BMG Bank Director Marcio Alaor Believes In Supporting The Automotive Business

The automotive business in Brazil is big business for some banks. BMG Bank is one of those banks. BMG Bank director Marcio Alaor has built a very profitable automobile loan business in Brazil, so he stays up-to-date on the financial conditions of the automobile companies. BMG Bank makes new and used loans, so it is important for Alaor to keep up with recalls, changes in stock prices and any other issues that might impact the value of automobiles. Alaor is one of the top bankers in Brazil.
The recent issues that Volkswagen is experiencing is a good example of how quickly automobile stock can drop in value. Consumers stop buying from companies that have damaged reputations, and it may take them years to get those customers back. That’s why Alaor is tuned into stock prices, and any news that concerns automobiles and automobile manufacturing.
Alaor believes Initial public offerings (IPO) of automobile stock helped the stock market grow over the years. General Motors has been traded on the stock exchange for more than 100 years, and Ford has been traded for more than 60 years. The value of General Motors today is more than $53 billion and that is just one automobile company. Automobile stocks are hot this year. Car sales are running well ahead of 2014, and most automobile stocks have increased in value.
The automobile companies haven’t suffered a major amount of recalls in 2015, but there are always recalls, according to Alaor, and they impact automobile values. BMG Bank and other banks that make automobile loans are careful when they grant those loans. Some automakers are better than others in the lender’s eyes, and that can impact the amount of money a lender will lend.
Most of the automakers are performing well in stock markets around the world this year, but there are exceptions. Nissan stock is down 18 percent; Ferrari is down 10 percent; Ford Motor Company is down 10 percent; Porsche is down 42 percent, and Volkswagen is down 35 percent.
There are many factors that impact the value of automobile stocks, so Alaor and his team at BMG Bank are constantly monitoring automobile statistics. The good news is people in Brazil are buying cars in spite of the recession and the high inflation rate. Brazilians love their cars and automobiles are usually the first purchase they make when they can afford a consignment credit loan.

Source: Exame Magazine

How to Have Career Success Like George Soros



There are many young people who want to have a lot of career success during their lifetime. However, this is a lot easier said than done. Over the long term, one of the biggest factors in a person’s career success is how passionate they are about the work they are doing. People who love their work are always more productive and positive about getting things done. One person who has had a huge amount of career success in his life is George Soros. George Soros had a lot of things facing him as he was growing up. However, he never let the things around him determine his future. Here are several tips that anyone can take from the life of George Soros in order to have a tremendous amount of career success.

Get an Education

One of the biggest factors that has played into the success of George Soros is the fact that he has a great education. George Soros has a doctorate in philosophy, but he has never stopped learning during his career. Over the long term, this has led to him being one of the biggest experts in the field of economics to this day. He uses this influence to help causes that he is passionate about. In order to have career success like George Soros, it is important to have a strong formal education.

Think Outside the Box

George Soros had a successful career at an early age when he was in finance. He could have simply worked his way up the typical corporate ladder throughout his career. However, he knew that in order to have a huge amount of career success he would need to think outside of this box. This allowed him to see opportunities around him that other people could not see. There will be times in your career that you will have to take a major risk in order to get ahead. Instead of viewing this as a bad thing, view risk as an opportunity to grow quickly. George Soros was always willing to go the extra mile in taking risks and thinking outside the box.

Give Back

Another big aspect in the life of George Soros is the fact that he always gives back to causes that he cares about. Although not everyone agrees with his politics, he is a person who wants to influence others through his charity. Anyone who wants to have great career success needs to make sure that he or she gives back at some point. Not only does this help other people, but it also builds trust from your peers.

Final Thoughts

George Soros is one of the most successful people in the world today. He has been able to enjoy a great amount of career success for several reasons. Not only is he very passionate about the work he does, but he also has the education and work ethic to back up this passion for helping others.

BMG Bank Is The Second Most Profitable Bank In Brazil

When the BMG Bank first opened its doors for business, it was a family owned bank that offered car loans and equity loans to Brazilians that have enough collateral to receive a loan n 1930. In those days, loans were only granted to rich Brazilians because there was no middle-class in the country when the Guimarães family decided to open their own bank. Brazil had a wealthy group of people that didn’t need loans and poor people that had very little of value. Brazil’s government was riddled with corruption in those days, and the corruption continued for most of the 20th century.
The economy started to change in Brazil in 1994. The new government wanted to create a middle-class that could borrow money for homes and automobiles as well as for other goods and services that would help grow the economy. Banks began to lend money to the newly formed middle-class and the country’s economy exploded until the 2008 worldwide meltdown. Brazilians were getting loans with little collateral before the meltdown, but all that changed when the banks decided they were exposed to bad loans and a lot of them. In 2010, the BMG Bank and a couple of other banks decided to test a new product called consignment credit on the middle-class, and it was accepted with open arms.
Consignment credit in Brazil is now a $R139 billion industry and Ricardo Guimarães, the President of BMG Bank, has an 18 percent market share in that industry. BMG Bank owns more than $R23 billion of the $R130 billion consignment credit loans on the books, and the bank is very profitable. There are more than 60 Brazilian banks offering consignment credit loans in Brazil today because there are more than 40 million middle-class citizens in the country, and most of them are working and need a loan to buy something.
BMG Bank’s consignment credit product is called a “Payroll Loan” Borrowers that need a loan get one if they have a job and can show they can pay back the loan in a reasonable amount of time. The loan is guaranteed by their income. Payroll loans have lower interest rates, and they can be automatically deducted from paychecks. Ricardo Guimarães thinks payroll loans help middle-class Brazilian buy products and services now and that is helping the weak economy. Brazil is going through a tough recession and inflation is eating away the disposable income of many Brazilians. BMG Bank is helping its clients battle those issues with several bank products that fall under the umbrella of consignment credit.

George Soros, The Greatest Investor, Philanthropist And Liberal Billionaire

In 1947, George Soros fled for England from. He joined London School of Economic and graduated in 1952 worked for a London based Investment Bank. He immigrated to the United States in 1956 and worked for three New York Analyst and Investment firms. Soros decided to go his way in 1973 and founded the Soros Fund Management hedge fund that is now called the Quantum Fund. He has run his fruitful and aggressive hedge fund for almost twenty years, posting returns of more than 100% in two occasions.

He gave up the management of the firm in the 1980s as one of the world richest people and begun philanthropic donations through the Open Society Foundation. Political activism, in the recent years, it has become Soros’ Important occupation. He has lectured and written widely on the U.S role in world affairs education, human rights and political freedom among others. Oxford University orferred Soros an honorary degree and he said he would like to be called a philanthropic, financial and philosophical speculator.

Open Society networks partners, foundations and has projects for more than 100 countries in the world and George Soros is its chairperson and founder. He has a high commitment to the idea of a society that is open where the government is accountable, human rights are respected, and no one has monopoly on the truth and this brings out the foundation to be one of the biggest and private philanthropic effort in history.

In 1979, Soros begun his philanthropic effort by offering scholarships to black South Africans. He supported cultural exchanges and provided Xerox machines to copy banned texts in the 1980s and helped undermine communism in the Eastern Bloc. His Open Society Foundations have supported has supported philanthropy in Asia, Africa and the United States. He created the Central European University after the Berlin Wall fell to promote thinking. His Foundation has also supported thousands of unlawfully held individuals with lawyers to represent them legally.

George Soros has sought a self-governing fair combat against limiting the recent enacted voting laws by the Republican-controlled national regimes is being sponsored by the philanthropist billionaire George Soros. Democrats, however, say that the new legislation will affect the young, the poor, and the minorities disproportionately. The Republicans, on the other hand, say that the new laws will protect against election fraud.

In his early years, George Soros was a genius in translating the hursh economic trends into currency and bonds in a highly leveraged killer play. He was a short-term speculator as an investor as he was making huge bets into the financial market directions. He acted out through emotions rather than logical considerations when he described the financial market to be chaotic. The currency and security prices were determined by humans who buy and sell this asset.

Soros was a very keen investor, he could move with the crowd but eventually look for an opening to lead the group and strike at the most opportune moment. When it comes to buying and selling, Soros had an instinctive physical reaction because this was a complicated strategy.

BMG Success Strategy

The economy of Brazil has been fairly stable for a long time now. Consequently, the economic progress of the country has been on the trajectory. As the country’s economy progress so has been the profitability of the organizations in that country. Most of the organizations in the banking industry have been on the gaining end. One such cooperation that have been in the rise is BMG. BMG is a family owned Brazilian Bank. Its current CEO Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes has guided it to its success over the years since he took over as CEO in 2004.
A country’s success in finance is dependent on the strength of its banking sector. Currently, Brazil has a strong banking foundation. The existence of stable banks like BMG in the Brazilian economy will only make the country grow exponentially. The Bank started off by offering loans to finance trucks and cars. It has since graduated to offer loans to individuals, business and other corporations.
The CEO of BMG, Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes has played an important role in the organization’s transition. It is not any other day that an organization succeeds as BMG over the years. Some of the factors like economic depression has seen many organizations crumble. However, the Mighty BMG is only getting stronger. The reason for the success is as a result of adopting strategies like expansion that have served it well. Having more than 50000 agents and more than 3000 points of sales in almost all municipalities in Brazil is a testament.
Brazil offers so much when it comes to banking. The high population has not been fully exploited by the banking Sector in Brazil. BMG strategy is to capitalize on the expansion in order to gain the most from it. Even in the face of competition, all the players in the industry need not worry as they have a lot to gain from. Ricardo Guimaraes in his speech explains how he intends to capitalize on the same to build a stronger brand for BMG.
In conclusion, for any organization to be successful, it has to look for ways of giving back to the society. BMG has been a success when it comes to the involvement in corporate social responsibility activities. Soccer is the most loved sports I Brazil. The bank has be in the fore front of offering many unfortunate children and the youth an escape route from crime and other vices by offering them assistance through sponsorship. The activity has been lauded by many making it a darling to the society.

Preserving Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is just as important as your reputation offline. Only with social media being the way it is today, saving face online may prove to be more difficult.
Your personal information is there, it’s online for all to see. You name, address, e-mail address telephone number, place of business and pictures are all searchable. Unless you take the steps to prevent what can be searched and found. And prevent being doxxed. Doxxing is where someone gets your personal information and uses it against you, uses it to harass you offline as well as online.
Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, has some excellent suggestions that you can do on your own, before any damage is done. Removing your information from data brokers, such as Intellius, Spokeo and PeopleSmart is a good place to begin. There are many other sites likes these, but these are a few of the more popular ones used. It’s also been suggested to go a step further and register for your own domain name privately, and since privacy isn’t free, you can pay extra to ensure that your personal information can’t be found. The next step is to keep your social media settings private. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have privacy settings, use them. And if you want your private life to remain just that, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want the world to know. One of the most important steps is to change your password often, about four times per year, and not just social media accounts, but all of your essential accounts, such as online banking or brokerage accounts.
And if all else fails? Contact a company like Status Labs for assistance. Darius Fisher and his team are experts at repairing online reputations and responding to digital crisis. Who better to assist you with a crisis than a company that had the experience and survived it? His company received a citation with the New York Times and Yahoo! News for their assistance with the Ashley Madison hack victims. Mr. Fisher is the president and CEO of Status Labs, with office locations in Texas, New York and Brazil. His company has assisted over 1,500 clients in 35 countries, including politicians, athletes and other public figures. Before co-founding Status Labs, Mr. Fisher was a copywriter and political consultant, he graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University.