Contributions of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive in business and technology. Currently, he acts as the CEO of the Coriant. He is a holder of bachelors, masters as well as a doctorate degree in the field of Electrical Engineering from the Cornell University. He has actively contributed to the deployment of the Pingit mobile money service, FiOS at Verizon and an IOP while serving as CEO at the Jupiter Networks.

Kheradpir began his career at the GTE Corporation, a company that merged with the Bell Atlantic to form the Verizon in the year 2000. Kheradpir also served as CTO/CIO at Verizon for about eleven years. He headed a team of about 7,000 individuals who supported IT systems. With them, he was able to develop some new products like the lobi and Verizon One. He also reduced the technology of the company by spending a roughly 30% through negotiations with vendors, improving utilization of the IT assets and outsourcing to India. Kheradpir worked at Barclays as from 2011 to 2013, before later on in November 2014 taking the position of CEO at the Jupiter Networks.

Shaygan kheradpir was born in the city of London and raised up in Iran. He attended the Aiglon College in Switzerland. His father worked as an ENT doctor. Kheradpir earned an undergraduate, master’s and doctorate degree in the field of Electrical Engineering from the Cornell University. The first job of Kheradprir was at GTE Labs. Here, he worked on management, network routing, and control. He later rose to the position of Chief Information Officer at the same company. The Wall Street Journal puts it that he earned respect for his role delivering new products that were on schedule.

As of 2000, GTE merged with the Bell Atlantic and formed Verizon Communications. At this new-formed corporation, kheradpir first acted as the President in the department of e-business prior to becoming the first CIO/CTO of the company. While working at Verizon, Kheradpir contributed immensely to the diversification of the company into a wide range of automation of operations as well as the telecommunications services.

In 2001, he formed some small teams that were each tasked with coming up with and putting into reality new product ideas. He also implemented a one month prototype cycle that was aimed at rapidly testing and modifying new technologies. His team that approximated about 7,000 staff would often work until late hours. Nevertheless, getting a job at the Verizon still remained in high demand owing to the rapid pace of development of new products by the department. In 2003, the team came up with iobi that managed caller ID, address books among other features on devices.

During Kheradpir’s tenure at the Verizon, the budget on IT reduced significantly, the IT staff also reduced by 20% and purchasing from the technology vendors was also cut down by 30%. Under his watch, new software were installed that improved the utilization of IT hardware by the firm. In the early 2015, Kheradpir joined Coriant management team and was later appointed as the CEO.

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What Kind of Genius is Brian Mulligan

When a man reaches the peak level of his performance he knows a few things about his field. This is statement is definitely true in the case of Brian Mulligan. There is a certain savvy and vision in the worldview of Brian Mulligan. A person need only read some of the articles the man writes on market trends in the field of the sports entertainment industry to see Brian’s smarts. Like all businessmen, Brian’s mind is on the bottom line, especially where the world of sports media and entertainment are concerned.

Brian Mulligan has many different takes on the the trends that happen in sport media and entertainment. One of these takes, which advises that companies keep an eye on market indicators, comes from classic wisdom and technique. The point is to watch how trends, such as the rise in popularity of internet viewing, influence other markets. In the case of increased internet viewing, cable companies see a “cutting of the cord” or drop in service. In situations like this, companies like Brooknol Advisors where Brian is CEO help other businesses plan their next move accordingly. This type of guidance spots negative trends before they happen or can highlight revenue generating trends on the horizon.

Brian Mulligan and Brooknol Advisors are good at spotting and avoiding problems on the horizon. But that is not all they do. They also come up with ways of seeing new solutions to age-old problems such programing pricing. In some situations, an a la carte approach as opposed to exclusive programming rights proves more cost effective. It is all in a days work for Brian and the professionals at Brooknol to advise the people they work with of these situations. The expertise is all about knowing what is going on behind the trends such as low viewership due to dashed fan morale.

Pointing out market trends and innovative solutions becomes second nature when a person holds numerous CEO, COO and CFO positions. Perhaps once being a co-chairman of Universal Pictures and CEO of Universal Television brings a unique perspective to the insights a person provides. Having that particular skillset comes in handy when overseeing billions in transactions over the decades like Brian Mulligan does.

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Shaygan Kheradpir And The Field Of Business And Technology

The world is developing everyday especially in the area of business and it is upon people to update themselves. Technology is becoming part of the daily lives and it is being incorporated in almost every sector such as education, health and security. Investors have also not been left behind in the use of technology to advance their businesses and interests. They have integrated technology into business in various ways such that one can think technology has been there for a long time. Learning institutions have also not been left behind in ensuring that students are instilled with skills to enhance use of technology in their businesses. Schools have come up with courses where student learn how to improve their businesses with the use of technology. It has been proved that use of technology is key to business growth and business leaders have been urged to familiarize themselves with technology and innovations so as to be able to cope with the current trends.

With technology, various business opportunities have also emerged increasing the scope within which investors can put their skills to use. Use of technology in business has been widely accepted by both investors and consumers of their products and services making the exercise easy and successful. The internet has been a key contributor to the growth of use of technology in business as businesses can now transact online unlike the traditional way where the client had to meet with the seller physically. There are online shops where transactions and payments are done online and deliveries made through courier services to all parts of the world. This has increased the market for traders who could earlier only access the local market. Manufacturers of technologically advanced gadgets such as phones have also benefited as the demand for these gadgets has gone up in the recent past as everybody tries to be in touch with the technologically advanced business world.

Shaygan Kheradpir is key figure in the advancement of technology in the world of business. He was born in 1960 in London, United Kingdom and holds bachelors in electrical engineering from Cornell University which gave him a touch with the field of technology. He is also a holder of masters and doctorate from the same institution. His career started at GTE Corporation which later became Verizon in 2000 after merging with Bell Atlantic. He held a position of chief information and technology officer from 2000 to 2010. He was engaged in various projects where he led a team to support information technology systems and develop new products for the company. He also contributed in reducing the cost of the company through coming up with easier technology ways of running things. He later joined Barclays Bank as the chief operating officer where he is noted for contributing to the development of new products. He later joined Jupiter Network as the chief executive officer in 2014 and his contributions are notable as well.

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