What is the new step for Bruce Levenson’s career?

This year has been a turnaround in the life of the Atlanta Hawks’ former lead owner, Bruce Levenson. Since the last quarter of 2014, when the negotiation started to sell the NBA’s five time champion of the Southeast division, Levenson has been part of one of the longest transactions for what is an NBA standard operation. It was a long road until June 2015 when finally the new management structure became solid for the team. On and off negotiations, different bids, bankers involved. Almost a full year being part of the news headlines, certainly not such an easy thing to take on unless you are an experienced businessman such as Levenson, foreseeing every possibility available where others just see problems to solve. When the negotiations first started, aiming as high as possible was what got him into a good deal just as the ones he is used to get when working with his other companies; such as the United Communications Group, where he is the co-founder since 1977 and TechTarget, an IT media company where he is one of the founding and directors’ board members. Now, after 10 years been part of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, Atlanta Spirit LLC when they first started, Levenson has decided that is time to move forward; to do what now? There’s not a full outlook to answer that question, but it won’t be a long time until his next project is out there for everyone to talk about. Levenson, “a journalist, entrepreneur and successful builder of several businesses”, as it says on his official website, has also developed an active participation for over forty years for different philanthropic organizations; The Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington D.C. among them. With a clear target on his mind, his wife Karen has been by his side always targeting education initiatives and disadvantaged youth. As being an entrepreneur has its demands, he is always creating something, improving what he already has and moving on to a next step. Either if it is founding a Philanthropy Non-Profit Center at the University of Maryland or directing an IT publicly-traded company, Forbes Billionaire Levenson will continue to uplift his resume. Bruce Levenson certainly knows how to build up a career based on innovation and well managed ideas, for which everyone will continue receiving news from him about his most recent field of interest. Let’s wait for it and see what’s new.