The Internet Loves “Too Many Cooks”

The short “Too Many Cooks”, which aired on Adult Swim in October has exploded into viral media recently.

The show is essentially a parody of all of our favorite ’80s and ’90s sitcoms that many of us grew up watching, such as Full House, or The Brady Bunch. The feature starts of with several excessively bright ’80s and ’90s sitcom openings that takes a great deal of unusual and unexpected turns along the way. Since airing on Adult Swim at 4 a.m. the 11 minute short has picked up a lot of popularity on social media which helped boost its viral popularity.

Since its transcendence into viral media, the short has been covered by several popular news outlets such as Yahoo and BuzzFeed. This clip should be seen by anyone that wants to see what happens when a sitcom intro gets completely out of hand. There is something here for everyone from half-naked women, to police chases and serial killers.

If you haven’t seen this clip do yourself a favor like Christian Broda did and go see it. You can thank me later.