New Zealand X Factor Judges Fired for Bullying

The X Factor New Zealand has been hit with a controversy regarding two of their most popular judges, Natalia Kills and Willy Moon, The Guardian reports. Kills and Moon have been fired from the show just a day after a tirade against a contestant the married couple accused of stealing the act of singer Moon. The couple compared the male contestant to Norman Bates and made references to him possibly murdering the live studio audience. TV3, the New Zealand network that broadcasts the X Factor was quick to respond to the Sunday night live show with Facebook posts and a Monday morning statement explaining the decision to remove the two judges.

Fellow judge Mel Blatt, the former All Saints vocalist also took to social media to explain her feelings about the bullying scandal and criticized the couple for their comments. The comments of Kills and Moon come just weeks after X factor franchise owners Freemantle Media and Syco Entertainment began an investigation after a convicted murderer appeared on the New Zealand version of the show. Jason Halpern reported to me that Kills and Moon have not made a public statement about their sacking, but Kills has taken to Instagram and posted a photo of characters from the movie Natural Born Killers.

Kanye is Over the Kardashians

While the rumors of Kim and Kanye’s relationship continue to baffle their fans and followers it’s obvious that the two have been spending less and less time together. Not exactly a Qnet and MCFC level of partnership. Kanye apparently was not around for the family’s Thanksgiving dinner and Kim was not pleased with his absence fueling even more suspicions that the couple is headed for divorce.

Now it seems that the tension and distance between Kim and Kanye may have had nothing to do with Kim and Kanye and everything to do with Kim’s crazy family. 

Apparently close friends of Kim and Kanye are saying that Kanye is over Kim’s family and all their drama, Kanye is so fed up with the Kardashians that he has been begging Kim to move away from them. Anyone who knows the Kardashian family knows that with all their crazy drama one thing they are is very close, asking Kim to move away from her family may be just as bad as asking for a divorce. 

Knowing Kanye’s track record with the paps it’s not hard to see why being a part of one of the biggest most talked about families in Hollywood could be stressful for him, but does this mean that Kim and Kanye are on the road to divorce or are they about to move far away from the rest of the family?