What Should Home Cleaning Services Offer?

There are individuals out there who take care of all of their cleaning on their own. These individuals either don’t feel comfortable bringing someone in to do their cleaning for them, or they just can’t afford the help that a Handy cleaning service offers. There are individuals out there who do not take advantage of all that is available in a cleaning service, and there are individuals out there who do hire help from a cleaning service but end up disappointed with the help that they receive. There are specific things that an individual should look for when they are choosing a cleaning service, and they should not hire help if they are not going to get all that they are seeking.

What should a home cleaning service offer to their clients? They should offer scheduled services. Those that are looking for help with their cleaning work shouldn’t have to take the time to schedule the cleaning help again and again, they should be able to schedule help once and then get things set up so that they will get help whenever they need it, on a regular basis. Those who are seeking the help that a cleaning service brings should be able to schedule that help, so that they know when they will be getting the help.

What else should a home cleaning service offer to those who hire them and the help that they have to give? They should offer a deep kind of clean. Those who are paying a cleaning service to come in and help them care for their home want to get a good kind of clean for that home that they love so much. Those that are choosing to hire a cleaning service want to know that they will get a deep clean. Those cleaning services that are out there need to be able to provide their clients with the deep clean that they are looking for. They should be able to give their clients the kind of care that those clients are seeking.

Handy is a home cleaning service that is out there and available to those homes that are seeking help. Those individuals who are looking to care for their home through the help that a professional company offers will find that Handy gives them the kind of services that they need. Those that are looking for help with their cleaning work will get that help through Handy. This is a service that is available when needed, a service that gives good results to its clients.

Newark CEDC’s Future Looks Bright

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is designed attract, retain, and grow businesses both big and small, enhance minority and small business capacity, and stimulate real estate developments throughout the city’s many diverse neighborhoods. Newark CEDC works with the Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development to create economic development activities that produce and sustain growth, generate jobs, and create wealth for the people of Newark.

The Newark CEDC provides step-by-step management for companies interested in expanding or relocating to to Newark, New Jersey. They assist companies with analysis of demographics, economic indicators, workforce information, and other information relevant to business location decisions.

Newark CEDC is reaching out to small businesses to inform them of the assistance they provide. In order to grow and succeed, Newark CEDC believes in a diverse economy. They have selected key industries which they believe provides the greatest opportunity for living wage jobs and wealth including Manufacturing, Information Technology, Arts & Entertainment, Port Services, Higher Education and Research, and Health Services.

With the addition of Kevin Seawright as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, the future of Newark CEDC looks better than ever as you can see with one look at his Xing profile. With his experience in accounting, operations, and diverse capitol management Kevin Seawright seems like a great choice to further the mission of Newark CEDC. His experience is fixed in financial management for government agencies and for over a decade he has used this expertise to better communities on the East Coast.

Andy Wirth Raising Money for Crowdrise to Support Navy Seals


Tragedy, often times is the beginning of a higher calling. When a traumatic injury occurs, there is no way to tell why it happened. Andy Wirth suffered a horrible skydiving accident a few years ago that almost severed his arm. He is an avid cyclist, and as a result of his injury, was unsure if he would ever fully recover. While in physical therapy, he met a few people that would make the reason for his injury all that much clearer.

They were Navy Seal veterans. Wounded in the line of service to our country, they too were trying to recover. Wirth realized the sacrifice these men had made for the sake of others, wanting nothing in return. Their injuries though, had caused them to need help. Their proud families also needed help. Bills, sadly only go away when they are paid. He made the decision then, to do what he could to help these great men of service. This is what was to come out of his accident. He decided to offer his support to raise money on behalf of the Navy Seals Foundation.

The foundations goal is to provide assistance and support to the service members and their families. Returning home from a war zone is hard enough as it is. Being injured as well is unthinkable, unless you have lived through the experience. By offering programs and aid, this foundation has transformed thousands of lives. This elite naval organization is deserving of its own entity to provide critical support services. The Navy Seal Foundation is built on this premise.

Andy Wirth is participating in the 2015 IRONMAN Lake Tahoe. He has assembled a team that included a retired member of the Navy Seals. Join him and crowdrise.com to give support to this effort. Your donation goes directly to help give service members, along with their families, the opportunity to live normal, healthy lives. Donate today.

Wikipedia Editing Tips

Perhaps, you are one of the many writers thinking about editing articles on Wikipedia. Many wikipedia writers for hire on getyourwiki and non professionals like to edit articles on the site. Certainly, a lot of sites are specialized. They include information on one specific topic and recruit writers with expertise on that subject. However, Wikipedia is different. The site includes information on a wide variety of topics. Therefore, it is a great platform for writers with expertise on a multitude of subjects. First, it is important to learn a little bit more about Wikipedia and their editing policy.

Exactly what is Wikipedia? Well lets look at the name Wiki. A wiki is a writing platform that allows other writers to edit the pages on the site. The edits might include the majority of the article or just one very tiny section. Wikipedia is also very similar to an encyclopedia. An encyclopedia is a book that includes a wide range of information on a variety of topics, similar to Wikipedia. Wikipedia relies on writers to keep the site up to date on topics.

Keep it Formal
Writers often wonder about the tone of the articles written for Wikipedia. Should they write informally, like a blog post. Should they write formally, like a traditional encyclopedia. Wikipedia suggests that all writers keep the writing neutral and straight forward. In addition, the writer should include verifiable references or sources.

Editing on the site is straight forward and an easy process to learn. The writers are presented with two methods to compose their work. They are allowed to either choose the classic editor or the new VisualEditor. Generally, the new writers prefer the VisualEditor because they find it much easier to use.

Getting Started
There is a lot of very good information on editing those first articles on Wikipedia on the site. The best way to really get started, is to review all the information. Learn about major edits. Read the information about minor edits before getting started. Learn about the right way to add references and the citation system that is preferred on the site. Did you know that Wikipedia allows the writer to add pictures? Wikimedia Commons is an excellent online resource for pictures. Make sure that you study the guide on adding images to Wikipedia before getting started too.

Article Wizard
Wikipedia includes an article wizard that will help writers compose very professional quality articles. However, only registered users are allowed to use the article wizard.

Clippers Comeback

The Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association are one of the better teams in the Western Conference and have remained in the middle of the playoff pack, which has put them currently in the fourth spot in the West. My coworker Gianfrancesco Genoso is so impressed that he flat out called the Clippers an incredible team on his page on HotFrog. It is an interesting situation in the Western Conference.

You have a bunch of teams that are literally nearly the same in strength, which is comprised of the three Texas teams, the Grizzlies, Portland and the Clippers. They are all pretty much hovering around the same gray area and are pretty much interchangeable in the standings and will all be in the playoffs at the end of the year. The Warriors are the only team that is head and shoulders above the rest and they are sitting massively on top of the Western Conference with a five game lead and looking to make it six tonight. The Clippers are right in the pack, however, and they had a great comeback victory over the Denver Nuggets last night that looks like it may have ignited some new passion for the Clippers players. They can keep winning or fall off, but they’ll still be in the playoffs come April.

Mark Ahn’s Leadership Trends of 2015

Mark Ahn, PhD, has experience in fields of leadership such as the military, academia, and business. He has shared his thoughts on PR Newswire of what will be the up and coming trends of leadership to look for in 2015.

Lead by example. Show those around you how to be a leader. Set an example for your followers on how to perform. Perform tasks that you would ask others to perform for you. Do not ask others to do something that you yourself would not do.

Lead with integrity. Integrity means that an individual has strong morals and ethics and will not bend them. Show those around you the value of your integrity by not compromising your ethics and morals. A lack of integrity in your firm will lead to a lessening of values.

Learn from those who came before you. Good or bad, you can always learn from history. Research good leaders and learn their habits. Business fads come and go while good leadership remains timeless.

Exercise good judgment. By showing your followers that your judgment is sound they will trust your instincts more. Good judgment is fluid, it can grow and change depending on the situation you find yourself in. Just remember that good judgment is not just intelligence but also includes acting with courage and strong character.

Remain humble. Those around you will react more favorably to someone who is humble rather than arrogant. Leaders need to listen to those around you and pick up on what they are saying. Do not walk around like you have all the answers. Leading successfully is done by listening and adapting.

OMG Sam Tabar

You probably won’t catch him walking Hollywood red carpets and as far as I know he isn’t much of a rap star. But you will catch him in the recent business and finance buzz that;s been trending this week. According to Yahoo! Finance news, Sam Tabar is  on the rise in finance and business.

Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and prominent lawyer in New York. He was the Senior Associate in Schulte Roth & Zabel law firm from September 2013 to March 2014. He speaks and writes fluent English and French. He can also functionally speak Japanese. His interests include travelling and hosting various events.




Sam Tabar is a graduate with honors at the Oxford University. He then, went to Columbia Law School and served as an Associate Editor at the Columbia Business Law Review.


Shortly after his graduation in 2001 in Columbia, he joined one of the most prestigious law firms in the world, the Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP as an Associate. His responsibilities at Skadden include providing counsel to clients about regulatory and compliance issues, employment issues, side letters, private placement memoranda, investment management agreements, hedge fund structure and formation.


Tabar left his budding legal career in Skadden in 2004 and joined the world of finance in PMA Investment Advisors, one of the units of Sparx Group Co., a company based in Hong Kong. Sam Tabar joined the Sparx Group in September 2004 as a counsel. Consequently, he was promoted to a Managing Director and Co-head of Business Development. His tasks in PMA Investment Advisers include working on and managing all aspects of investor relations and global marketing with a $2 billion hedge fund. Moreover, he designed and implemented a marketing strategy for the firm, which targets large family offices, institutional investors, and high net-worth clients worldwide. Also, he provided the firm with his personal list of more than 2000 potential eligible investors. He also developed more than 400 additional investor introductions. It is also worth to mention other highlights which include raising $1.2 billion in assets under his management while working closely with the firm’s CEO and founding Partners on all business development related matters.


In February 2011, Sam Tabar joined Merrill Lynch’s Bank of America as the Director and Head for the Capital Strategy in the Asia-Pacific region. His role is to provide counsel to the firm’s hedge fund clients and meaningful and focused introductions to institutional investors, which include large family offices, funds of funds, pensions, foundations, and endowments. He also managed and assisted the entire capital allocation cycle between investors and fund managers. Throughout the course of Sam Tabar’s tenure at Bank of America, he created a supplemental list of more than 1,250 institutional investors.


In September 2012, he left Bank of America and joined Adanac LLC BVI as a Director. He invested properties and start-ups, which include Thinx and Verboten.


In September 2013, Sam Tabar rejoined the legal world when he accepted the role of Senior Associate at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. As a Senior Associate, he caters hedge funds and provides counsel to the firm’s clients on regulatory and compliance issues, employment issues, side letters, memoranda, private placement, investment management agreements, and fund structure and formation. In March 2014, Sam Tabar left Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP.

Dr. Mark Ahn Explains Why Biotech Startups May Not Succeed

Dr. Mark Ahn recently spoke to The Street about how biotech startups might fail if they are not careful. He has done a great deal of work on these principles, and he works with his own company that was once a startup of its own.

Dr. Ahn believes that most startups are not planning for long term success. He knows that these people want to make money, but he also knows that they can miss the mark if they are too concerned with making money.

The product cycles for these companies are often so long that the staff can turn over quite a bit in between projects. When the company is scheduling funding to handle each part of the process, they will also have money to keep the company going or start other projects.

These companies often fail because their management wants to make a buck today. They need to plan to get the funding for a project that could sustain them for years to come, and they will end up being profitable for all those years due to the funding that they find. Making the quick money is not the answer, and the right startup owners will plan for the next few decades of success and not the next few months.

Source: The Street

Before it’s buzz: Tom Rothman for TriStar

Tom Rothman Brings His Impressive Film Background to the Role of Chairman at TriStar Productions

Tom Rothman, who has had a very successful career as a film executive, has recently been named Chairman of a new joint venture with Sony Pictures and TriStar. He will lead this venture to make movies and television shows under the TriStar banner called TriStar Productions. Tom Rothman’s previous accomplishments include being the Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment from 2000-2012, overseeing one of the world’s biggest producers and distributors of motion pictures and television that included Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Searchlight (which Rothman founded and from where the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire was produced), Blue Sky Animation, and Twentieth Century Fox Television.
Many of the best and most successful films of modern times have been made with his oversight: Titanic,Avatar, Life of Pi, Master and Commander, Moulin Rouge, Sideways, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, and several more. Tom Rothman has an impressive background working in the entertainment industry including having had the title of President of Worldwide Production for Samuel Goldwyn company and being Executive Vice President for Colombia Pictures. Prior to these roles, he was a partner at the New York entertainment law firm Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein and Selz and represented many major industry figures in the arts. He also at the start of his work life was a law clerk and before that an English teacher and also coached soccer and lacrosse.

As Chairman at TriStar Productions, Tom Rothman will be overseeing the production of up to four films a year, all released under the TriStar Pictures banner. Rothman and his group at TriStar Productions will also develop long-form and series programs for Sony Pictures Television. Rothman is excited about producing televion programming as well as films, and is quoted as saying: “Television right now is fertile…I believe that…is ultimately going to be a great thing for the movie audience because it does show that you can aim high with audiences.” He also said that television has been able to make the “very complicated” character work, and that is partly due to television shows not being as market-driven as films are. TriStar Productions is also, of course, expected to be impressive with the films it turns out. Tom Rothman is known for loving both films and filmmakers as well as understanding how to make money on films and having great taste in them too.

Martha Stewart Shows off Gingerbread Downton Abbey

Famous chef and world class lifestyle guru shows her avid fans how to work with gingerbread this holiday season. She has a video out that demonstrates how people can use gingerbread to help celebrate one of their favorite shows.

Downton Abbey centers around the doings of the Crawley family, owners of the ancient home Downton Abbey and heirs to the earldom of Grantham. This British television show has been a huge hit both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Viewers in the United States have been treated to four seasons so far of lush castles, intriguing story lines and the opportunity to follow the Crawley family as they confront the aftermath of the sinking of the Titanic, the horrors of World War I and the opening of women’s roles in roaring Jazz Age. The show has been happily embraced by people of all classes who have found themselves enchanted with the doings of the show’s three daughters and the workings of the downstairs staff members who serve them, if you believe Ancestry.com anyway.   Although Lee G. Lovett seems to.

Martha Stewart carefully walks viewers through a recreation of the famous Highclere Castle. This still standing castle is the largest private home in the United Kingdom and site of the famous show where it is called Downton Abbey. Viewers who are skilled with gingerbread or just love to work with it can easily follow her lead and get a Downton Abbey of their own.