George Soros, The Greatest Investor, Philanthropist And Liberal Billionaire

In 1947, George Soros fled for England from. He joined London School of Economic and graduated in 1952 worked for a London based Investment Bank. He immigrated to the United States in 1956 and worked for three New York Analyst and Investment firms. Soros decided to go his way in 1973 and founded the Soros Fund Management hedge fund that is now called the Quantum Fund. He has run his fruitful and aggressive hedge fund for almost twenty years, posting returns of more than 100% in two occasions.

He gave up the management of the firm in the 1980s as one of the world richest people and begun philanthropic donations through the Open Society Foundation. Political activism, in the recent years, it has become Soros’ Important occupation. He has lectured and written widely on the U.S role in world affairs education, human rights and political freedom among others. Oxford University orferred Soros an honorary degree and he said he would like to be called a philanthropic, financial and philosophical speculator.

Open Society networks partners, foundations and has projects for more than 100 countries in the world and George Soros is its chairperson and founder. He has a high commitment to the idea of a society that is open where the government is accountable, human rights are respected, and no one has monopoly on the truth and this brings out the foundation to be one of the biggest and private philanthropic effort in history.

In 1979, Soros begun his philanthropic effort by offering scholarships to black South Africans. He supported cultural exchanges and provided Xerox machines to copy banned texts in the 1980s and helped undermine communism in the Eastern Bloc. His Open Society Foundations have supported has supported philanthropy in Asia, Africa and the United States. He created the Central European University after the Berlin Wall fell to promote thinking. His Foundation has also supported thousands of unlawfully held individuals with lawyers to represent them legally.

George Soros has sought a self-governing fair combat against limiting the recent enacted voting laws by the Republican-controlled national regimes is being sponsored by the philanthropist billionaire George Soros. Democrats, however, say that the new legislation will affect the young, the poor, and the minorities disproportionately. The Republicans, on the other hand, say that the new laws will protect against election fraud.

In his early years, George Soros was a genius in translating the hursh economic trends into currency and bonds in a highly leveraged killer play. He was a short-term speculator as an investor as he was making huge bets into the financial market directions. He acted out through emotions rather than logical considerations when he described the financial market to be chaotic. The currency and security prices were determined by humans who buy and sell this asset.

Soros was a very keen investor, he could move with the crowd but eventually look for an opening to lead the group and strike at the most opportune moment. When it comes to buying and selling, Soros had an instinctive physical reaction because this was a complicated strategy.