The Exceptional Practice And Services Of Dr. Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid graduated from Harvard University magna cum laude. He serves several hospitals in La Jolla and San Diego as a staff surgeon. His publications on facial and breast surgery have been featured in a medical journal called Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Surgeons throughout the nation recognize this journal. Dr. Mark Mofid has additionally presented bit internationally and in the United States at medical conferences. He belongs to the American College of Surgeons and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid has an office with a central location in San Diego County staffed with a nurse, a dermatologist and himself as a plastic surgeon. The surgery center is attached to the clinic and is an accredited facility. He provides reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for thousands of patients each year. His front office staff consists of a full time nurse and two surgical technicians. His office manager has remained with him for more than seven years.

Dr. Mark Mofid uses a Cutera laser for vein treatments and hair removal. He provides different options for dermabrasion, chemical peels and facial resurfacing. He has avoided laser lipolysis treatments because he believes this may be another flame out technology such as Endermologie, mesotherapy and thread lifting. The services he provides his patients are with true and tried technologies. He does not want to be the first to offer a new technology only to discover his patient gets substandard results.

Dr. Mark Mofid provides non-surgical options as a natural extension of his practiced. Many of his patients want to try this option first to ensure surgery is really what they want. The majority do eventually undergo plastic surgery. He spoke of his worst decision ever as inadvertently hiring a bookkeeper who had a criminal record. This led to another criminal conviction. This is why he now performs background checks on every employee. When his practice first began it encompassed 850 square feet. He believes starting small is better because additional staff, more exam rooms or offices and a surgical center can always be added later on. He advises new surgeons not to put the proverbial cart in front of the horse.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Scheduled to attend Several Medical Symposia in early 2018

Dr. Rod Rohrich is based in Dallas. He is a plastic surgeon as well as the professor of Plastic Surgery at the UT Southwest Medical Center. He has a vast experience in this field. He has been long recognized as one among best plastic surgeons in America.

At the beginning of 2018, Dr. Rohrich is scheduled to attend three conferences. The first one is 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium that will be conducted in Miami from February eight to tenth, 2018. The Symposium will highlight the development of the interest as well as the technical advances in plastic surgery. This symposium dates back to 1967 when Thomas Baker invited the cosmetic surgeon innovators to carry out live surgeries to demonstrate their expertise and training from across the U.S. Since then, Baker Gordon Symposium is the most significant live surgery symposium in the United States. It has so far trained thousands of surgeons.

Dr. Rod will also be attending the 35th yearly Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting and the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery. He is the organizer and chair of the meeting. These meetings are scheduled to take place from February 28 to March 2, and then March 2 to 3 respectively in 2018.

In the meeting, Rohrich will bring together the world-class faculty that will take a look at the recent innovations in the lasers, vaginal rejuvenation, skin tightening and dermal fillers among others. The most recent techniques and advances in the cosmetic surgery will also be discussed, which include breast, face, and body contour techniques. A unique feature in the meeting is the cadaver lab that will take the participants through practicals to learn modern techniques from the experts in the field.

In the Rhinoplasty Meeting, topics will cover the most ordinary rhinoplasty problems, do a revision of rhinoplasty as well as latest innovations in the field. Lectures will talk about the nasal anatomy, analyzing of the nose, diagnosis of the ordinary and the uncommon rhinoplasty issues

Dr. Rohrich attended North Dakota State University where he earned both his postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. He has been a recipient of the numerous prestigious awards in teaching, national research as well as distinguished service awards along his academic career.

Dr. Rohrich is an active philanthropist together with his wife. He offers support to the medical students who choose to practice primary care in North Dakota.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s A Humble Inspiration To Women

Despite the remarkable success she has enjoyed, renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden is humble, grateful and hopes to serve as an inspiration to women everywhere.

Born in Austin, Texas to a parents who stressed the importance of education and achievement, Walden set her bar high and ended up finishing second in the 1998 graduating class of the University of Texas’s Medical School at Galveston. After interning at a prestigious Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat program, Walden decided to specialize in Aesthetic Surgery. She always had a great respect for women who wanted to change they way they looked and felt and believed she could accomplish that task as a plastic surgeon.

Known for her patient, calm, down-to-earth and reassuring nature, Walden opened a New York City practice which thrived. However, she always yearned to start a family and return home. When her children were young, Walden made the decision to leave New York behind and return to her roots. She had no idea whether her career would, once again, reach the zenith it had in New York. However, Walden’s primary concern was to see her children grow up in the nurturing environment she was raised in. Little by little, with the help of her family, she built a practice in Austin. Today, she is a television personality, a published author, has been named one of Texas’s Top Doctors, is among the Top 24 Beauty Surgeons in the United States and is one of the few female members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Walden wants women to know they can pursue a challenging career and have a family. She stresses that it is not always easy, but definitely possible with determination and the support of a solid family and community. i