Kami Idris is on a Mission to Secure and Protect Intellectual Property Worldwide

As the former director general for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Kami Idris has seen the dramatic shifts in obtaining intellectual property rights. This rapid change is partly due to the changing and developing influence of the Internet. The Internet has made it easier to promote and exploit intellectual property worldwide. Opportunities for developed countries like the United States and the UK have increased due to better communication through multichannel connections. It has also made it very easy to steal information.

Less developed countries with limited technological access are affected the most by the transformation. These countries are vulnerable to theft of their intellectual property due to their lack of access and security protocols. Kami Idris understands that this lack of access could potentially hurt these countries economically, physically and socially.

Kami Idris’ background is in international law so he understands the impact these laws and regulations can have. His experiences with both international law and foreign affairs give him a unique perspective on the current world economic situation. He believes that globalization is having an adverse effect on less developed countries. The reason is that less developed countries just don’t have the resources that more developed countries have. Idris believes that without these resources available intellectual property can be sold to the highest bidder.

At the present time, the patent process favors developed countries that have the necessary resources to move through the process quickly and efficiently. Idris’ mission to secure and protect intellectual property coincides with WIPO’s mission to help companies and individual gain patents to their intellectual property. Idris hopes to encourage companies and individuals in less developed countries to obtain patents for their intellectual property without sacrificing traditional knowledge. He understands the fear that many have that once they patent their ideas that the local skills will be lost. It is important that the local entrepreneurs and their community should reap the rewards for their intellectual property.

The greatest pitfall in globalization is stolen intellectual property. Idris hopes to educate potential patent holders to safely secure their intellectual property. He also hopes to address the communication issues.

Lime Crime Lets Anyone Go Vegan

Users on Facebook feel that Lime Crime is a really cool company because it lets people go vegan when they are picking out their makeup. The makeup that people choose goes on their face every day, and the makeup has to match whatever people have chosen as their lifestyle. The vegan lifestyle requires a lot of dedication, and women who are wearing vegan makeup can stay true to their beliefs.

The Lime Crime cosmetics have a lot of vegan options, and they are coming out with more every year. Vegan velvetines where the first thing offered by Lime Crime, and the response was so good that women started asking for more vegan products. Women who made these demands are going to get their wish in the future because the company is going to start rolling out more vegan products in the future.  A big part of that popularity has seen them grow on other sites like Dolls Kill which carries the full Lime Crime line.

The vegan products at Lime Crime are made in such a simple way that they will work for anyone. There are bright colors that women will want to try for the first time, and there are sultry colors that women will want to try in sexy matte finishes. The matte finish is really important, and it helps women look a lot different than they would if they wore a glossy lipstick.

The Lime Crime company is trying to find an alternative crowd that is used to wearing things that are different. They have clearly made waves with women who do not follow the norms of society, and they are trying to honor women who do things a little differently than everyone else. That is a really important part of taking care of a woman’s face, and it allows all women to look their best when they get ready.

Lime Crime is a company made by a woman for women, and it is something that women will be able to use any time they like because it works with the things that they like the most. A woman who loves the way she looks is going to feel more powerful, and Lime Crime is trying to make all women feel as powerful as possible.

A Financial Professional With Drive And Vision

Brad Reifler is an extremely well-known and successful entrepreneur and financial professional. Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital LLC. Brad is a true entrepreneur when he was young he founded Reifler trading company. Reifler trading Company was a firm that managed discretionary accounts. The firm was able to manage millions of dollars and it became one of the largest trading companies in America. Later on in 2000 Reifler trading company was sold to our REFCO Incorporated. REFCO Inc. is known as the world’s largest futures company.

Forefront capital LLC and Reifler trading companies are both companies that did very well, later Reifler decided that he wanted to continue his professional and financial career and he decided to found Pali Capital. Pali Capital was a company that focused only on equity markets. Reifler was able to work in expanding hedge funds and he used his unique strategy to gain much success in the trading market. Rifler worked as CEO of poly capital for 13 years and the company made more than $1 billion in commissions and income. The company was able to employee more than 300 individuals and their offices were all over the world.

Brad Reifler is currently the CEO of Forefront capital LLC which has many different break off companies such as Forefront partners and Forefront advisory. This group was started in 2009 and Reifler works with some of the biggest investment bakers and investment advisers in the country. Within the board of members of of his company are many Fortune 500 companies. Within its members is an individual that was able to be a recipient of the Nobel Prize. In reality Brad Riefler is an individual that has done much when it comes to his the financial district and also he has expanded as an individual entrepreneur. Many people can learn a lot from Brad’s drive and his vision, because he has been able to help set up some of the most successful financial companies around.

The Changing Face of Human Rights Activism

The subject of human rights has been a major part of public thought lately. However, this is hardly news. Ever since the first major civilizations emerged in the deserts of the African continent, the violation of human rights have occurred. In fact it would seem that these atrocities are as much a part of civilization as the invention of fire. Yet, the dark corners of the human condition do hold brightness. Because as long as there have been violations of human rights, there have been people who fought to protect them. From Jesus to John Lennon, this list is impressively long.

Yet there have been some surprising trends emerging in recent decades. For one it seems that these human rights champions have increasingly attainted celebrity status. This is mainly due to the prevalence of the internet in our culture. The digital portfolio of these activists have become the main tool in their arsenals. Twitter and Facebook, to name a few, have increased the reach these individuals have. This helps them to spread their message further and with better results. In fact there are several human rights activists that would not have been heard from if it were not for the internet.

The massive increase in connectivity has also led to a more diverse group of human rights activists. This is particularly true when it comes to the increase of female activists. A perfect example of this is the recent popularity of Pakistani teen, Malala Yousafzai. This dynamic figure in the global struggle for women’s education has achieved much in her 18 years. She won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize and was list on as one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People in the World”. However, she originally started her work through a blog that she wrote.

Another activist in this vein is Yeonmi Park on youtube. This brave young girl started her life as a member of one of North Korea’s elite. Following the imprisonment of her father, she and her family defected to China. Her journey to freedom was wrought with danger and trauma. However, this mighty young girl became stronger from the experience. Yeonmi Park now speaks publicly about the rampant human rights violations that occur in her home country, and around the world. However, her rise to international recognition would not have been possible without massive media coverage. This includes her many interviews and lecture.

Human rights will never cease to be important to humanity. It unites the world under the assumption that there certain thing all people are entitled too. Despite all the cultural, language, and physical barriers placed between us, there is a code of dignity and respect that is universal. Unfortunately, it seems that the existence of human rights abuses are just as sure to exist as the desire to eliminate them. As long as that is the case, there will be people like Yeonmi Park and Malala Yousafzai. Strong and brave young women that aren’t afraid to stand for the rights of all.

Frank Guerra and the Syngeta Corn Litigation

In a recent court decision Judge Thomas M. Sipkins appointed Frank Guerra to be the one of the lead counsel in the Re: Syngenta Litigation case. Mr Guerra will also act as a member of the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee. Guerra and his team has of recently executed a formal Joint Agreement with the MDL team. Guerra was put into this leadership position that involves Syngenta’s gentically enhanced corn and how it has effective the overall cost of corn in America. Mr. Guerra’s company named Watts Guerra LLP, represents a number of claims that have come up against Syngenta. More specifically this company represents more than 90% of this claims being made.

Attorney Mikal Watts began as a briefing attorney for the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Texas. He then went onto become a partner at David L. Perry & Associates located in Corpus Cristi, Texas. About five years after being named partner, Mr. Watts would go onto creating his very own firm. The Watts & Heard, L.L.P. was established in 2001 and has since then expanded it to over 20 lawyers. In 2009, Mikal Watt and Frank Guerra joined forces to create the Watts Guerra firm. This firm handles cases ranging from personal injuries to commercial litigation.

During the proceedings, Mr. Guerra went onto to explain how it important it was to him to help the farmers of America. Mr. Guerra stated that he was raised working on his family’s farm and understood the importance of farmers for this country. Watts Guerra LLP is focused upon ensuring that justice is brought against Syngenta. The Watts Guerra team has more than 40 years experience between the two and has led many national litigation. Mike Watts led his team against federal Pradaxa injury, that result in over 650 million dollars awarded to all parties.