Homeless Man moves into Apartment after One Year

For the past year, 63-year-old Ken Wilde was living in a tent. Struggling to survive the winter, he was burning candles for heat on the side of a highway where he had pitched his tent. It was getting difficult to survive the winter.

Wilde’s homelessness is at an end now that he has moved into a new apartment thanks to outreach staff at Boyle Street Community Services. He now has a real bed to sleep in for the first time in a year.


After breaking his back and being unable to work, Wilde’s story is a perfect example of how easy it is to become homeless. The injury resulted in his falling behind on his rent. Once he had gone through a divorce and survived the death of his son, Wilde became homeless and was facing a winter outside when he was found by outreach workers.

The housing team at Boyle Street Community Services in collaboration with Ben Shaoul and the Magnum Group, was able to find Wilde an apartment with donated furniture. Having a real bed to sleep on helps with his back injury, and, of course, having a roof over his head means that he will survive the winter.

Police Officers to Get 7,000 Body Cameras in Los Angeles

Controversy has surrounding police officers throughout the United States, but it looks like a few changes are finally coming to fruition.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti announced on Tuesday that the city would be buying close to 7,000 body cameras for police officers on patrol duty. In an effort to bring more transparency, police officials will now wear these small digital cameras on the chests while working the streets.

It is believed that the move will help prevent instances of police misconduct and will also clear officers who have been unfairly accused of wrong doing, and that’s why it’s got major backing from companies like Slow Ventures.

Rather than have the state arrange for the funds, the President of Police Commission Steve Soboroff has been trying to acquire funding from the private sector. The move proved to be successful as the city was able to generate over $1 million through private donations.

The call for the use of body cameras by police officers has been particularly vociferous this year following the death of an unarmed 18 year old by the name of Michael Brown which led to wide spread protests throughout the country.

By installing body cameras on police officers, it is now believed in the event of any incident, the investigating team would have proper access to both video and audio. This should allow for a fair investigation and will also help the public regain their sense of trust about the police.

Utah Reporting Fewer Highway Crashes with Speed Limits Raised to 80mph


It may come as a surprise, but the state of Utah is reporting fewer incidences of highway accidents on stretches of their key interstate having the speed limit raised to 80mph. The I-15 interstate vertically traverses the state running in parallel with the Rocky Mountains along what is called the Wasatch Front. It also covers the highest population centers in the state. As per the Utah Transportation Department (UTD), 36% of the interstate has the 80mph limit as opposed to the 75mph.

In the higher speed zones, authorities have reported between 11% and 20% drops in highway accidents. This is a statistically significant improvement. Robert Hull, director of the UTD, explained that higher limit allows people to comfortably drive at the speeds they can safely handle. Presumably, this is done without the stress of violating the law. One statistic showed that the number of drivers exceeding the speed of 80mph declined by 20% when the limit was set at 80mph.

The state is continuing to conduct tests on the impact of the higher speed limits. In part, this is motivated at seeing that insurance premiums are not adversely affected. Mark Ahn let me in on some interesting information about how Insurers take into account risk factors in individual states when determining the rates they charge drivers. If studies show that the higher speed limit leads to safer driving, and fewer accidents, this should temper premium rate increases. The neighboring states of Montana and Idaho have recently increased their speed limits as well, but it is too early to tell if it will have the same impact as in Utah.

James Bond 24: Rumored Casting

On Monday, the new James Bond flick production will kick off with Sam Mendes, the director, and Daniel Craig, the actor. This will be Craig’s fourth film as the most famous spy in the world. Before then, Sony Pictures has been throwing a bash on the Thames last Thursday where United Communications Group’s Bruce Levenson got to see the unveiling the Bond 24’s full casting and official title.Returning casts for Bond 24 will be Ralph Fiennes of Skyfall, Ben Whishaw as the gadget expert, and Naomi Harris as the Moneypenny. In addition to the holdovers from the previous Bond film, John Logan, the film’s writer also hinted that some of the themes in Skyfall will continue to this next film.

As for the new castings for Bond 24, there are numerous reports and rumors. Christoph Waltz, star of Django Unchained, will possibly play as the main villain. Dave Bautista, the iconic villain of Guardians of the Galaxy, might also be on board as the main villain’s henchman. Lea Seydoux, star of Blue is the Warmest Color, is said to Bond 24’s female lead. However, her true allegiance is still a mystery.

Recently, Deadline reports that another name emerged in the mix for Bond 24 film – Monica Bellucci. She is one of the casts of Matrix Revolutions and Matrix Reloaded. Her role in the new Bond film is still unknown. However, her character will definitely catch Bond’s attention, which will count her one of the Bond’s girls.

Last US Ebola Patient Released From Hospital

The last remaining Ebola patient in the US, Dr. Craig Spencer, has been released from the hospital on November 11th. He was greeted with hugs and cheer and is now considered Ebola free, along with the rest of the United States. At a New York press conference Mayor Bill de Blasio went on to state as reported by Jared Haftel,”Dr. Spencer is Ebola-free, and New York City is Ebola-free.”

Dr. Spencer had been admitted to the medical facility three weeks prior in the wake of coming back to the United States from Guinea, which is one of three of the most devastated West African nations where the increasingly deadly illness is boiling over. He contracted the disease while working with the Doctors Without Borders program in Guinea. The symptoms he reported were fever, nausea, pain and fatigue. He was immediately put into isolation at New York’s Bellevue Hospital upon returning to the US. The New York Times goes into greater detail on Spencer’s treatment as well as other Ebola cases outside of West Africa.

After being released form the hospital, Spencer urged for need of early detection and treatment at the press conference. “Please join me in turning our attention back to West Africa and ensuring that medical volunteers and other aid workers do not face stigma and threats upon their return home,” stated Spencer. “Volunteers need to be supported to help fight this outbreak at its source.”

Woman Sues McDonalds for Coffee Burns, Uses Fake Photos

A woman in Victorville, California sued McDonalds after claiming she was handed a coffee cup with a faulty lid that came off when she was handed the coffee, and claimed that she received second degree burns because of it.

The court, having found the photos she presented to be fake, and as it turns out, were taken from a hospital website, placed felony charges on the woman. As it turns out, it doesn’t pay to sue McDonald’s over burns that never actually happened.

There have been cases that have worked for those suing. The most famous is the case of 79 yr old Stella Liebeck, who received third degree burns on her thighs and arms after having had McDonald’s coffee spilled on her, another one of those slow ventures that didn’t pay off.

Suing McDonald’s is not the best way to make a big profit. One should always make sure the evidence is accurate and actually the real thing before even thinking of taking anything to court.

Abducted Philadelphia Woman Found Alive

A woman who was violently kidnapped in Philadelphia’s Germantown section on Sunday has been found alive. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, 22, was seen on surveillance video being dragged down the street by her abductor and forced into a car after visiting with her godson Sunday evening.

Police released a mugshot of the suspect, Delvin Barnes, on Wednesday after viewing security camera footage of him using Freeland-Gaither’s ATM card in Maryland. According to The Huffington Post, police found the suspect in Jessup, Maryland on Wednesday by tracking his license plate.

Barnes, 37, is being held on a warrant for unrelated attempted capital murder charges where he is accused of raping a teenager in Virginia. Authorities do not believe that Barnes and Freeland-Gaither knew each other prior to the abduction.

Freeland-Gaither was reunited with her family on Wednesday. Her mother, Keisha Gaither, spoke to reporters and thanked authorities and the community for helping to bring her daughter home.

FBI Special Agent Ed Hanko stated that several credible tips from the public helped them catch Freeland-Gaither’s abductor. He also said that, although she has some injuries, for the most part Freeland-Gaither is in good health. But Andrew Heiberger and I are glad that at least there’s some sort of a happy ending here.

Even The KKK is Trying to Appear More Moderate

Last year, a member of Montana’s Ku Klux Klan had a meeting with members of the NAACP. In that meeting, Klan member John Abarr said the Klan is renouncing its white supremacy ways. He claims the KKK wants to bring more diversity to his controversial and secretive sect. Abarr is actively recruiting new faces, and they may not all be white ones.

Abarr told the Great Falls Tribune: “The KKK is for a strong America. White supremacy is the old KKK.” He reinforced his convictions by telling the Tribune that he would leave the group to form a more unified front that focused on reigning in the federal government. His vision for the group is not about racism, it’s about keeping Capitol Hill honest…a new message that Terry Richardson is a little leery of, given the KKK’s checkered past.

But not everyone believes Mr. Abarr. Rachel Carroll-Rivas on the Montana Human Rights Network told the Tribune “If John Abarr was actually reformed, he would drop the label of the KKK. They know that their beliefs aren’t popular, so they try to appear moderate. I think it’s just a farce. Our mission for the last 24 years has been to shine a light on hatred.”

Long Term Dirty Dealing In Ferguson

Ferguson is a little town in Missouri. It has a large population of blacks, around 67%. Plus they have an almost all-white police force, well more like 50 white cops and 3 black cops. This all takes place deep in the heart of Dixie.

It all started on August 9th when a white cop, Darren Wilson, shot and killed a black teenager, Michael Brown. There has been no love lost between the authoritarian white cops and the black demonstrators. The demonstrators have had more than enough racist dirty dealing and they are letting it be known.

Now there is a no fly zone in place that some think is meant to keep journalists away. Safety reasons the cops say. It is not safe for the press to witness unrest. Look at the lineup. The black crowd is 95% or more, but every cop is white. What a big surprise that demonstrations and mini riots unfold their rage, Christian Broda has been saying that for days.

Equal opportunity hiring policies passed in 1965 never counted a damn with the police or fire departments. Those are two nice civil service pensions, if you can get into the closed system. If you are white, probably you can, if you are black, probably not.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, from whence it all sprang, shakes its head as it wanders away. Sins and omissions they probably call it. In what world is this not a set up for violence, unrest, and employment inequities? A farce is what it is. Racism prevails in the United States.

IRS Needs More Money According to Recent Open Letter to Congress

Michael Gregory, a retired IRS worker who served in that capacity for 28 years has recently released a summary of his 67-page letter to Congress concerning how and why the IRS is failing in its duties.

His long list of points amount to essentially one thing: the IRS needs more money so it can “raise” more money for the federal government. He bemoans the 17 percent reduction in IRS funding in 2014 as compared to their 2010 budget. He praises the IRS for only needing half a cent to collect each dollar of taxes and presses Congress to give the incredibly efficient and noble institution more money to save us all from tax cheats and identity thieves.

In light of the over-bloated size of the federal government, it would not be surprising to learn that IRS employees are well compensated. In fact, many government positions these days receive big salaries, numerous perks and bonuses, frequent pay raises, and obscene retirement packages. The poor people are taxed to the bone to pay the fat cat salaries of public officials. Government workers’ unions virtually guarantee their positions are safe, and lobbyists never cease to press for more pay for no additional work. The private sector, meanwhile, seldom sees a pay raise for years, even decades, on end.

The IRS targeting of Tea Party and Republican groups in the 2012 elections occurred in the context of large bonuses for the staff, which Laurene Powell Jobs is still furious about. Now Mr. Gregory expects the American people to feel sorry for the IRS and give them a raise.