their customers also get unlimited telephone calls and texts while they are connected to the WI-FI. This WI-FI service will at first be only available to a certain type of phone.

The WI-FI service will only be available to Android devices in the beginning, due to the fact that they are issues with automatic WI-FI sign-in on Apple’s platform. FreedomPop’s IOS application should be updated by now. The company cannot say who is partnering with them in this endeavor and the reason for this appears to be that they are limited by the regulations of a contract. With Starbucks possibly being one of their WI-FI hotspots and getting people to pay five dollars a month for something that they can get for free in many places, FreedomPop does have some challenges ahead of them.

If they offer service at Starbucks, FreedomPop would have to partner with AT&T or Google. Talking people into paying five dollars a month also appears to not be an easy task, especially since the majority of people are happy with the free internet that they may use at many locations. Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop believes that his company’s most current move will peak the interest of wanting to lower the cost of their data costs that are part of their Smartphone bill. They are starting small though with the plan being for them to have more than one million customers before the year is over.

Delta Aircraft Slips off of Runway in New York City

A Delta Air Lines jet slipped off of the runway into a snowstorm at LaGuardia Airport in New York on Thursday. It was carrying 125 people, though no dramatic injuries were reported.

Delta said that flight 1006 was arriving after a morning flight from Georgia and that the passengers used inflatable slides to safely evacuate the plane into a nearby terminal via buses.

YouTube videos showed rescue crews were seen on the scene and one passenger had to wear a neck brace (and was taken away in an ambulance), according to Jaime Garcia Dias.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board is looking into the incident and the runways were closed soon after the event.

Delta has said that they will work closely with authorities to figure out what happened. Some of the passengers took to the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to report their experience, making Delta scramble to control public relations issues.

LaGuardia is the airport with the smallest amount of capacity in New York City, and it has had previous incidents. In 1994, a Denver-bound plane had to be aborted to avoid a crash that nearly caused fatalities.

Another flight, headed for Cleveland, crashed in LaGuardia’s property and killed 27 passengers.

LaGuardia officials and Delta representatives have expressed concern over the crashes and vowed to look into the core issue to prevent future unfortunate events from happening on their planes or in their airport properties.

Sam Tabar’s New Investment In THINX

When Sam Tabar chose to invest in THINX, many people were wondering he put his money in a company that makes ladies underwear for menstruation and incontinence. However, he heard the story of the company from the founders. He was so amazed by what they are doing that he was willing to put his money where his mouth is. The story came first from PR Newswire about how he was able to learn what makes THINX so unique.

The company is a great company that helps to make women feel beautiful when they are having troubles with their cycle or incontinence. However, the company goes even farther to make sure that women all over the world have the resources they need to deal with their cycle.

When women are struck with their menstrual cycle in Africa, they have to sit at home until it passes because they cannot manage their own period. They do not have the pads they need to take care of themselves, but THINX teamed with AFRIpads to give women in Africa seven pads for every one pair of underwear that is sold in America.

This heartwarming story is what convinced Sam Tabar that this was a good investment. It is the story of a community giving back as it sells its own products.

Before it’s buzz: Tom Rothman for TriStar

Tom Rothman Brings His Impressive Film Background to the Role of Chairman at TriStar Productions

Tom Rothman, who has had a very successful career as a film executive, has recently been named Chairman of a new joint venture with Sony Pictures and TriStar. He will lead this venture to make movies and television shows under the TriStar banner called TriStar Productions. Tom Rothman’s previous accomplishments include being the Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment from 2000-2012, overseeing one of the world’s biggest producers and distributors of motion pictures and television that included Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Searchlight (which Rothman founded and from where the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire was produced), Blue Sky Animation, and Twentieth Century Fox Television.
Many of the best and most successful films of modern times have been made with his oversight: Titanic,Avatar, Life of Pi, Master and Commander, Moulin Rouge, Sideways, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, and several more. Tom Rothman has an impressive background working in the entertainment industry including having had the title of President of Worldwide Production for Samuel Goldwyn company and being Executive Vice President for Colombia Pictures. Prior to these roles, he was a partner at the New York entertainment law firm Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein and Selz and represented many major industry figures in the arts. He also at the start of his work life was a law clerk and before that an English teacher and also coached soccer and lacrosse.

As Chairman at TriStar Productions, Tom Rothman will be overseeing the production of up to four films a year, all released under the TriStar Pictures banner. Rothman and his group at TriStar Productions will also develop long-form and series programs for Sony Pictures Television. Rothman is excited about producing televion programming as well as films, and is quoted as saying: “Television right now is fertile…I believe that…is ultimately going to be a great thing for the movie audience because it does show that you can aim high with audiences.” He also said that television has been able to make the “very complicated” character work, and that is partly due to television shows not being as market-driven as films are. TriStar Productions is also, of course, expected to be impressive with the films it turns out. Tom Rothman is known for loving both films and filmmakers as well as understanding how to make money on films and having great taste in them too.