Joseph Bismark: A Healthy Lifestyle Matters


Understanding Joseph Bismark

Joseph Bismark is the co-founder of the QI group. He fostered the establishment of a sound basis for the differential growth of the firm. He became the managing director, following a restructure in the corporate management. He is passionate and has a versatile personality as a leader. He lives by the dictum; everyone is capable of doing extraordinary things. He employs an open yet consultative management mode. His management style, which was modelled through his unique upbringing, is well anchored around the canon of his philosophies. He is an ardent advocate of healthy living. He is solely responsible for all the ventures of the QI group towards organic foods and general wellness.
Religion and Philanthropy

He is a staunch believer in religious growth. He believes that spiritual growth is achieved through service to humanity. This is why he dedicates most of his time to philanthropic activities such as the RYTHM Foundation. RYTHM Foundation is an organization founded by the QI group to improve the general well being of the society. Currently, Mr. Bismark lives in Singapore where he oversees various commercial operations of the QI group.
In an article released by the Yahoo News, Mr. Bismark shares his life as a vegetarian, his literature activities, usage of apps that sustain and promote a healthy lifestyle and exercise regimes. Bismark’s lifestyle is not just mere words to impress people; he walks his talk. For instance, he goes swimming, does yoga asasnas, and goes cycling on a regular basis.
Fitness Apps and Activities

He incorporates kettlebells into his weekly exercises. The kettlebells increase body flexibility and strength. He also uses MapMyRide application, which monitors fitness activities. It contains a training log that record the calories burned, pace, duration, speed, and distance of fitness activities. Being a yoga master, Mr. Bismark lives it as well as teaches it. It is a way of life for him. Despite being the yoga teacher, he seeks more knowledge through reading and practice. For instance, he recently finished reading ‘the anatomy of yoga, which is an instructor’s guidebook that explains how to improve one’s poses. The offers different visual examples and explain the basics of the spine breathing, and yoga. According to Bismark, meditation is another crucial element of yoga.
Involving ourselves in numerous mental and physical activities is essential for our physical firmness, however, aside from the activities keeping us fit, they assist us defeat our inner fears ; hence achieve the optimal version of our genuine self.