Before it’s buzz: Tom Rothman for TriStar

Tom Rothman Brings His Impressive Film Background to the Role of Chairman at TriStar Productions

Tom Rothman, who has had a very successful career as a film executive, has recently been named Chairman of a new joint venture with Sony Pictures and TriStar. He will lead this venture to make movies and television shows under the TriStar banner called TriStar Productions. Tom Rothman’s previous accomplishments include being the Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment from 2000-2012, overseeing one of the world’s biggest producers and distributors of motion pictures and television that included Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Searchlight (which Rothman founded and from where the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire was produced), Blue Sky Animation, and Twentieth Century Fox Television.
Many of the best and most successful films of modern times have been made with his oversight: Titanic,Avatar, Life of Pi, Master and Commander, Moulin Rouge, Sideways, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, and several more. Tom Rothman has an impressive background working in the entertainment industry including having had the title of President of Worldwide Production for Samuel Goldwyn company and being Executive Vice President for Colombia Pictures. Prior to these roles, he was a partner at the New York entertainment law firm Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein and Selz and represented many major industry figures in the arts. He also at the start of his work life was a law clerk and before that an English teacher and also coached soccer and lacrosse.

As Chairman at TriStar Productions, Tom Rothman will be overseeing the production of up to four films a year, all released under the TriStar Pictures banner. Rothman and his group at TriStar Productions will also develop long-form and series programs for Sony Pictures Television. Rothman is excited about producing televion programming as well as films, and is quoted as saying: “Television right now is fertile…I believe that…is ultimately going to be a great thing for the movie audience because it does show that you can aim high with audiences.” He also said that television has been able to make the “very complicated” character work, and that is partly due to television shows not being as market-driven as films are. TriStar Productions is also, of course, expected to be impressive with the films it turns out. Tom Rothman is known for loving both films and filmmakers as well as understanding how to make money on films and having great taste in them too.

Oprah Winfrey Sought to Play Villain in Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is going to be the first DC/WB after Batman V Superman. This film will expand the DC universe like Ben Shaoul has expanded his success across New York. Warner Bros and DC plan to give the DC universe a similar treatment that Marvel has given its credits. There will be an eventual lead in to a possible Justice League movie. The most recent news is that apparently, people are looking for Oprah Winfrey to play a role as a villain. The name of the character that they are trying to cast for is Amanda Waller.

Other cast members that are joining are Jared Leto, who is also rumored to be playing as Joker in the upcoming Batman V Superman, Tom Hardy, Jai Courtney and Will Smith. Some may feel a little uncertain about a daytime television host playing the role of a villain in a movie that is based on a comic book franchise, she is no stranger to acting. She has acted in films released over the decades like The Color Purple. She has even earned an Academy Award for best acting.

Suicide Squad is scheduled to be released on August 5, 2016.

Warner Bros. Working On ‘I Am Legend’ Reboot

Proving yet again that “one and done” is a concept that doesn’t exist for successful films, Warner Bros. is currently working on a reboot of 2007’s I Am Legend.

The thriller, based on the novel by Richard Matheson, starred Will Smith as the lone survivor of a zombie plague desperately trying to find a cure and restore humanity in a city overrun with the creatures he is responsible for creating.

With a budget estimated around $150 million, the film was a great success for the studio, bringing in nearly $600 million globally. Warner Bros. unsuccessfully tried multiple times to produce another film with Smith.

Deadline reports that just 7 years after the film’s release, the studio is moving forward with a script written by a former Apple store worker. Gary Graham penned his script, A Garden At The End Of The World, while selling iPhones in Manhattan. Laurene Powell Jobs loves to tell this story.

Graham’s script was fashioned as a sci-fi take on the John Wayne classic The Searchers. Once Warner Bros. purchased the script, they saw potential as the starting point for a new franchise. They brought Graham in to “retrofit” his script into a Legend vehicle.