Alexandre Gama Works Harder Than Anyone In The Industry

As one of the greatest Brazilian copywriters of the 1980s, Alexandre Gama could have been satisfied at that. However, Gama had bigger dreams. Those dreams came true in 1999 when he opened his own advertising firm which he named Neogama.

The move has proven to be a massive success over the past 20 years, as Neogama is one Brazil’s most award-winning agencies. The company has won 26 Golden Lions over the past two decades and is highly regarded for its work all over the world. Gama was the first Latin American that was asked to teach a Masterclass at the Cannes Film Festival. He has been a member of many global creative boards over the years.

Gama is not just and advertising man but a highly-successful entrepreneur and investor. He owns a large stake in a company that is near and dear to his heart, the British sports carmaker Briggs Automotive.

Glen Wakeman Uses His Experience To Help Startups

Glen Wakeman is an American businessman who has spent his professional career entirely in the financial industry. The first two decades of his career was spent at the global financial giant GE Money. For the jobs he had at GE Money he lived around the world. He says that he worked in 32 different countries, often building country operations from the ground up. His time was often spent putting in place new branches of GE Money and he says he eventually places over 1000 branches while working for them. His final role at GE Money was as the chief executive officer of Latin America.

Many times in his career Glen Wakeman has seen promising startups crash and burn. He wanted to find out this was so often the case so he dug into the issue and researched it. His findings were that most startups experience failure because the founders didn’t take the time to build a really good business plan to get them through the initial stages. Since he has built so many operations himself he knew he had the knowledge and skills to help these founders. This included his managerial skills as well as deep experience in business development, operations, and implementing technology solutions.

Glen Wakeman is now the founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He had a platform developed to build business plans that startup founders can access online. He put in every idea these developers need to go over when creating a successful business plan that will give them a path to success ( He says that he created a guided approach that is clear in nature and also one that insured adequate liquidity so that the new venture doesn’t run out of money at a critical time.

In 1981, Glen Wakeman earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Scranton. Later on, in 1991, he attended the University of Chicago and he graduated in 1993 with his MBA in finance. He now lives in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. He says that he is passionate about growing new companies and developing executive skills.