Kami Idris is on a Mission to Secure and Protect Intellectual Property Worldwide

As the former director general for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Kami Idris has seen the dramatic shifts in obtaining intellectual property rights. This rapid change is partly due to the changing and developing influence of the Internet. The Internet has made it easier to promote and exploit intellectual property worldwide. Opportunities for developed countries like the United States and the UK have increased due to better communication through multichannel connections. It has also made it very easy to steal information.

Less developed countries with limited technological access are affected the most by the transformation. These countries are vulnerable to theft of their intellectual property due to their lack of access and security protocols. Kami Idris understands that this lack of access could potentially hurt these countries economically, physically and socially.

Kami Idris’ background is in international law so he understands the impact these laws and regulations can have. His experiences with both international law and foreign affairs give him a unique perspective on the current world economic situation. He believes that globalization is having an adverse effect on less developed countries. The reason is that less developed countries just don’t have the resources that more developed countries have. Idris believes that without these resources available intellectual property can be sold to the highest bidder.

At the present time, the patent process favors developed countries that have the necessary resources to move through the process quickly and efficiently. Idris’ mission to secure and protect intellectual property coincides with WIPO’s mission to help companies and individual gain patents to their intellectual property. Idris hopes to encourage companies and individuals in less developed countries to obtain patents for their intellectual property without sacrificing traditional knowledge. He understands the fear that many have that once they patent their ideas that the local skills will be lost. It is important that the local entrepreneurs and their community should reap the rewards for their intellectual property.

The greatest pitfall in globalization is stolen intellectual property. Idris hopes to educate potential patent holders to safely secure their intellectual property. He also hopes to address the communication issues.

World-Class Customer Experience Steers White Shark Media To Success

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Miami, the United States, White Shark Media is a premier digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small businesses to succeed through trailblazing search engine marketing strategies. The company achieves its goal through delivery of online marketing solutions, which are tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
Despite being masters at their game, the company is not without its share of complaints from somewhat dissatisfied clients. For this article, the purpose is to explore some of the common customer complaints and how White Shark Media handled them.
Lack of Proper Communication
This is the most complaint from White Shark Media clients. Most clients complained of finding it difficult to get through to their contact person, while others said that the company was taking too long to respond to their queries.
White Shark Media took note of the complaints and responded by:

  • Setting up phone systems with direct extensions to allow clients to reach their contact persons directly without having to pass through the receptionist.
  • Implementing Scheduled Monthly Status Calls with GoTomeeting, which is an online conferencing platform where the agency and the client chat in a bid to solve the problem at hand.

The Service Provided Does Not Work as Expected
This complaint was more inclined to Search Engine Marketing, which is the company’s main product, and clients felt it was not as effective as expected. In the spirit of ensuring success for each of their clients, White Shark Media acted on the complaint by:

  • Making sure the client’s existing campaigns are actively in use in a bid to produce a more efficient search engine marketing campaign.
  • Having experienced supervisors provide feedback, in addition to overseeing all campaign management.

Contact Person Not Familiar With Client’s Needs
Some new clients were not happy with the contact person assigned to them as they could not relate to their specific needs, and hence could not help them accordingly.
To ensure a smooth transition, White Shark Media had their Senior SEM Consultants follow each client through the entire process; from first sign-up to the optimization process. The consultants may not be the main form of contact, but they are always available to answer any question from a client.
Founded on the idea of providing a world-class experience, White SharK Media prides itself with being among the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the United States. This is attributed to their delivery of highly reliable services and exceptional customer experience with prompt responsiveness to customers’ concerns and queries.

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Managing Your Reputation Online When Using Social Media

Social media is a growing industry. As by businessman, you’re probably finding it tough at times to know exactly what you need to do in order to utilize your social media as normal person or as your business self. Facebook is just one example of some people struggling to separate their business and private accounts. The truth is that your reputation is always on the line when it comes down to social media. Here’s several things you may be doing that are hurting your reputation online and also wasting time.

– You Use The Same Account For Business and Private Usage

Many people no matter how successful they are only use the same account on their Facebook for their private and business use. In other words, their business and family friends are all in the same account, so the things they post or comment on are all shared for everybody to see. It’s stressful to be very careful and not knowing if other specific people are going to see your posts that you otherwise wouldn’t want them to see. Separate your accounts to avoid potential mishaps online.

– Sharing Personal Information And Insight

The truth about certain social media sites is that there are always things that happen online that can cause future problems relating to sharing personal thoughts. When something new about elections or anything controversial online pops up, you may be tempted to type all kinds of things online. Your coworkers and even your family may not want to read about your personal opinions, and sometimes the stress happens when people you know personally find out about things you believe in that may not be what they believe in.

Status Labs is a great company who can help you balance your entire social media presence. Protecting those horrible reviews online about who you are is not easy, especially if you don’t have much knowledge on what people are sharing about you and also if you make small mistakes about your online presence.

You can protect your brand online if you work with Status Labs. Their online reputation management company can help you out and save stress by protecting your business online efficiently.