Choosing Handy for Your Fresh Spring Cleaning Makes Perfect “Scents”!

It’s that time of the year when you pull out all the mops and cleaning supplies and get down to the business of cleaning your home. There is nothing better than having a freshly cleaned house or apartment to come home to after a long day of work. Many people enjoy throwing open the windows, letting in some warm fresh air and cleaning their own homes, especially after being cooped up all winter long. But for those who would rather pass the cleaning on to someone else, there is an app they will love.

Handy is a fast-growing mobile and online cleaning service that is different from most companies. While there are thousands of commercial cleaning businesses, as well as many private cleaning companies, Handy is different in that they also offer home repair along with typical cleaning services. With over a million dollars coming into the company in bookings every week, Handy is a company that is going places, and one you will want to get on board with.

The easiest best and most convenient part of this company is the ability to use the company’s mobile app to schedule cleaning and home repair services. Instead of waiting for days for a call-back from other companies who may not even answer their phones, simply schedule what you need on the app and you’ll have a date and time set within minutes. The app is user friendly and free, and you’ll have immediate access to all of the company’s services right when you need them.

It’s also the perfect company for service professionals who need to earn a good living but need flexible hours. The wage for most of the cleaning crew falls between fifteen and twenty-two dollars an hour, with the average employee making about eighteen dollars an hour. Not only that, workers for the company can choose the hours that they can work. Handy also makes sure that all of their staff is thoroughly vetted, so you can be sure you are getting reputable cleaners when you make an appointment.

Choosing Handy Cleaning Services is a choice many people are making today. Sign up on their app and see what all you can have done for your home.

Joseph Bismark: A Healthy Lifestyle Matters


Understanding Joseph Bismark

Joseph Bismark is the co-founder of the QI group. He fostered the establishment of a sound basis for the differential growth of the firm. He became the managing director, following a restructure in the corporate management. He is passionate and has a versatile personality as a leader. He lives by the dictum; everyone is capable of doing extraordinary things. He employs an open yet consultative management mode. His management style, which was modelled through his unique upbringing, is well anchored around the canon of his philosophies. He is an ardent advocate of healthy living. He is solely responsible for all the ventures of the QI group towards organic foods and general wellness.
Religion and Philanthropy

He is a staunch believer in religious growth. He believes that spiritual growth is achieved through service to humanity. This is why he dedicates most of his time to philanthropic activities such as the RYTHM Foundation. RYTHM Foundation is an organization founded by the QI group to improve the general well being of the society. Currently, Mr. Bismark lives in Singapore where he oversees various commercial operations of the QI group.
In an article released by the Yahoo News, Mr. Bismark shares his life as a vegetarian, his literature activities, usage of apps that sustain and promote a healthy lifestyle and exercise regimes. Bismark’s lifestyle is not just mere words to impress people; he walks his talk. For instance, he goes swimming, does yoga asasnas, and goes cycling on a regular basis.
Fitness Apps and Activities

He incorporates kettlebells into his weekly exercises. The kettlebells increase body flexibility and strength. He also uses MapMyRide application, which monitors fitness activities. It contains a training log that record the calories burned, pace, duration, speed, and distance of fitness activities. Being a yoga master, Mr. Bismark lives it as well as teaches it. It is a way of life for him. Despite being the yoga teacher, he seeks more knowledge through reading and practice. For instance, he recently finished reading ‘the anatomy of yoga, which is an instructor’s guidebook that explains how to improve one’s poses. The offers different visual examples and explain the basics of the spine breathing, and yoga. According to Bismark, meditation is another crucial element of yoga.
Involving ourselves in numerous mental and physical activities is essential for our physical firmness, however, aside from the activities keeping us fit, they assist us defeat our inner fears ; hence achieve the optimal version of our genuine self.

Andy Wirth Raising Money for Crowdrise to Support Navy Seals


Tragedy, often times is the beginning of a higher calling. When a traumatic injury occurs, there is no way to tell why it happened. Andy Wirth suffered a horrible skydiving accident a few years ago that almost severed his arm. He is an avid cyclist, and as a result of his injury, was unsure if he would ever fully recover. While in physical therapy, he met a few people that would make the reason for his injury all that much clearer.

They were Navy Seal veterans. Wounded in the line of service to our country, they too were trying to recover. Wirth realized the sacrifice these men had made for the sake of others, wanting nothing in return. Their injuries though, had caused them to need help. Their proud families also needed help. Bills, sadly only go away when they are paid. He made the decision then, to do what he could to help these great men of service. This is what was to come out of his accident. He decided to offer his support to raise money on behalf of the Navy Seals Foundation.

The foundations goal is to provide assistance and support to the service members and their families. Returning home from a war zone is hard enough as it is. Being injured as well is unthinkable, unless you have lived through the experience. By offering programs and aid, this foundation has transformed thousands of lives. This elite naval organization is deserving of its own entity to provide critical support services. The Navy Seal Foundation is built on this premise.

Andy Wirth is participating in the 2015 IRONMAN Lake Tahoe. He has assembled a team that included a retired member of the Navy Seals. Join him and to give support to this effort. Your donation goes directly to help give service members, along with their families, the opportunity to live normal, healthy lives. Donate today.

Puerto Rico Proposes New Law to Label Parents of Overweight Children, Child Abusers


There’s no denying it for Sultan Alhokair that obesity has become a huge (no pun intended) problem in America. Since 1980, obesity rates have doubled. According to The World Health Organization, of the adult population, 39 percent are overweight, with 13 percent being classified as obese. Puerto Rico alone has been documenting hefty numbers of overweight children, finding that 24-30 percent are obese.

In steps the government, again where it has no business being, at your kitchen table. A new law is being proposed by the Puerto Rican government that would classify the parents of these grossly overweight children as child abusers. In addition to the shame that would be attached to the label, officials would have the families under the watchful eye of social services. If the child does not lose what they feel is an appropriate amount of weight within a years’ time, the parents are then slapped with a fine of up to $800.

But, many factors other than parental guidance play a role in an overweight population. The availability of nutritious foods, social circles and education all contribute to a child’s eating habits. There is no simple solution, but it is definitely not for the government to decide.

While placing the entire blame on the parents, the government, in its infinite knowledge, fails to properly assist these families in getting the help they need. “They’re not involving pediatricians, nutritionists, dieticians, the people who prepare the lunches in schools, in any of this,” says Dr. Ricardo Fontanet, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Puerto Rico. If the government is going to push its weight around in our homes, the lease they can do is provide the appropriate tools needed to reach attainable goals.

A New Culprit in the Black Death

The lowly, common black rat has been a scapegoat for centuries. It had been blamed for spreading the bubonic plague that was infamous for wiping out swaths of the population of Europe in the 14th century. They were thought to have done so by carrying fleas that actually spread the disease when they bit people. Like a death row inmate getting his freedom back after being exonerated by new evidence, the black rat may be about to get its reputation back. New evidence from climatology, of all places, indicates that it may be gerbils from Asia that came to Europe along the silk road that may be to blame.

Zeca Oliveira of BNY Mellon knows that it actually makes sense that the disease must have come from outside Europe. It is typically those germs or bacteria that our bodies have not grown up around and developed a resistance to that are deadliest to a group of people. This was the case when Europeans first came to the new world of the Americas and untold numbers of American Indians were wiped out by diseases they brought. This is so prevalent in history that it has even been used in a prominent work of fiction. When H.G. Wells Martians, in his novel “War of the Worlds,” survived everything mankind could throw at them, they were killed by the lowliest bacteria that did not harm us as we had eons of living alongside them to develop an immunity.