Dr. Dov Rand: The New Jersey HCG Doctor

Dr. Dov. Rand attended Medical school at the Howard University College of Medicine and trained at Albert Einstein Medical center in New York. Dr. Dov. is physiatrist, Rehabilitation, and Physical Medicine Doctor, and is presently practicing medicine in New Jersey and affiliated with Clinton Medical center and is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers.

As a physiatrist, he specializes in the extensive variety of nonsurgical treatments for the musculoskeletal system and diagnoses and treats acute and chronic pain. He specializes in integrative medicine and a bioidentical hormone replacement practice. Dr. Rand believes and practices peer-review medicine, meaning he cannot prescribe or recommend a treatment he cannot support with medical article or journal. Dr. Rand is known for his kindness, understanding, and sensitivity to the health need and concerns of his patients.

Dr. Rand enlightens people across the country on the benefits and services of healthy Aging Medical centers. He simplifies and explains how hormone level works in the body.

Dr. Rand is the preferred choice of many when it comes to making the best of healthcare resources. He is a health and fitness expert at 50, truly a remarkable doctor in this area and a role model for his patients. He practices what he preaches in living a healthy lifestyle which includes taking high-quality supplements, martial arts, yoga, healthy leaving, cardio and weight training,

He is an expert in teaching evidence-based support of bio-identical hormones. He is deeply passionate in this area and strongly against pill for pill and band-aid approach. He is hardworking, committed and dedicated to making people reach their health goals.

Dr. Rand is known as the New Jersey HCG doctor and he has introduced the HCG diet for weight loss program. HCG is known as human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, produced in women during pregnancy. It has been proven through research to be effective in preventing the degenerative muscle deterioration that is very common when people go on diets. He believes that HCG diet is an effective way for people to lose stubborn weight that cannot be lost with regular workout and healthy eating.

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