Clippers Comeback

The Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association are one of the better teams in the Western Conference and have remained in the middle of the playoff pack, which has put them currently in the fourth spot in the West. My coworker Gianfrancesco Genoso is so impressed that he flat out called the Clippers an incredible team on his page on HotFrog. It is an interesting situation in the Western Conference.

You have a bunch of teams that are literally nearly the same in strength, which is comprised of the three Texas teams, the Grizzlies, Portland and the Clippers. They are all pretty much hovering around the same gray area and are pretty much interchangeable in the standings and will all be in the playoffs at the end of the year. The Warriors are the only team that is head and shoulders above the rest and they are sitting massively on top of the Western Conference with a five game lead and looking to make it six tonight. The Clippers are right in the pack, however, and they had a great comeback victory over the Denver Nuggets last night that looks like it may have ignited some new passion for the Clippers players. They can keep winning or fall off, but they’ll still be in the playoffs come April.

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