Use Your Writing Skills Wisely

Here is the good news. You don’t need a Ph.D to become a writer. Just having the passion to write can get you there. Being informed, attentive and a little disciplined, in fact, will take you a long way as well. If you look at the life of Jaime Garcia Dias, you will realize that when it comes to this profession, it is all about passion. Blogger Jaime Garcia Dias who started out as a teacher at Carioca Literature Academy in Brazil went on to become one of the most popular writers in the country. Since a decade, he has contributed to various magazines across Brazil, including Jornal do Brazil.

Let us take a look at Elizabeth, who is also a writer for a major news magazine. She was an aspiring writer a few years ago. She had a fairly typical passion that most writers have, with one or two certifications in writing to prove her skills. She decided to bite the bullet after quitting her day job at a fast-food restaurant. Elizabeth is feeling very proud that she made the move. What Elizabeth also realizes is that not all of her time is spent on writing. She can balance her work and personal life with this career as well. For her, it is easy to make forward progress writing most of her articles from home. That flexibility is essentially what made her select this passion as her career. By the way, Elizabeth just paid off her mortgage with her writing salary.

The next thing that is worth of discussing here is to know the factors that avoid you from becoming a writer. These are the classic pitfalls:
1) Not having real passion for writing
2) Thinking writing is not something that is set in stone for you
3) Using excuses to pursue this career and so on.

Some aspiring writers like to stand on many boats at a given time. The problem with this is that first, with too many things to take care, you may end up spending little time for writing. Second, with so many writing assignments and not making quality contribution, you increase the odds of remaining an aspiring writer. Mediocre quality work will not only prevent you from climbing up this career ladder but hurt your reputation as well. Just like eating good food, when it comes to writing, quality is best. If you have too many writing orders, know that you are not alone. There are thousands of writers who are keen to handle too many writing assignments at once. But if you are able to finish each of them with a quality touch to it, you will reach your goal quickly like Jaime Garcia Dias.