Jorge Moll: Identifying the Source of Morality

Morality has been understood for thousands of years to be a natural characteristic among every person, but it has puzzled scientists for ages. The scientific explanation about morality will not be answered until 2006, when a group of Brazilian neuroscientists decided to perform an experiment and determine how morality correlates with cerebral activity. These scientists are not convinced that morality is a natural phenomenon, and they wanted to dig what is the mechanism inside the brain that allows each person to be moral. Jorge Moll is the most significant neuroscientist who has worked in the project, and later discoveries will later credit his most famous experiment about the human brain.

To perform the experiment, Jorge Moll had to invite several subjects who have agreed to become a part of the study. They were given the procedures about the experiment after the subjects have entered the research laboratory, and when the experiment began, Jorge Moll has shown his excitement about the unique result of the research (Diasdacruz). He found out that the brain has a unique structure in the front, and it usually opens up every time someone is involved in a generous act. This unique part of the brain is also releases a number of hormones that causes a warm feeling every time someone is involved in a charitable deed.

The result of the research is immediately published by the group of Jorge Moll. They presented the study to a group of scientists and all of them were amazed about the discovery of Jorge Moll. They have stated that what Jorge Moll discovered would change the field of medicine and neuroscience for years, and all of them have given the research an excellent remark. Jorge Moll is thankful with the warm welcome being given to his research, and promised the scientists who have reviewed his paper that he will be working hard to discover new things that could change the industry as a whole.

Jorge Moll’s study is still being used until today. Neuroscientists from around the planet thanked Jorge Moll for his research, and they have wished him success in uncovering more secrets about the human brain.