Shafik Sachedina And Volunteering

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a highly regarded medical professional who has been living in the United Kingdom in Europe for many decades. He is extremely comfortable with his life and career in London, England. Although he’s a content United Kingdom resident now, Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania is where he was born in the fifties. Dar-es-Salaam is a big metropolis that’s situated in the eastern region of Tanzania. This is a nation that’s part of eastern Africa.

Dr. Sachedina has always been an assiduous person. He got straight to work after relocating to the United Kingdom long ago. He operates so quickly that he even managed to land dental surgery qualifications in the seventies. He worked on his qualifications at the University of London. This professional is 100 percent committed to the world of dental surgery. He’s been in practice in the United Kingdom for almost three full decades. He started practicing at the beginning of the nineties and hasn’t ever looked back since then.

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This man’s love of voluntary service honestly knows no bounds. He is constantly doing things to aid a group that’s called the Institute of Ismaili Studies. This is a prominent London institute that tries to encourage research that involves the Muslim universe. The Aga Khan set up the Institute of Ismaili Studies back in 1977. The group functions with the guidance of an illustrious Board of Governors. The Chairman of the board is the Aga Khan. Other noteworthy members who are part of the Board of Governors are Sachedina, Zauhar Meghji, Naguib Kheraj, Mohammed Keshavjee, Aziz Esmail and Afzal Ahmed. Kheraj is a banker who hails from the United Kingdom. He was born in the summer of 1964 and attended both Dulwich College and the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Sachedina has a penchant for work as a dental surgeon. He cares about all aspects that involve oral health in human beings. He has a deep understanding of all kinds of serious oral diseases that regularly impact peoples’ lives and comfort levels as well. Sachedina has dental surgery knowledge that’s expansive and detailed. He thinks about all aspects that involve dentistry all of the time. Dr. Sachedina is a key player on the team for Sussex Health Care in Sussex, United Kingdom. This is an established company that has care residences that tend to aging people in the nation. It tends to many people with learning issues, too.

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Stream Energy takes charity to next level with Stream Cares Foundation

Stream Energy may be the single most innovative energy company in America today. Founded more than a dozen years ago, the company has revolutionized the way that people buy and use energy. In addition to providing its associates with a phenomenal economic opportunity, Stream Energy has made it easier for average Americans to use the cost-saving power of clean energy. In doing so, Stream Energy is helping bring about the green energy revolution that will soon take over American and make it one of the cleanest advanced nations on Earth.

Stream Energy is a different kind of energy company. Founded on the idea that people should only pay for what they use and how they use it, Stream Energy allows average power consumers more breadth of choice than any other company in existence. One of the cornerstones of its program has been its promotion of green energy sources, allowing, for the first time, users who would not otherwise have access to means of green energy consumption the ability to choose to consume their household energy in the form of wind or solar-generated power.

But Stream has racked up accomplishments in other areas of social importance as well. The company has been heavily involved in charitable causes around the Dallas, Texas, area since it was founded. Having contributed to everything from hurricane victims to programs helping the city’s homeless children, now, Stream Energy is creating a dedicated philanthropy arm of its company that will be called the Stream Cares Foundation.

The Stream Cares Foundation will continue giving to the many charitable causes that the company has been supporting over the last decade. But it will also give the company’s employees a chance to take a more active role in charity around Dallas. Stream employees are already known for their generosity. In 2016, a major outbreak of tornadoes occurred in the North Texas area. Stream employees were able to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help get the people of the regions who were displaced by the storms the help they needed. Stream then matched the contributions. All told, the tornado-ravaged people of North Texas got a six-figure windfall.

Waiakea Water That Quenches Thirst and Heals The Body

Waiakea is an Hawaiian name meaning ‘broad waters,’ and clean healthy water is what you get when you drink this Hawaii volcanic water. The Waiakea Incorporated company was named Inc Magazine’s fastest growing company. Waiakea, Inc. is owned by Ryan Emmons, its Chief Executive Officer.

When Ryan grew up in Hawaii, he found out that his parent owned the Kea’au Aquifer found at the bottom the Mauna Loa volcano. Ryan Emmons knew how pure the water’s content were. The Hawaiian reputation for the volcanic water properties consisted of quality minerals which gives the water its smooth good taste.

The water gives you energy due to is hydrating electrolytes, it does not have any harmful free radicals and it helps to regulate the body’s pH balance system. Ryan built the Waiakea Company around the principles of clean water, eco-friendly conservation measures, sustainability, and better health.

The Waiakea water began its healthy origin flowing down the Mauna Loa volcano as it was naturally filtered and purified. The volcano is high enough that it snows in this part of Hawaii. Therefore, when it rains, the snow caps begin to melt and falls into the volcano over porous volcanic rocks where it collects at the base of the volcano. Due to this natural filtering process, this volcanic water benefits involve a mineral composition of silica, sodium, calcium, and potassium.

It is amazing that the Waiakea water pH minerals naturally work together within the human body to keep its healthy. For example, potassium and sodium work together to keep the body’s electrolyte system health in support of many organs like the heart, kidney, brain, and muscles.

The silica mineral works with calcium to detox and build our arteries and tissues. Another benefit in using Waiakea bottled water is the fact that the bottles are environmentally friendly because they degrade faster than other traditional water bottles.

Ryan Emmons and his Waiakea bottled water company was honored by the Social Venture Network and the Beverage World Magazine.

A Review of Hason Halpern’s Incredible Rise in the American Real Estate Market

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

At a relatively young age, New York-based property developer Jason Halpern has already established himself as one of America’s real estate kings. He heads JMH Development, a position that he has been holding since 2010. This real estate development firm has invested over $500 million in lucrative commercial and residential projects, which mainly target affluent buyers. The company’s property portfolio is mainly in New York and its surrounding suburbs.

When he took over JMH Development, not many people expected Jason to succeed. This is because the real estate market was still recovering from the 2009 economic meltdown, which had forced hundreds of property firms to close shop. Nonetheless, Halpern formulated strategies that not only cushioned the company from the financial crisis, but also helped it post impressive revenues. It is safe to argue that JMH’s outstanding growth has corresponded with Jason’s stint at the top.


Pragmatic Business Strategies

When he took over, Halpern’s first task was to convince financiers to keep investing in the sector. It should be noted that at that time, the real estate market was facing an uncertain future. Jason oversaw the formulation of resilient business strategies that have helped JMH to dominate New York’s high-end property market. His extensive networks have made it easier for him to seek investment funding, something that has enabled the firm to venture into previously uncharted markets in Florida, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Jason understands what it takes for a company to succeed in an industry that is typically characterized by stiff competition. As JMH’s managing partner, he has been able to instill team work, ethical business practices, and proactive marketing into the firm’s corporate culture. His aim is not only to offer exquisite commercial and residential properties but also to maintain the family legacy since the Halperns are synonymous with the success of New York’s property scene.

Upcoming Projects

Jason’s Family

Jason recently launched an upcoming project in Miami. The company has partnered with Madden Real Estate Ventures to redevelop Loft South Beach. This is an exciting project for the company since it will help it dominate Miami’s property market for years to come. Mr. Halpern studied at George Washington University.

Former NBA Owner Takes On AIG In Heated Lawsuit

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment organization, in association with former NBA team owner, Bruce Levenson have recently filed for a civil action law suit against the insurance and investing conglomerate, AIG Insurance. The basis and origins of the law suit can be found with a settlement claim filed by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group.

What happened was, after filing for his claim, Mr. Ferry sought coverage by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment organization’s insurance company, AIG. Mr. Levenson firmly believed that AIG’s policy covered Mr. Ferry’s expenses, and he had good reason to do so given his extensive background in law from attending law school. However, AIG disagreed and refused to pay even a single penny in regards to Mr. Ferry’s claim causing AHBE and Mr. Levenson take the matter to court.

The precise amount of the settlement is as yet undisclosed as is the specific dates for the inevitable court hearings. Given that neither Mr. Levenson nor the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group are any longer associated with the NBA, specifically the Atlanta Seahawks, the team’s current administration has declined to comment until such time as the matter has been resolved in court.

For more info, visit Mr. Bruce Levenson’s personal website and Wikipedia page.



Factors that Influence Investment Banking Industry

The investment banking industry is gaining popularity, and therefore, it is becoming a lucrative venture. It is evident that Investment banking contributes significantly to the growth of GDP in the developing nations. Notably, investment banks serve as indicators of capital markets and general economic stability of a country. Conversely, investment banking continues to expose a significant danger to the existing and potential investors.

The condition is ironical considering that millions of investors have succeeded in the investment banking. However, some investors have endured massive losses in the same industry. Nevertheless, the significance of investment banking cannot be undervalued. Therefore, potential investors have a reason to invest and be successful in the investment banking sector.

Here are some of the principles that guide investment banking:

Systemic risks in the industry

In any business, there must be potential hazards, and investment banking is not exceptional. The risks in the investment banking are instigated by fluctuations in the economic factors such as changes in the currency value and government policies. Economic growth or decline can as well have a great impact on investment banking. Downward changes like recession can bring adverse effects to the investment banking sector.Efficiency of the banking system that it is inevitable for the investment banking to provide effective information and trade within the stipulated period. Implementation of regulation in the investment banking guarantees investors safety.

About: Martin Lustgarten

Martin is a Venezuelan citizen. Over the years, Lustgarten has leveraged his citizenship to provide custom-tailored services that not only meet but exceeds clients’ expectations. Martin is a stronger believer of global scale portfolios, as they reduce the expected risk.

International investments have helped Martin Lustgarten to reduce the expected risk significantly while benefiting from the success of the local economy. As a veteran in the investment banking, Martin can predict the oncoming market trends. As such, he initiates quick actions once he realizes that the markets are about to fluctuate. His ability to understand economic changes helps him come up with reliable and relevant investment strategies for his clients. Therefore, for investors wishing to succeed in their ventures, they should keep an eye on Martin’s investment tips.

The Contributions Of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CCMP Capital Advisors. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Advisors is a private equity investment firm, which focuses on growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout. He resigned from his post due to health reasons. Stephen was also a private equity investor and a philanthropist.

Stephen Murray was born on August 2, 1962. He lived with his family in Westchester County, a suburb of New York. Stephen studied at Boston College, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree. He then proceeded to The Columbia University in 1989, where he earned his Master of Business Administration.

Stephen Murray began his career in 1984 when he was employed as a credit trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, a New York-based organization. With his hard work and commitment, he rose to become the Vice President of middle-market lending.

In 1989, Stephen Murray joined MH Equity Corporation. The company had combined Manufactures Hanover Trust Company’s private equity group with its leveraged finance unit. In 1991, Manufacturers Hanover was acquired by Chemical Bank, and MH Equity merged with Chemical Ventures Partners. Hanover Manufacturers was the predecessor of CCMP. In 2000, Manufacturers Hanover became part of JP Morgan.

In 2005, Stephen Murray was appointed as the head of the bank’s buyout business. JP Morgan was mainly involved in investing in middle-marketing deals with bank’s private equity clients. He co-founded CCMP Capital Advisors, which was a spinoff of JP Morgan Chase. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

By 2006, CCMP Capital Advisors had a buyout and growth equity team. Stephen Murray was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital Advisors in 2007.

Stephen Murray was known to be a terrific investor and a deal maker who spent most of his career in private equity.

He had positive contributions to CCMP Capital Advisors. Stephen also served on the board of major companies including Generac Power Systems, Aramark, Warner Chilcot, AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, The Vitamin Shop, Legal Hospital Holdings, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, and Pinnacle Foods. He was the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Boston College.

Stephen was also a well-known philanthropist who gave back to the community generously. He supported several foundations including the Make A Wish Foundation of Metro New York, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford Museum, and Columbia Business School. He also gave donations to the Boston College, where he studied his undergraduate degree.

Choosing Handy for Your Fresh Spring Cleaning Makes Perfect “Scents”!

It’s that time of the year when you pull out all the mops and cleaning supplies and get down to the business of cleaning your home. There is nothing better than having a freshly cleaned house or apartment to come home to after a long day of work. Many people enjoy throwing open the windows, letting in some warm fresh air and cleaning their own homes, especially after being cooped up all winter long. But for those who would rather pass the cleaning on to someone else, there is an app they will love.

Handy is a fast-growing mobile and online cleaning service that is different from most companies. While there are thousands of commercial cleaning businesses, as well as many private cleaning companies, Handy is different in that they also offer home repair along with typical cleaning services. With over a million dollars coming into the company in bookings every week, Handy is a company that is going places, and one you will want to get on board with.

The easiest best and most convenient part of this company is the ability to use the company’s mobile app to schedule cleaning and home repair services. Instead of waiting for days for a call-back from other companies who may not even answer their phones, simply schedule what you need on the app and you’ll have a date and time set within minutes. The app is user friendly and free, and you’ll have immediate access to all of the company’s services right when you need them.

It’s also the perfect company for service professionals who need to earn a good living but need flexible hours. The wage for most of the cleaning crew falls between fifteen and twenty-two dollars an hour, with the average employee making about eighteen dollars an hour. Not only that, workers for the company can choose the hours that they can work. Handy also makes sure that all of their staff is thoroughly vetted, so you can be sure you are getting reputable cleaners when you make an appointment.

Choosing Handy Cleaning Services is a choice many people are making today. Sign up on their app and see what all you can have done for your home.

Sam Tabar, Successful Attorney and Financial Strategist

Perhaps by now you have heard of Sam Tabar? Sam Tabar is an experienced and well known attorney, practicing in New York. He has practiced with law firms, such as Skadden, Meagher, Arps, Schulte, Roth and Zabel and Slate and Flom. Tabar is not only an attorney, but he is a highly skilled financial strategist. Currently, Sam is employed as COO at FullCycle Energy Fund. His job there is to oversee and help boost the company’s management fund. This is certainly not the only job Sam has held in his extensive and lustrous career.

In 2001, after graduating school, Bloomberg shows that Sam Tabar became an associate at Skadden, which is one of the world’s most well known and successful law firms. During his stint there, Sam worked with clients on how to put together a successful hedge fund, as well as how to get the most out of their investments. He also dealt with regulatory, compliance and several other categories that deal with employees.

In 2004, Sam parted ways with the Skadden company and joined PMA Investment Advisors. PMA Investors is a company out of Hong Kong and is affiliated with Sparx Group Company. Before long, Sam earned the position of Managing Director and Head of Business Development. While employed he was in control of and managed a $2 billion dollar hedge fund, including overseeing investor relations. He developed an exceptional marketing plan for the company that related to institutional investors, high profile clients and also family offices. During his time there Sam played a large role in helping the company raise $1.2 billion in assets.

In 2011, CrunchBase shows that Sam Tabar was hired as Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of Merrill Lynch. He helped counsel the hedge fund clients and also introduced institutional investors to the company. Before leaving the company in 2012, Sam put together a prestigious list of of more than 1,250 institutional investors.

GoFundMe really shows that Sam Tabar also became a big player in charity work after joining the company THINX. The company provided generous donations to the country of Africa, particularly pertaining to African Women. This inspired Sam to help raise money to assist children in the remote parts of Southern Africa that suffer from the disease HIV/AIDS.

Sam Tabar has a fantastic resume, including an education at Oxford University, becoming a legit attorney and superb financial specialist and along the way, has touched many Nations.

Philip Diehl: Savings in Form of Precious Metals.


Philip Diehl, the CEO of the US Money Reserve has achieved quite a status in the financial market today. During his tenure in the US Mint, he spearheaded the introduction of the 50 states quarter program. The program was the most successful ever in the history of the nation. He also introduced the Sacagawea Dollar that it sold more than what the Antony Dollar by Susan B earned in 20 years within its first ten months. In the Mint also, he did some improvements that led to the reserve being chosen as the second best in terms of customer services among the federal agencies in the country. The success of Diehl can be linked to the fact that he has worked with other officials in various treasury branches and on Capitol Hill where he acquired and mastered the skill in deciphering the fiscal and monetary policies.
The US Money Reserve was formed by gold market veterans who saw the need for an open system that will allow the purchase of the precious metals. To date, the reserve is the largest in the country with Philip Diehl as the president. They deal with metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum and apart the coins, the Mint is known for its excellent customer services as it is the second best among the federal agencies a rating that was done by the University of Michigan. The Mint also boasts of being backed by Congress and the precious metals are converted to coins with a face value denomination and are accepted as official US legal tender. Click here for more information.
Mint has gained quite a customer base due to its ability to guide the clients in choosing the best value coins in the reserve. The wise purchases have helped some attain huge profits and positions that they hold in the society today. Just like the Billionaire Financier advised people to acquire gold instead of keeping dollars in the banks, precious metal coins do not suffer massive impacts during recessions. The reserve offers a wide variety of coins with different weights. The gold bullion can be an ounce bar, ten-ounce bar and the 32.15 ounce which is equivalent to 1kg. Silver is offered in the form of 90% silver bag which has a value of $1000, the 500-coin monster box and the American eagle coin. Visit the US Money Reserve and acquire yourself some precious metals for a strong feature.

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