Robert Deignan; the Revered Business Leader who Fostered a Merger between ATS Digital and AppEsteem

ATS Digital Services also goes by the name Advanced Tech Support. The company announced in 2017 that it was the first call center approved by AppEsteem Corporation tasked to provide premium support to software applications needed by consumers. Established by experts who work for Microsoft cybersecurity and AppEsteem, ATS Digital Services fits the bill required of an expert needed to provide top notch communication services. This means that the company has met all the required parameters for certification.

Background Information

From 2011, the company has provided tech-support services for thousands of clients over telephone and remover access sharing technologies. According to Robert Deignan , the chief executive officer of the company, the review process from January revealed that the company had already met the required measures for an approval by AppEsteem. From the approval, it has been easy to decide on committing to certification as well as send a signal to security companies, regulators and software vendors. Even better, the approval improved the manner in which the company dispensed its services.

The Partnership

Requirements for AppEsteem call center are linked to the input of government regulators, security companies, and the software industry. In combination with additional requirements tailored to provide protection to consumers alongside helping to develop a sustainable and healthy software platform, AppEsteem is customised to help clients enhance security in communication. Regarding the acquisition, the head cheerleader of ATS Digital Services stated that the management was elated to be part of the alliance.

The Overview

Robert Deignan is a revered business leader who has shaped his career around the industry of security, communication and technology. For education, he attended St. Aquinas Thomas High School then Purdue University for a degree in business management. From school, he joined Fanlink Inc as the co-founder. At that point, a lot was expected of him because he was the pioneer of the company. Well, being a visionary leader, he excelled in providing clients with top notch services. From there, he joined iS3 Inc as vice president. There, he earned tremendous appraisals as an excellent business leader who strengthened viable alliances between his organization and like-minded individuals.

The Exceptional Practice And Services Of Dr. Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid graduated from Harvard University magna cum laude. He serves several hospitals in La Jolla and San Diego as a staff surgeon. His publications on facial and breast surgery have been featured in a medical journal called Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Surgeons throughout the nation recognize this journal. Dr. Mark Mofid has additionally presented bit internationally and in the United States at medical conferences. He belongs to the American College of Surgeons and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid has an office with a central location in San Diego County staffed with a nurse, a dermatologist and himself as a plastic surgeon. The surgery center is attached to the clinic and is an accredited facility. He provides reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for thousands of patients each year. His front office staff consists of a full time nurse and two surgical technicians. His office manager has remained with him for more than seven years.

Dr. Mark Mofid uses a Cutera laser for vein treatments and hair removal. He provides different options for dermabrasion, chemical peels and facial resurfacing. He has avoided laser lipolysis treatments because he believes this may be another flame out technology such as Endermologie, mesotherapy and thread lifting. The services he provides his patients are with true and tried technologies. He does not want to be the first to offer a new technology only to discover his patient gets substandard results.

Dr. Mark Mofid provides non-surgical options as a natural extension of his practiced. Many of his patients want to try this option first to ensure surgery is really what they want. The majority do eventually undergo plastic surgery. He spoke of his worst decision ever as inadvertently hiring a bookkeeper who had a criminal record. This led to another criminal conviction. This is why he now performs background checks on every employee. When his practice first began it encompassed 850 square feet. He believes starting small is better because additional staff, more exam rooms or offices and a surgical center can always be added later on. He advises new surgeons not to put the proverbial cart in front of the horse.

Obsidian Energy And The Natural Gas Sector

Obsidian Energy Ltd. is a natural gas and oil production business that hails from Calgary in Alberta, Canada.


Obsidian is a public powerhouse that’s been around since 1979. Obsidian Energy in the past was called Penn West Energy Trust, Penn West Petroleum and Penn West Exploration Ltd. It currently has a total of about 300 employees. The company makes approximately 300 BOE (Barrel of Oil Equivalents) on a daily basis. It concentrates on various important concepts. It’s one that promotes unwavering zeal for its field. It’s also one that promotes pure answerability. Obsidian Energy Ltd. aims to do right by all of its shareholders. It consistently lives up to shareholder wishes, too.


The management crew at Obsidian Energy Ltd. is a strong one. David L. French is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the firm. He’s been with it since the fall of 2016. He before that was employed as Bankers Petroleum Ltd.’s Chief Executive Officer and President. French studied at Rice University and has a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree from the college. He went to Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts after that, too. He has a MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. Go To This Page for additional information.


Some of the other adept managers who work for Obsidian Energy are Operations and Development Vice President Tony Berthelet, Chief Financial Officer David Hendry, Commercial and Business Development Vice President Mark Hodgson and Technical Services and Production Vice President Andrew Sweerts. The board of directors for Obsidian Energy is full of remarkable individuals, too. These are John Brydson, George H. Brookman, Jay W. Thornton, Raymond D. Crossley, Maureen Cormier Jackson and Gordon M. Ritchie. They’re located in a couple different parts of the massive North American nation. These parts are Calgary and Toronto. Brydson is actually in the United States in Greenwich, Connecticut.


Obsidian Energy puts significant attention into many components.


The people who are part of this company have extensive familiarity with Peace River, Deep Basin, Cardium and Alberta Viking. People who want additional information that involves Obsidian Energy can always reach out to the firm. Its main office is in Calgary on 9th Avenue.