Dr. Jennifer Walden’s A Humble Inspiration To Women

Despite the remarkable success she has enjoyed, renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden is humble, grateful and hopes to serve as an inspiration to women everywhere.

Born in Austin, Texas to a parents who stressed the importance of education and achievement, Walden set her bar high and ended up finishing second in the 1998 graduating class of the University of Texas’s Medical School at Galveston. After interning at a prestigious Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat program, Walden decided to specialize in Aesthetic Surgery. She always had a great respect for women who wanted to change they way they looked and felt and believed she could accomplish that task as a plastic surgeon.

Known for her patient, calm, down-to-earth and reassuring nature, Walden opened a New York City practice which thrived. However, she always yearned to start a family and return home. When her children were young, Walden made the decision to leave New York behind and return to her roots. She had no idea whether her career would, once again, reach the zenith it had in New York. However, Walden’s primary concern was to see her children grow up in the nurturing environment she was raised in. Little by little, with the help of her family, she built a practice in Austin. Today, she is a television personality, a published author, has been named one of Texas’s Top Doctors, is among the Top 24 Beauty Surgeons in the United States and is one of the few female members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Walden wants women to know they can pursue a challenging career and have a family. She stresses that it is not always easy, but definitely possible with determination and the support of a solid family and community. i