Achievements of Vinny Parascandola

Vinny Parascandola is a highly recognized and most respected financial analyst due his vast knowledge and experience in the field. He is the current senior executive vice president of AXA Advisor and through his know how in the financial sphere, he has recruited a large number of financial experts in various companies all over the world. Besides, Vinny Vinny is an alumnus of Pace University, and through his expertise, he has profoundly contributed to the success of the AXA Advisory. His primary roles include recruiting skilled and competent workers in various financial organizations to ensure that AXA Advisor maintains its productivity.

Vinny has achieved a significant number of awards since he started his career at Prudential in 1987. His skills have been highly amended over the past years by many individuals and prestigious people. The numerous awards that Vinny has received are a proof of his hard work and excellent contributions to the success of all the ventures that he indulges. Visit Alumnius for more info

In addition to that, Vinny has excellent public speaking skills and is both an international as well as a local speaker. He has over the past years taken part in various speaking conferences through which he mentors and encourages individuals to work towards achieving their goals for better living standards. Besides, he mentors people interested in indulging into the financial world to exercise all the required components to be great financial experts. He was formerly invited to his former school to offer a speech to the graduating class of the year to share his thoughts with the scholars on the best strategies to make it in life. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Vinny Parascandola has also contributed to the various initiatives undergoing in AXA Advisors, which aims at employing the most suitable strategies to solve peoples financial crisis. Besides, the company also offers financial services that entail international insurance and investment management. The company is perceived to be one of the best insurance providers due to the unique nature of their insurance services and products. AXA Advisory has helped to bring ease and confidence to its clients through its assurance of a peaceful and secure future. You  can visit his Vimeo account to learn strategies on financial management.

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Lime Crime Lets Anyone Go Vegan

Users on Facebook feel that Lime Crime is a really cool company because it lets people go vegan when they are picking out their makeup. The makeup that people choose goes on their face every day, and the makeup has to match whatever people have chosen as their lifestyle. The vegan lifestyle requires a lot of dedication, and women who are wearing vegan makeup can stay true to their beliefs.

The Lime Crime cosmetics have a lot of vegan options, and they are coming out with more every year. Vegan velvetines where the first thing offered by Lime Crime, and the response was so good that women started asking for more vegan products. Women who made these demands are going to get their wish in the future because the company is going to start rolling out more vegan products in the future.  A big part of that popularity has seen them grow on other sites like Dolls Kill which carries the full Lime Crime line.

The vegan products at Lime Crime are made in such a simple way that they will work for anyone. There are bright colors that women will want to try for the first time, and there are sultry colors that women will want to try in sexy matte finishes. The matte finish is really important, and it helps women look a lot different than they would if they wore a glossy lipstick.

The Lime Crime company is trying to find an alternative crowd that is used to wearing things that are different. They have clearly made waves with women who do not follow the norms of society, and they are trying to honor women who do things a little differently than everyone else. That is a really important part of taking care of a woman’s face, and it allows all women to look their best when they get ready.

Lime Crime is a company made by a woman for women, and it is something that women will be able to use any time they like because it works with the things that they like the most. A woman who loves the way she looks is going to feel more powerful, and Lime Crime is trying to make all women feel as powerful as possible.

How Jon Urbana Wears Many Hats and Still Succeeds

Some people have very few talents and work only one position. Then there are those who take on a ton of different activities that are profitable. They even excel at them. Jon Urbana is one of those who take on many tasks. He is what one would consider multi-talented. He takes the time to learn many different trades.

One of Jon Urbana’s many talents is lacrosse. He is very talented at that sport. One of the reasons he is very talented is that he practices it a lot. As a result, he’s said in an interview on Facebook that a lot of the moves that make up the game come naturally to him. Jon Urbana is one of those that have gotten so good at lacrosse that he runs his own program based on it.

Another thing that Jon Urbana takes part in is music. He is a music producer who has a few remixes. One of his favorite things to do is to take some of his favorite tracks and remix them into something. While he does come up with his own mixes, he does enjoy the original tracks. His remixes are available on his MTV page.

Another activity that he enjoys is flying. While many others are afraid of flying, he is the one who takes the bull by the horns with this activity. He has earned his certificate as a pilot and could work in an airline. The FAA recognizes Jon Urbana as a pilot. He has been included in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database. He has taken the time to get educated on the procedures and everything that goes into being a pilot, and you can see him flying here.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

One can’t ignore his charity work. He has done a lot of charity work and other philanthropic activities in order to help people, particularly cats that are troubled. With cats that have no place to live, he works with them in order to help them turn them around into more positive and productive directions.

Jon Urbana is one of the best examples of people who live positive lives. He offers support and the encouragement necessary in order to help others build a more positive life for themselves.

Anthony Marsala: Madison Street Capital’s CEO and Leader

Recently, the National Association of Certifying Analysts and Valuators (NAVCA) recognized Madison Street Capital’s co-founder and CEO, Anthony Marsala as part of the 40 Under 40 2015 recognition program. This body searched for nominees under the age of forty who made significant advances in business assessment, litigation consulting, financial forensics mergers and acquisition, expert witness testimony, and related professions. These nominees were chosen by NAVCA’s executive staff and the CTI. The decision process to select the candidates was terrible as the judges put it. The NAVCA and the CTI (Consultants’ Training Institute) are founded on superior quality and excellence. The establishment of the nominees was through the ground-breaking spirit with and visionary front-runners through the range of financial and accounting consulting professionals regardless of their association with CTI and NAVCA. The 40 under 40 recognition program was intended to give opportunity and voice to the following generation of diligence eccentrics who recognize their contribution to their community, profession and their contributions to come. Those words came from the CEO and CTI Vice President Brien K. Jones. They simply want the best of the best from the subject matter leaders and experts.

The nominees were selected from more than 125 other candidates and were carefully and diligently chosen by the NAVCA and CTI staff as to have made extraordinary advances in major fields that include M&A. Their rising stars will be featured in press releases, value examiner, profiles, association news, media and other releases throughout 2015.

Anthony Marsala is the CEO and Co-founder of Madison Street Capital, LLC. He is an icon in managing and leading the company’s international presence in Africa, Europe, and Asia. He also supervises the company’s investigative and diligence teams that perform all the business valuation duties for the company’s M&A and corporate finance clients. Mr. Anthony Specializes in corporate finance, M&A, and business valuation. The has reviewed and performed a great number of transactional engagements and estimates over the past thirteen years in numerous industry sectors and company sizes that focus on early stage ventures and middle market companies. He has served for schedules in the energy sector food and agriculture, technology, staffing, wholesale and distribution, medical devices, pharmaceutical and biotech just to name a few.

Mr. Anthony Marsala is a graduate of the Loyale University in Chicago. He studied and majored in both Information systems and finance. He also studied Strategy in Masters Diploma From Said Business School at Oxford University. He is a member of the NAVCA and ASA (American Society of Appraisers).

A Financial Professional With Drive And Vision

Brad Reifler is an extremely well-known and successful entrepreneur and financial professional. Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital LLC. Brad is a true entrepreneur when he was young he founded Reifler trading company. Reifler trading Company was a firm that managed discretionary accounts. The firm was able to manage millions of dollars and it became one of the largest trading companies in America. Later on in 2000 Reifler trading company was sold to our REFCO Incorporated. REFCO Inc. is known as the world’s largest futures company.

Forefront capital LLC and Reifler trading companies are both companies that did very well, later Reifler decided that he wanted to continue his professional and financial career and he decided to found Pali Capital. Pali Capital was a company that focused only on equity markets. Reifler was able to work in expanding hedge funds and he used his unique strategy to gain much success in the trading market. Rifler worked as CEO of poly capital for 13 years and the company made more than $1 billion in commissions and income. The company was able to employee more than 300 individuals and their offices were all over the world.

Brad Reifler is currently the CEO of Forefront capital LLC which has many different break off companies such as Forefront partners and Forefront advisory. This group was started in 2009 and Reifler works with some of the biggest investment bakers and investment advisers in the country. Within the board of members of of his company are many Fortune 500 companies. Within its members is an individual that was able to be a recipient of the Nobel Prize. In reality Brad Riefler is an individual that has done much when it comes to his the financial district and also he has expanded as an individual entrepreneur. Many people can learn a lot from Brad’s drive and his vision, because he has been able to help set up some of the most successful financial companies around.

Brian Mulligan: A Creative Visionary With An Unmatched Work Ethic

Brian Mulligan has been a very busy man. For over 30 years this bright, articulate, uber-talented individual has worked to finance, produce, and distribute some of the best known music and movies in the entertainment industry. Yet he has still found time to raise nearly $100 million for charity and social services organizations. With the training he got while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from USC, an MBA from UCLA, and his CPA, Mulligan has been able to have an impact on several of the world’s largest entertainment and financial services companies.

The list of skills he has is a mile long and his creativity, vision, and work ethic are unmatched. Brian Mulligan is a truly unique individual. The list of companies for which he has worked in senior management with and helped to succeed is incredible. They include PwC, MCA INC., the Sci-Fi Channel, Cineplex Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company, USA Networks, Seagram Universal, Universal Pictures, Universal Television, Universal Cinema International, Universal Orlando, and Universal Studio Japan. He also helped found Universal Partners and Focus Features. His titles with those companies were CEO, COO, CFO, Executive Vice President, and Chairman.

But that’s just his work in the entertainment industry. The list of financial services companies for which Mulligan has worked is nearly as impressive. He has worked with The Boston Consulting Group as a senior advisor, Cerberus Capital Management as Senior Executive Advisor, Vice President of Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., Money Center Bank’s Vice Chairman, and Brooknol Advisors’ CEO. Plus Mulligan was on the board of directors of Ascent Capital Group, Liberty Livewire, Napster, PortAventura, Roxio, and Spyglass Partners, LLC. He was also an investor in Vobile. Mulligan’s work sometimes had him traveling a million miles a year globally.

The work of Brian Mulligan hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s received numerous awards and accolades. Some of his honors include Premiere Magazine naming him “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood”, being voted “One of the Ten Most Prominent Bankers in Hollywood” by the Los Angeles Business Journal, and TMT Quarterly/Law 360 calling him “One of the Leading Investment Bankers on Emerging Business Models”. To Brian Mulligan the accolades, awards, and high-powered jobs are nice, but there are things that are more important to him. Some of those things are human rights, social action, economic empowerment, the health and education of children, the environment, and animal welfare.