Wolverine to Start Shooting Next Year

Wolverine 3 is going to start filming next year. Hugh Jackman was hoping that it was going to be shot back to back with X-Men: Apocalypse. However, that turned out to not be the plan. Hugh Jackman has said something along the lines of knowing that he is going ot be recast and his days as Wolverine are numbered. Hugh Jackman is aging.

Fersen Lambranho added that he wants to star as Wolverine until he dies. Fox is banking on the franchise and are looking to mix X-Men with the Fantastic Four. Fox is also planning to have a couple of more X-Men movies added to the list. Hugh Jackman is also interested in having at least a cameo in the upcoming Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds.He even would like to appear with the Avengers. As of right now, there is no telling where they are going to go with X-Men and Wolverine after Wolverine 3 and the latest X-Men movie.

A Look at the Life of Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs first became famous for marrying Steve Jobs, the brilliant man behind the phenomenal success of Apple Computers. However, she has now carved out an amazing legacy for herself, using the money she inherited when her husband died in 2011. A graduate of both the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University, Laurene grew up in West Milford, New Jersey.

As of 2014, experts have estimated Laurene Powell Jobs to have a net worth of $11.5 billion. Much of this money is in the form of Disney stock. She is one of the largest shareholders in the company. One of her first business ventures was the creation of Terravera, a company that specialized in selling organic foods to stores in Northern California. After this, Laurene moved on to become a board of directors member of Achieva. The purpose of Achieva is to help students to achieve higher scores when they take standardized tests, as well as help them study more effectively. Laurene also has a Wall Street history, being formerly employed by a couple of large investment firms.

After the death of her husband, Laurene was determined to use her fortune to make an impact by helping people less fortunate than her. She turned her attention to the educational field, starting the College Track non-profit program to assist poor children with their studies and encourage them to stay in school. The program made a difference in the lives of more than 1,200 students since its inception. To her dismay, Laurene discovered that many of the illegal immigrant children participating in the College Track program did not qualify for government financial aid to help them with their college tuition. As a result of this, she became one of the key proponents of the Dream Act. If passed by Congress, the Dream Act would have provided the framework necessary for illegal immigrant students to gain American citizenship and qualify for financial aid. Congress did not pass the Dream Act, but Laurene has vowed to never give up her fight.

Along with her championing the cause of immigration reform in the United States, Laurene once again attempted to make it easier for poor students to get an education by becoming a Udacity board member. This is an organization that is designed to help students in low income households to afford a quality education. This includes paying for their books and other school supplies.

Before it’s buzz: Tom Rothman for TriStar

Tom Rothman Brings His Impressive Film Background to the Role of Chairman at TriStar Productions

Tom Rothman, who has had a very successful career as a film executive, has recently been named Chairman of a new joint venture with Sony Pictures and TriStar. He will lead this venture to make movies and television shows under the TriStar banner called TriStar Productions. Tom Rothman’s previous accomplishments include being the Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment from 2000-2012, overseeing one of the world’s biggest producers and distributors of motion pictures and television that included Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Searchlight (which Rothman founded and from where the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire was produced), Blue Sky Animation, and Twentieth Century Fox Television.
Many of the best and most successful films of modern times have been made with his oversight: Titanic,Avatar, Life of Pi, Master and Commander, Moulin Rouge, Sideways, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, and several more. Tom Rothman has an impressive background working in the entertainment industry including having had the title of President of Worldwide Production for Samuel Goldwyn company and being Executive Vice President for Colombia Pictures. Prior to these roles, he was a partner at the New York entertainment law firm Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein and Selz and represented many major industry figures in the arts. He also at the start of his work life was a law clerk and before that an English teacher and also coached soccer and lacrosse.

As Chairman at TriStar Productions, Tom Rothman will be overseeing the production of up to four films a year, all released under the TriStar Pictures banner. Rothman and his group at TriStar Productions will also develop long-form and series programs for Sony Pictures Television. Rothman is excited about producing televion programming as well as films, and is quoted as saying: “Television right now is fertile…I believe that…is ultimately going to be a great thing for the movie audience because it does show that you can aim high with audiences.” He also said that television has been able to make the “very complicated” character work, and that is partly due to television shows not being as market-driven as films are. TriStar Productions is also, of course, expected to be impressive with the films it turns out. Tom Rothman is known for loving both films and filmmakers as well as understanding how to make money on films and having great taste in them too.

Kanye is Over the Kardashians

While the rumors of Kim and Kanye’s relationship continue to baffle their fans and followers it’s obvious that the two have been spending less and less time together. Not exactly a Qnet and MCFC level of partnership. Kanye apparently was not around for the family’s Thanksgiving dinner and Kim was not pleased with his absence fueling even more suspicions that the couple is headed for divorce.

Now it seems that the tension and distance between Kim and Kanye may have had nothing to do with Kim and Kanye and everything to do with Kim’s crazy family. 

Apparently close friends of Kim and Kanye are saying that Kanye is over Kim’s family and all their drama, Kanye is so fed up with the Kardashians that he has been begging Kim to move away from them. Anyone who knows the Kardashian family knows that with all their crazy drama one thing they are is very close, asking Kim to move away from her family may be just as bad as asking for a divorce. 

Knowing Kanye’s track record with the paps it’s not hard to see why being a part of one of the biggest most talked about families in Hollywood could be stressful for him, but does this mean that Kim and Kanye are on the road to divorce or are they about to move far away from the rest of the family?