Brad Reifler Targets Retail Investors with the Forefront Income Trust

Brad Reifler is well known in the financial circles because of his lengthy and successful career. He made a name for himself as a trader for Refco, before going on to found Pali Capital. Now, he’s the CEO of Forefront Capital. For almost all of his career, Reifler has worked exclusively for high net worth clients. That’s changing a bit with the introduction of the Forefront Income Trust hedge fund. This fund is the brainchild of Reifler and is aimed directly at the retail investor instead of accredited investors. Reifler has gone on the record saying that middle-income investors should have the same types of investment opportunities as high net worth individuals.

Reifler is an expert in commodities trading and serves in an advisory capacity to companies about those very volatile products. The Forefront Income Trust invests in income opportunities that are backed by collateral. Reifler is a big fan of collateral and principle safety. The way the fund works is investors get the first 8% return before any fees are taken. This aligns the interest of the fund managers with those of the investors. The fund managers have to make a return before they get paid. With a small minimum deposit, an investment into Forefront Income Trust can provide income for retail investors who would not qualify to invest in the average hedge fund.

Reifler has stated that income opportunity hedge funds are often built on relationships. Considering the many years of experience that the executives of Forefront Capita have, it’s likely that many excellent deals will be brought to them on the strength of those long-term relationships they’ve nurtured. Retail investors will get a chance to get their share of that pie by investing in the fund. Brad Reifler has spent thirty years in the financial industry gaining the experience needed to succeed.