JNS Author Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and author for Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). His recent article on JNS discusses the recent rise in anti-Semitism around the world. He talks about how the rise in radical Muslims across the world have been affecting Israel and Jewish people. He calls out the radical left for turning a blind eye to the practices of radical Islam. Adam Milstein also discusses how, from the radical left viewpoint, Israel is thought of as a country of people that targets Muslims. Specifically, Linda Sarsour is mentioned in how hypocritical she is in her viewpoints. Adam Milstein points out that she helped organize the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. but she also thanked Siraj Wajjah who was an unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing.

There were two rally events recently in Chicago that he discusses also share this same trend. The Chicago Dyke March, which was made to celebrate the LGBT community, expelled two people from the march for putting Stars of David on their pride flags. Then at the SlutWalk Chicago event which was designed to oppose sexual assault, Zionists who attended the march were condemned and not allowed to participate. At the same event, the walkers were encouraged to attend a speech by Rasmea Odeh who is a Palestinian terrorist who was recently convicted of killing two Jewish students.

Adam Milstein is not only an author. He is also the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This charitable organization provides services to a wide range of other businesses or groups to help strengthen the State of Israel, the Jewish people, and the U.S. relationship with Israel. Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel to his parents Eva Milshtein and Hillel Milshtein. After Adam Milstein’s mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force, he went on to enroll in the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology where he received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in business and economics. He then procured his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Southern California before becoming a commercial real estate agent.


BRL Trust Grows

Spreading out investments is essential for anyone who wants to stabilize their portfolio. Eventually, there are going to be some negatives in there, which can drive down the overall investment value. That is why moving money into international markets can be a very good idea. However, simply taking cash and heading over to a different market usually is not something that is going to work out very well. Instead, it takes a professional company who is able to assist with this. BRL Trust is such a company that can provide assistance with this sort of a plan. While located in Brazil, the company is able to assist with all forms of international investment opportunities and also help manage a person or business’s account, so it can grow its financial wealth without worrying too much about what might take place.

When an investor seeks out the assistance of BRL Trust, the company is going to point them into a few different investment options. For starters, it is able to invest money into the local Brazilian market. There are a few different ways a company or individual investor is able to do this. First, they can simply buy stocks inside of Brazil. Brazil is the largest economy in all of South American, not to mention the sixth largest economy in the entire world. Due to this, there are all sorts of different investment options someone can put their money into. Outside of this, an investor is able to invest into the currency. Currency exchange works in a very similar method as stock trading only there are many other variables at play with this. BRL Trust has the ability to work with someone in order to make sure they have the right currency to trade with. Property inside of Brazil is an investment opportunity that is continually increasing in value. So, the next time someone decides to invest their money internationally, Brazil is a grand idea and BRL Trust can help make this possible.

Staying on top of the international investments may prove a bit difficult as access to the information is not always readily available for an investor who is located outside of the country. With the help of BRL Trust though, the company is able to monitor the account and do whatever the investor wants, whether it is to hold tight on the investment or to move forward and be aggressive.

Jonathan Veitch Places the College Community Ahead of Profits

In our modern World the role of college professionals is often a strange one, which juxtaposes the need to provide a high quality education with the need to keep an academic institution as profitable as possible. Into this World has stepped Jonathan Veitch as the President of Occidental College, an academic institution that seemed to be heading for a future as a large, faceless organization until the arrival of Veitch. The news that President Barrack Obama had studied at the college for two years led to an increase in applications and the decision to expand the school, seemingly without regard for the thoughts of the local community.

Despite being one of the oldest liberal arts colleges in the US, the relationship between Occidental College and the local community of Eagle Rock has often been a strained one. Prior to the arrival of Jonathan Veitch as President of the institution the relationship had often been a difficult one with Occidental announcing a controversial expansion plan that would see a large number of new buildings built in a prominent position overlooking the community. The plans were already in place when Veitch stepped into the role of President and almost immediately shelved the plans indefinitely.

The bold move to shelve the expansion plans began the process of building a closer relationship with the local community, who could easily have been pushed out of Occidental College had the expansion continued as planned. The announcement that President Obama had attended Occidental made it one of the top academic institutions in the US for applications from within the country and abroad almost overnight. Huge profits could have been made had the expansion plans continued, but the decision to shelve them made by Veitch brought the community of Eagle Rock back into the Occidental fold.

Veitch has worked hard to rebuild the liberal feel of the college, going so far as bringing back former students to assist in planning the traffic flow around the campus and in the local community to ease the worries of local residents. He has also been instrumental in developing a number of strategies and programs designed to help the Eagle Rock community, including meals and educational opportunities for students in school within the community to assist in their educational and physical development.

Jared Haftel Wants To Use His Expertise For Good

When Jared Haftel needed to make sure that he could reach his career goals, he moved to California to enroll at Stanford University in their MBA program. The program is teaching him how to grow a business that is based around the services he wants to offer people. Also, this program is going to give Jared Haftel the knowledge that he needs to make sure that he can reach out to people who are in the most desperate need of financial assistance.

The People

The people that are in need of financial information often do not have a way of finding this information. Many people do not have bank accounts, or these people do not feel like they will be able to make an appointment to speak to someone at the bank. The people that are in the most need want to get the information that they need on the move. These people may have smartphones that they can use to get this information, and Jared believes that he can reach these people through their phones.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps that are designed to give people information about their finances will help them get the information they need at the exact moment that they need it. Many people are concerned about making the right choices, but they can never make those wise decisions if they do not have the information that they need.

When Jared is able to set up his many ideas to help people, he is showing people that they can take control of their finances. Most people who are financing their own family projects want to have help, and it is good for them to get this help in a place that is easy for them to find.

The majority of people who need financial help will get it when Jared sets up his business after completing his MBA. The MBA program st Stanford is just one step of many for Jared as he tries to make a change in the world that he has wanted to make for some time.

Skout: The Underrated App that Yields Overwhelming Results

Skout is an app that may be under the radar for a lot of people that are new to social media. It doesn’t always get mentioned in the same circles as Twitter or Facebook, but Skout packs just as much power – if not more. I can speak from personal experience because I have tried it, and I am still overwhelmed by the connections I make.

The very first thing that I noticed was the diversity of the members that connect on the Skout app. People from all over the world sign up so it is easy for me to make friends with a host of others people from different countries. I like to travel so this really helps me. I often use Skout to find out about about new places before I visit. I have even used it to inquire about the best hotels to stay in when I visit outside of the United States.

Another thing that Skout has done is connect me with others that have similar interests. The app is designed to make it easy to get connected with those that share your passions. This app has a platform that lets me introduce myself to the entire community. This allows me to tell the [Skout] world about myself. From there I get contacted by people from different areas that I can add to my list of friends. When I used other apps I really didn’t get a chance to meet lots of new people online. All of my Twitter followers were people that I knew. The same goes for my Facebook page. It has been Skout that has allowed me to build my most diverse social media connections.

The difference with this app and others is that it helps you find your friends by way of your desires. I have some friends that live in the same city. When I want to search for local friends it becomes easy to do this with Skout. When I want to search for friends that may like going to the same clubs or bars that I attend I can use the app for that. I can even look for people that are into basketball or football. It’s an app with millions of users, but you can still narrow down the search results to find what you want.

The biggest pull for a lot of single people like myself is the dating aspect of this app. In recent years I have become more open to meeting someone romantically online. I never wanted to try the standard dating websites because I felt like it was too much pressure. I have been able to use Skout to get a couple of dates though, and these experiences were very pleasant. The app allowed me to find others that shared some of the same interests, but there was not any pressure to officially turn anything into a date. I just started a friendship and used the app to progress things from that point.

I like the fact that I can send and receive pictures with Skout. This has given me the opportunity to see my dates and really know who I am communicating with. I am really concerned about safety when it comes to online dating, and Skout has always made me feel safe.

OMG Sam Tabar

You probably won’t catch him walking Hollywood red carpets and as far as I know he isn’t much of a rap star. But you will catch him in the recent business and finance buzz that;s been trending this week. According to Yahoo! Finance news, Sam Tabar is  on the rise in finance and business.

Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and prominent lawyer in New York. He was the Senior Associate in Schulte Roth & Zabel law firm from September 2013 to March 2014. He speaks and writes fluent English and French. He can also functionally speak Japanese. His interests include travelling and hosting various events.




Sam Tabar is a graduate with honors at the Oxford University. He then, went to Columbia Law School and served as an Associate Editor at the Columbia Business Law Review.


Shortly after his graduation in 2001 in Columbia, he joined one of the most prestigious law firms in the world, the Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP as an Associate. His responsibilities at Skadden include providing counsel to clients about regulatory and compliance issues, employment issues, side letters, private placement memoranda, investment management agreements, hedge fund structure and formation.


Tabar left his budding legal career in Skadden in 2004 and joined the world of finance in PMA Investment Advisors, one of the units of Sparx Group Co., a company based in Hong Kong. Sam Tabar joined the Sparx Group in September 2004 as a counsel. Consequently, he was promoted to a Managing Director and Co-head of Business Development. His tasks in PMA Investment Advisers include working on and managing all aspects of investor relations and global marketing with a $2 billion hedge fund. Moreover, he designed and implemented a marketing strategy for the firm, which targets large family offices, institutional investors, and high net-worth clients worldwide. Also, he provided the firm with his personal list of more than 2000 potential eligible investors. He also developed more than 400 additional investor introductions. It is also worth to mention other highlights which include raising $1.2 billion in assets under his management while working closely with the firm’s CEO and founding Partners on all business development related matters.


In February 2011, Sam Tabar joined Merrill Lynch’s Bank of America as the Director and Head for the Capital Strategy in the Asia-Pacific region. His role is to provide counsel to the firm’s hedge fund clients and meaningful and focused introductions to institutional investors, which include large family offices, funds of funds, pensions, foundations, and endowments. He also managed and assisted the entire capital allocation cycle between investors and fund managers. Throughout the course of Sam Tabar’s tenure at Bank of America, he created a supplemental list of more than 1,250 institutional investors.


In September 2012, he left Bank of America and joined Adanac LLC BVI as a Director. He invested properties and start-ups, which include Thinx and Verboten.


In September 2013, Sam Tabar rejoined the legal world when he accepted the role of Senior Associate at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. As a Senior Associate, he caters hedge funds and provides counsel to the firm’s clients on regulatory and compliance issues, employment issues, side letters, memoranda, private placement, investment management agreements, and fund structure and formation. In March 2014, Sam Tabar left Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP.

Andrew Heiberger, NYC Mogul

One way to describe Andrew Heiberger is a New York CEO Mogul.  Style and luxury describe this successful entrepreneur’s full service luxury real estate firms.  His resume list powerful CEO positions at major companies each leading up to his current position as Co-founder, CEO and Co-Chairman of TOWN Residential.  TOWN Residential is a crown of glory for Heiberger. His vision to birth a company that operates and delivers exceptional service to clients and endless resources to licensed staff is succeeded.

Heiberger’s TOWN Residential opened in December 2010 and today has over ten offices staffed with over 500 licensed representatives in the real estate field. One key to Heiberger’s successful strategy is his passion and cunning business experience. He learned long ago that obtainable resources and property knowledge were foundational lessons learned as a youth while working in the family business of land and property traders on Long Island. At age 26 newly law school graduate Heiberger founded Citi Habitats his very first real estate brokerage firm. This was the beginning of 10 years of growth. His office opened with just two brokers and grew to over 1,000 licensed staff in over 20 locations in Manhattan.

In 2005 Buttonwood Development was created a 452 unit condominium property conversion. It became Manhattan’s best developed condominium. It totally sold out and made over $300 million in uptown residential sales. His experienced eye for best business practices included retaining the building’s 52,000 square feet of commercial space that truly developed a successful Greenwich residence community.

Heiberger is a licensed attorney and Real Estate Broker in the state of New York. He has a plethora of organizations he belongs to including the Real Estate Board of New York, Michigan Tri-State Leadership and the New York Bar Association. His charitable contributions include The Max Cure Foundation, The Princess Margaret Hospital and the Fresh Air Fund. This list barely scratches the surface of the many charities he faithfully gives back to year after year. This billionaire mogul knows the value of not only property but family. He is a devoted father of two. Heiberger embraces leisure activities and takes time out to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He loves to travel and enjoys golfing and various sporting event. Heiberger continues to reach higher degrees of excellence in serving clients and empowers licensed staff to excel and thrive in the industry.

Before it’s buzz: Tom Rothman for TriStar

Tom Rothman Brings His Impressive Film Background to the Role of Chairman at TriStar Productions

Tom Rothman, who has had a very successful career as a film executive, has recently been named Chairman of a new joint venture with Sony Pictures and TriStar. He will lead this venture to make movies and television shows under the TriStar banner called TriStar Productions. Tom Rothman’s previous accomplishments include being the Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment from 2000-2012, overseeing one of the world’s biggest producers and distributors of motion pictures and television that included Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Searchlight (which Rothman founded and from where the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire was produced), Blue Sky Animation, and Twentieth Century Fox Television.
Many of the best and most successful films of modern times have been made with his oversight: Titanic,Avatar, Life of Pi, Master and Commander, Moulin Rouge, Sideways, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, and several more. Tom Rothman has an impressive background working in the entertainment industry including having had the title of President of Worldwide Production for Samuel Goldwyn company and being Executive Vice President for Colombia Pictures. Prior to these roles, he was a partner at the New York entertainment law firm Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein and Selz and represented many major industry figures in the arts. He also at the start of his work life was a law clerk and before that an English teacher and also coached soccer and lacrosse.

As Chairman at TriStar Productions, Tom Rothman will be overseeing the production of up to four films a year, all released under the TriStar Pictures banner. Rothman and his group at TriStar Productions will also develop long-form and series programs for Sony Pictures Television. Rothman is excited about producing televion programming as well as films, and is quoted as saying: “Television right now is fertile…I believe that…is ultimately going to be a great thing for the movie audience because it does show that you can aim high with audiences.” He also said that television has been able to make the “very complicated” character work, and that is partly due to television shows not being as market-driven as films are. TriStar Productions is also, of course, expected to be impressive with the films it turns out. Tom Rothman is known for loving both films and filmmakers as well as understanding how to make money on films and having great taste in them too.