Obsidian Energy And The Natural Gas Sector

Obsidian Energy Ltd. is a natural gas and oil production business that hails from Calgary in Alberta, Canada.


Obsidian is a public powerhouse that’s been around since 1979. Obsidian Energy in the past was called Penn West Energy Trust, Penn West Petroleum and Penn West Exploration Ltd. It currently has a total of about 300 employees. The company makes approximately 300 BOE (Barrel of Oil Equivalents) on a daily basis. It concentrates on various important concepts. It’s one that promotes unwavering zeal for its field. It’s also one that promotes pure answerability. Obsidian Energy Ltd. aims to do right by all of its shareholders. It consistently lives up to shareholder wishes, too.


The management crew at Obsidian Energy Ltd. is a strong one. David L. French is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the firm. He’s been with it since the fall of 2016. He before that was employed as Bankers Petroleum Ltd.’s Chief Executive Officer and President. French studied at Rice University and has a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree from the college. He went to Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts after that, too. He has a MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. Go To This Page for additional information.


Some of the other adept managers who work for Obsidian Energy are Operations and Development Vice President Tony Berthelet, Chief Financial Officer David Hendry, Commercial and Business Development Vice President Mark Hodgson and Technical Services and Production Vice President Andrew Sweerts. The board of directors for Obsidian Energy is full of remarkable individuals, too. These are John Brydson, George H. Brookman, Jay W. Thornton, Raymond D. Crossley, Maureen Cormier Jackson and Gordon M. Ritchie. They’re located in a couple different parts of the massive North American nation. These parts are Calgary and Toronto. Brydson is actually in the United States in Greenwich, Connecticut.


Obsidian Energy puts significant attention into many components.


The people who are part of this company have extensive familiarity with Peace River, Deep Basin, Cardium and Alberta Viking. People who want additional information that involves Obsidian Energy can always reach out to the firm. Its main office is in Calgary on 9th Avenue.


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