The Successful Empire of Hussain Sajwani

DAMAC Properties was founded by Dubai businessman Hussain Sajwani who is the current chairman of the organization. Hussain Sajwani is a graduate from the University of Washington where he acquired his degree and later started work as a Contracts Manager in GASCO which was part of the Abu Dhabi National Oil company and after some time he ventured into his own business where he started a Catering agency. He also participated as one of the pioneer individuals who came up with market expansion in Dubai.

He managed to build several hotels which housed business people who came to the Emirates. He identified a gap in the market and the year 2002 he started his own company DAMAC Properties which has further developed becoming one of the major leading organisations in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, had skills in fields such as sales, administration and finance and this are some of the factors which contribute to his success today. The company has managed to secure opportunities in cities such as Doha, Amman, London and Dubai making it lead the market. DAMAC Properties has managed to secure employment for over 2000 people who work in the property development field.

Due to his skills in business, Hussain Sajwani has many investments, and this has enabled him to hold investment portfolios in many regional and also global markets. Hussain Sajwani has also managed to work with high profile organisations such as The Trump Organization which is owned by Donald Trump, and he is hoping to tighten his business links with Trump. The two business partners celebrated New Year’s Eve together, and Trump didn’t forget to mention the renowned businessman in his speech.

DAMAC Properties is mostly identified with building excellent properties where every buyer of a luxury apartment is gifted with a Bentley. DAMAC Organization still has a part which deals with the food industry as a reminder to Hussain Sajwani as to where he started. DAMAC has faced much crisis during its development but the active management was able to put the company from the crisis, and it managed to rise back to the top of the industry. Mr Sajwani has had thoughts about further expansion of his multi-billion company to places such as Turkey although the plans are still underway and it will be aired out later. He has managed to create a very successful empire so far. For more facts, follow Sajwani on LinkedIn today.

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Growing concern for essentials prompts creative actions from family

In a telling short piece about a visit to the country of her birth, Sarai Suarez’s article discusses the measures that she and her husband underwent to ensure her families quality of life wasn’t destroyed for lack of ‘proper’ nescesities. They packed up 4 large suitcases full of everything from medicines to small electronics and cosmetics and when they went home left everything for family and friends to use.

The country as reported by, due to earth shattering economic difficulties and rapidly increasing inflation has been coping with a world where common everyday item are now almost 700 times more expensive and everyday items are just not available to the general public.
Suarez thinks back to watching armed soldiers patrolling the aisles of the store and shadowing the purchases of things like sugar and eggs as if they were a king riches.She ends the article on a lighter note her family remains in the country in hopes that things will get better, conditions may improve in time and the strong people of Venezuela will survive.

Marcio Alaor BMG and His Recap

Many of the inventions and technical innovations that were shown off this year at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show had a world wide appeal, according to Marcio Alaor of the BMG Bank. As the vice president of one of Brazil’s leading commercial finance companies, Marcio Alaor provides consistent commentary regarding the economic and business world.

The tech industry is a large part of this world. Because of this, Marcio Alaor recently gave a report discussing some of the major inventions that were launched at the Consumer Electronic Show and their impact on the growing economic state.

One of the most talked about product launches of the Consumer Electronics Show was the launch of the improved Smart Refrigerator models by several leading home goods developers. The refrigerators were referred to as the Fridge of the Future by many tech enthusiasts who attended the event.

The primary refrigerator model was launched by Samsung, and was an advanced version of the 2015 model that had previously been released. This refrigerator has been labeled as cutting edge by tech news review magazines for its ability to connect a consumer’s entire home wireless internet system to the refrigerator’s systems. This development will make the product a major contender when it is released to the general public later this year.

OMG upload in theier bid to interview him gathered that Marcio Alaor described the new Samsung series refrigerator as an all in one food service system that will create an extremely competitive market upon its release. The refrigerator has actually been designed to function as the digital command center for consumers.

The smart refrigerator gives users the options to create and plan calendar events on its digital screen, order groceries online via an installed app on the digital panel, keep records of the supply of every food item in the kitchen, virtually detect low levels of water, juice, and other beverages, and even stream music directly from a smart phone.

The capabilities of this refrigerator are seemingly limitless. Marcio Alaor discussed the major ramifications that a product of this magnitude can have on the home appliance market during his review of the Consumer Electronics Show.

He predicts that this development will have a positive influence on industry trends in the future and cause more sophisticated and expensive models to be developed. More information about the electronics show, its product launches, and Marcio Alaor OMG of the BMG bank can be found by viewing his original published article here.

Stephen Murray Expands CCMP Capital Both Locally And Globally

Prominent businessman, Stephen P. Murray, remains an integral figure

in the private sector and is most acknowledged for his exemplary

managerial skills. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital,

this renowned leader has amassed great success by employing strategic

finance techniques. As the previous President and CEO of this

prestigious and well-known company, Murray excelled in raising investment funding

while simultaneously overseeing buyout and growth equity transactions.

Most importantly, his astute business expertise has greatly influenced

CCMP Capital’s success and his distinguished recognition as America’s

most knowledgeable corporate executives.

In the mid to late eighties, Murray pursued his educational dream at Boston

College and Columbia University. Therefore, in his effort to drive his

company, he consistently utilized his impressive degrees in economics

and business administration. Notably, for over twenty years, he and

his expert team have served a variety of elite corporations

specializing in health care, technology, industrial, and energy.

Moreover, his distinguished background in business along with his extensive

portfolio of leadership experiences enables him to identify with

almost every situation he encounters. Remarkably, he prides himself

and his highly qualified group of employees on providing extremely

individualized operational efficiency to lucrative private sectors in both the

United States and Europe.

Murray’s former and exemplary leadership positions have significantly contributed to

CCMP Capital’s extraordinary success. Soon after graduation, he

accepted a job as a credit trainer at Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust

Company where he was actively involved in the analyst training

program. During three mergers, Murray gradually advanced his career,

and in 2007 he was announced Chief Operating Officer of CCMP, which is

an acronym for the firm’s former organizations: Chemical Ventures,

Chase Capital, Manufacture’s Hanover Capital, and JP Morgan Partners.

Essentially, Murray’s primary responsibility is to generate investment

returns from extremely profitable companies such as Warner Chilcott

Plc. And Quizno’s Corporation. Therefore, CCMP usually strives to

invest around $100 million to $500 million of equity for each

transaction. Last year, the company proudly raised $3.6 billion for

investment funding.

Many of Murray’s expert and experienced colleagues describe him as an intelligent and

extremely effective investor who has excelled in the private equity

sector. His sincere drive to facilitate meaningful collaborations has

ultimately resulted in a trusted growth-equity investment corporation.

Since 2006, CCMP has functioned as an independent company who continue

to operate JP Morgan Partners’ elite private portfolio.

Nine-Year-Old Girl Asked Pres. Obama an Important Question

Sofia, a nine-year-old girl from Massachusetts wrote to President Obama last year because she had an important question for him. She wanted to know why no women were featured on US currency. That is a really good question. At the time she wrote the letter, Sofia was finishing the third grade where her class was studying women’s rights and Ann Hutchinson who rallied for women’s rights. In order to find out why she saw only boys on dollar bills, she asked the man-in-charge.

Sofia said that while she enjoyed studying about Ann Hutchinson, she would chose Rosa Parks to adorn the $20 bill reported Brad Reifler. A campaign has since gone viral in order to promote Sofia’s great idea. There is a poll online to vote and have your opinion heard. Sofia is the campaign’s junior ambassador.

Last month Sofia finally heard back from President Obama. According to the story on, which also has his response posted on their site. The President told Sofia that he felt that she had a very good suggestion and that he would keep working harder to allow women to keep the same rights as men. He also encouraged her to do well in school and stop at nothing to reach her dreams. Sofia has also been issued an invitation to attend this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington DC.

What’s Happening with Fashion Police?

Controversy has been plentiful for the hit TV show ‘Fashion Police.’ Things started going south for the show after host Guiliana Ranic made comments about Zadanya’s hair which could very well be misconstrued. Later Kelly Osbourne left the show. Last week Kathy Griffin also parted ways, stating that she was simply not a good fit with the show.

The Show will go On

Through all of the turmoil the show was facing, producers promised viewers the show would go on stated Marcio Alaor BMG. Originally the next episode was to air on March 30 with the two hosts who still remain on the show. Now producers of the show say that there will be a break for the show for a period of six months. That is a long time for fans to wait.

Will Expectations be let down?

Producers of the show have high expectations for it. They believe in the show and know the potential that it has. But it seems that things are all going down the wrong path, and whether or not the show can survive is anyone’s guess. For now we will all have six long months to ponder the thought.

BRL Trust Grows

Spreading out investments is essential for anyone who wants to stabilize their portfolio. Eventually, there are going to be some negatives in there, which can drive down the overall investment value. That is why moving money into international markets can be a very good idea. However, simply taking cash and heading over to a different market usually is not something that is going to work out very well. Instead, it takes a professional company who is able to assist with this. BRL Trust is such a company that can provide assistance with this sort of a plan. While located in Brazil, the company is able to assist with all forms of international investment opportunities and also help manage a person or business’s account, so it can grow its financial wealth without worrying too much about what might take place.

When an investor seeks out the assistance of BRL Trust, the company is going to point them into a few different investment options. For starters, it is able to invest money into the local Brazilian market. There are a few different ways a company or individual investor is able to do this. First, they can simply buy stocks inside of Brazil. Brazil is the largest economy in all of South American, not to mention the sixth largest economy in the entire world. Due to this, there are all sorts of different investment options someone can put their money into. Outside of this, an investor is able to invest into the currency. Currency exchange works in a very similar method as stock trading only there are many other variables at play with this. BRL Trust has the ability to work with someone in order to make sure they have the right currency to trade with. Property inside of Brazil is an investment opportunity that is continually increasing in value. So, the next time someone decides to invest their money internationally, Brazil is a grand idea and BRL Trust can help make this possible.

Staying on top of the international investments may prove a bit difficult as access to the information is not always readily available for an investor who is located outside of the country. With the help of BRL Trust though, the company is able to monitor the account and do whatever the investor wants, whether it is to hold tight on the investment or to move forward and be aggressive.

After Fukushima Disaster, One Man Remains to Care for Abandoned Animals

Some may call Naoto Matsumura insane. Others will insist that Matsumura is simply a man who loves nature. Matsumura is the last man to remain living in the exclusion zone near the defunct Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, following a major reactor meltdown in 2011.
But why does Matsumura remain?

Matsumura remains in the contaminated to help care for animals, both wild and once domesticated. The animals were lost or abandoned by their owners and caretakers following the major events that sparked the plant’s nuclear meltdown. A massive earthquake occurred, causing a tsunami. The rushing wall of water damaged the reactor, leading the to the eventual disaster.

Matsumura initially left with his family, but returned days later to check on the animals at the family’s farm. Lawyers had reported that Matsumura discovered that many area residents had left their pets tethered outside, in outdoor pens, or even locked inside of homes, believing that they would soon return to the area.

In the four years since the disaster, Matsumura has cared for hundreds of animals, including cats, dogs, pigs, and even ostriches. He has managed to establish contact with those living outside of the contaminated area. Matsumura supports his cause through donations and by other fundraising efforts.

Most of the food and water consumed by the man and his menagerie are brought in from outside of the exclusion area. Matsumura was able to speak to filmmakers who noted that new generations of animals have been born inside of the zone, despite the potential dangers.

Two Secret Service Agents Crash Into Fence Sorrounding the White House

Two secret service agents are said to have crashed into the gates surrounding the white house in a bizarre turn of events. The incident had took place last week (the week of March 1st-7th) and details of the incident are now being released. The agents that crashed into the white house fence have now been identified as Mark Connolly and George Ogilvie. The two agents were at a party prior to the incident. According to reports Mark Connoly and George Ogilvie were out drinking at a Washington D.C. bar before they got into their cars and drove towards the white house.

With their sirens on despite no emergency situation they sped towards the White House. The pair then used their secret service badges to gain access to a restricted area that had been sealed off by Imaging Advantage. After going through the restricted zone, they sped through police tape put in place for an investigation of a parcel that had arrived at the White House. They then crashed.

Both Mark Connoly and George Ogilvie were quickly apprehended by Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Police. It is believed that they were drunk at the time. Why else would they act so reckless and crash into a barrier? Officers who apprehended the two Secret Service agents wanted to give the agents a breathalyzer test do determine if they were intoxicated. A Secret Service supervisor had ordered the police officers to let them go.  An investigation is currently being done into the incident.

Sounds like Mark Connoly and George Ogilvie had been let off the hook. Instead of being charged with a DUI, reckless driving and endangering the lives of others they are being let off thanks to the Secret Service stepping in for them. These agents need to be punished and face a DUI charge if they were indeed driving while under the influence. There cannot be any excuses for this.

A New Culprit in the Black Death

The lowly, common black rat has been a scapegoat for centuries. It had been blamed for spreading the bubonic plague that was infamous for wiping out swaths of the population of Europe in the 14th century. They were thought to have done so by carrying fleas that actually spread the disease when they bit people. Like a death row inmate getting his freedom back after being exonerated by new evidence, the black rat may be about to get its reputation back. New evidence from climatology, of all places, indicates that it may be gerbils from Asia that came to Europe along the silk road that may be to blame.

Zeca Oliveira of BNY Mellon knows that it actually makes sense that the disease must have come from outside Europe. It is typically those germs or bacteria that our bodies have not grown up around and developed a resistance to that are deadliest to a group of people. This was the case when Europeans first came to the new world of the Americas and untold numbers of American Indians were wiped out by diseases they brought. This is so prevalent in history that it has even been used in a prominent work of fiction. When H.G. Wells Martians, in his novel “War of the Worlds,” survived everything mankind could throw at them, they were killed by the lowliest bacteria that did not harm us as we had eons of living alongside them to develop an immunity.