George Soros, Philip Diehl and the U.S. Reserve

Philip N. Diehl, expert on precious metals and Chief of Staff of U.S. treasury and 35th Director of U.S. Mint. Diehl explains why owning government-issued gold is a dynamic opportunity. He explained, in a recent radio interview, the ownership of gold coins.

Diehl is qualified because he has traded with peoples of all continents, including Antarctica. He claims that by improving customer service he turned a “backwards” government agency into one solely concerned with customer satisfaction.

Gold, silver, and platinum coins are attractive to customers because they are intrinsically valuable while also being backed by the strongest economy in the world. Diehl says “no one matches U.S. Money Reserve” in the levels of confidence customers feel in their investment.

Diehl explains the most influential events of the last decade for these markets: 2008 crisis caused fear of loss of wealth, ETF (Electronically Traded Funds such as stocks, bonds, and assets) have surged as a new way of exchange,and the raising value of the dollar in enormous markets such as China. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, there have been three recessions in the U.S. in the last 20 years alone. Such aforementioned crises can cause a surge in the gold, silver, and platinum markets because investors lose faith in less tangible forms of investment. Conversely, ETF’s as an invention of the 21st Century, are of the highest value when their counterpart in physical gold, silver, and platinum, are of the lowest. Lastly, Diehl says that the strength of the dollar, especially in East Asian markets has been uniquely strong as of late and “what goes up must come down.”

Diehl hypothesizes that the dollar will weaken within the next year because it is not sustainable. The “economic uncertainty” of the near future will cause the dollar to weaken when compared to more reliable forms of wealth.

Diehl recommends viewing the U.S. Money Reserve website. The site can direct interested investors to speaking with gold specialists.

Source: ePodcast