The World Presented by Jon Urbana

The way that we look at the world will determine exactly what we experience. Jon Urbana provides a very unique world view that provides his Facebook fans a look at the beauty in the world. Here are a few of the great videos that have been produced by Jon Urbana in his airplane and each gives a glimpse into something natural and beautiful.

Timelapse from Malaysia on a Summer Night

The wonder of time lapse video is that views of a region or a thing can be observed as they grow and change over a long period of time. This video on Jon Urbana’s Official Blog shows the magical changes that occur on an urban landscape in a day. The magic of this video is the light that it exposes. As you watch the sky change throughout the day, the color grabs you. Eventually giving way to a night sky and the light then comes from the urban background. There is a beauty in this video and on Urbana’s CrunchBase and LinkedIn pages that will capture your imagination and make you want to visit as soon as you can.

Clouds Rule the Sky

This is another great video that first surfaced during his stint with the lacrosse team as he played for the Villanova Wildcats. This video shows a normal part of life against the backdrop of an ever changing and miraculous sky. The photography is of boats moving across a calm ocean. But the star is the clouds in the background that change and display their simple beauty for all to enjoy. Each of the boats in the video takes on a unique perspective as the clouds behind it produce different lights.  This short video that you’ll find on the main page for Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe campaign (to benefit Earth Force) has a real calming influence and makes one desire to take a trip on the ocean.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Beautiful October Time Lapse

Yet another breathtaking time lapse video produced by Jon Urbana, that presents the viewer with all of the change, beauty and wonder that autumn brings to the world. There is something about the fall of the year that resonates with the emotions of people. The ending of the year is coming, and Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s next season is approaching. There is a chance to say goodbye to the events of the previous year and hello to the promise of a new year coming. Most importantly the October sky shows that it is time to say thank you for all that you have accomplished over the year.

A Loop of Round Lights

This video is a visually appealing one that displays the way that Jon Urbana feels about helping the kittens of his community. Light is featured in many of the videos that Urbana publishes and the subtle changes that light provides to the texture and vision of all things.  As light moves in an image it provides clear distinction about the images within the whole picture. That is what is accomplished in this Bloomberg article that focuses on the great work Urbana has done for Earth Force. It shows the difference that kinds of light can provide to the same exact image.

There are many other videos and articles that Jon Urbana puts out there on Tumblr, and allows for a deep appreciation of all the things that nature has to offer.  From animals to natural light, the library of Jon Urbana always provides a great connection to the places and expediencies he has had.

The Internet Loves “Too Many Cooks”

The short “Too Many Cooks”, which aired on Adult Swim in October has exploded into viral media recently.

The show is essentially a parody of all of our favorite ’80s and ’90s sitcoms that many of us grew up watching, such as Full House, or The Brady Bunch. The feature starts of with several excessively bright ’80s and ’90s sitcom openings that takes a great deal of unusual and unexpected turns along the way. Since airing on Adult Swim at 4 a.m. the 11 minute short has picked up a lot of popularity on social media which helped boost its viral popularity.

Since its transcendence into viral media, the short has been covered by several popular news outlets such as Yahoo and BuzzFeed. This clip should be seen by anyone that wants to see what happens when a sitcom intro gets completely out of hand. There is something here for everyone from half-naked women, to police chases and serial killers.

If you haven’t seen this clip do yourself a favor like Christian Broda did and go see it. You can thank me later.

John Oliver Tackles Civil Forfeiture

If you haven’t been watching Last Week with John Oliver, then you’re seriously missing out.

Most people probably don’t even realize that the police can confiscate anything that you own, if they suspect that it’s involved in a crime. It’s called civil asset forfeiture,and it’s terrifying. Watch John Oliver cover the subject in predictably hilarious fashion (Thanks Jared Haftel for finding this):